SB during the combo



Hello, I was wondering which sonic boom to use during the combo, light, medium, or hard? hard boom seems to connect but hard to follow up afterwards because of its recovery , and light boom is easy to follow up with other move after but hard to connect since its traveling slower… so which boom ?


depends on how far away you are. If you’re in close, I’d light boom and follow with a sweep or target combo. If you connect with crouch medium punch from a distance, I guess fierce would be better. It’s hard to make those decisions in the heat of battle though. I usually stick with jab booms for combos.

With jump in fierce, fierce it seems like light boom links better and you can also follow up with a back hand, sweep, or target combo.

Light sonics are my best friends.


I mostly use jab boom for its quick recovery then a b.HP, or f.HP, or



Sometimes it’s hard to guage distance properly as it’s been mentioned but the possibility of landing an extra heavy attack due to jab booms recovery outweighs the damage of just hitting the boom by itself, IMO.