SB Dunk - Street Fighter Pack

Apparently Nike and Capcom are making a pack of Street Fighter Skate board dunks possibly a series…I likes this being a sneaker fiend and all

Chun Li’s


While these 2 designs are okay…I cant help but wonder what other characters they might do and how the color scheme will look

original link:
Nike Dunk SB ? Street Fighter Pack |

I love my sneakers, and for the longest time, I’ve dreamed of SF kicks. These however, are totally lacking. I wanna see them go a little more extreme. Like Akuma themed ones with beads as laces, ya know?

lls I like that beads laces idea…they could put his symbol inside the sole. how bout some Blankas, lime green and the sole could be like a clear gummy lookin like electricity or sum shit…I know I’ll still cop these cuz I luv ma SB’s

My god yo, I’m a huge Dunk fan, I’m at least coppin one pair of these fuckers! :lovin: