SB After Two Jump in Fierces?



I’m using Guile, and whenever I get the stun on an opponent, or trick them into c. blocking in the corner, I jump in with fierce, then when I land hit them with another and it USUALLY chains. However, a I’ve seena friend throw an SB after the second fierce and it also chains.

I can’t seem to get enough charge to get it out before the combo stun wears off, anyone know how?

He doesn’t jump from across screen either, usually soft jump right in front, or sometimes even low jump if he’s using K. I just can’t figure out how he gets enough charge so fast.


I’ll try that.

I can just never seem to get the SB to come out.


Jump forward and hold back. Do that as one motion. Don’t wait until you see your character jumping. If you wait for that, then it’ll take you too long to start charging. Just do it as one motion and have faith that your character will jump. If you fuck up the jump motion (hey it happens to everyone now and then), you’ll have plenty of time to react and just block. In fact, since you’re holding back anyway you’re probably not going to get hit. Anyway the point is that you have to do “UF, B” as one quick motion.

Then do j.HP, s.HP and make sure you get the timing right. Try to do j.HP semi-deep so that you don’t have to be ultra-precise with s.HP timing. Once the s.HP connects, WAIT a little bit before doing the Sonic Boom command. If you rush it, you might kara-cancel the s.HP into Sonic Boom and of course that’s not going to combo off the j.HP if the s.HP never connects. Thing is, you should wait about 10-15 frames after pressing s.HP before you do the Sonic Boom command. You have a lot of time and unless you’re trying to do some fancy combo that requires multiple charge moves, there’s no reason to rush things. So wait for a while and then do the Sonic Boom command. Cuz if you’re having trouble charging in time, then that extra 10-15 frames will make it real easy. If you STILL have trouble charging in time, then you’re definately doing something wrong. But you can make it a little easier on yourself by superjumping instead of normal jumping, cuz superjump has a little bit longer airtime. If the opponent is dizzy in the corner then it doesn’t matter whether your normal jump or superjump, so you may as well superjump and make your life easier. Again, do “D, UF, B” (or “DB, UF, DB”) as one quick motion.

Also, make sure you do the Sonic Boom input right. Some people get too anxious to start recharging that they go from holding B to F, then hold B again too fast. Sometimes they never properly hit the F input. This happens even more often when trying to combo into supers. If you’re having trouble with charge combos, try to focus on getting the combo right before you worry about re-establishing charge.

Anyway this is all super basic shit but i don’t think people bother to write it out nearly often enough. After all, way more tournament matches are lost because of people fucking up basic shit than fucking up advanced shit.


After Sonic Boom you can also add a 6+Fierce punch and it will combo. This combo is really cool when oponent is dizzy, when you want to save meter, or for pressing stuff (from far your throw a sb then super jump etc…). I use it as often as possible. In fact this is quite easy combo. Take your time and it will be fine^^

After the sonic boom, is it possible to link a 2MK then LV2 super, or Mega sonic boom?
I think i have already seen that in vids but never manage to make this^^
Maybe i am making 2Mk to fast so i don’t get enough time to charge AND to link the super.
Any advice welcome



You lost me at the first statement…

Can you clarify?


I mean the whole combo is
Jump or Superjump + HP, Hp, SBoom, 6HP (backfist).

Check the first video, this is what i’m talking about :slight_smile:


You can do j.HP, s.HP xx Sonic Boom, c.MK, Sonic Hurricane but it’s difficult to charge in time. You have to link c.MK into Sonic Hurricane. There isn’t enough charge time to do it as a cancel. Since c.MK has +6 frame advantage, it’s a 1-2 frame link. It helps if you press all 3 punches when you do Sonic Hurricane, like the piano reversal method. You can see what the combo looks like in this video:

6HP means F+HP and 2MK means c.MK but that’s not a common nomenclature in America. It’s explained under “Japanese Notation” here:


Your vids are awesome! Thx for this in deep explanation of the whole combo.
It seems easy on video, but not really hehe^^
Let’s go training!


Thanks for the clear up. Hard enough for me not to forget which is strong and which is forward, more or less that 6 is toward as well.


I got it to come out, but only if I super jump, are there any tips to do this off a normal jump?


hold back right as you hit the uf direction as if it was a single motion, no special tricks or anything.


jsut remember he requires at least 2 second charge.