SB5 furetes stand up

oye fellow luchadores! im headed to season beatings 5… anyone else making it out?

we should meet up or something. maybe go comer some comidas or somethin.

(sry for missing you guys at EVO- missed the part about all us Fuertes meeting up)

Wheres seasons beatings at

ill be there

its in Columbus Ohio

Ill be there. lets do this…coming in from the south…

im going to show ohio the southern fried goodness

if we are going to meet-up should we all wear one color or something?

so far we have 3 confirmed Fuertes. i dont know how to meet up. i’ll post my attire for saturday before i go to the venue. we should all talk shop. maybe grab a bite to eat.

Im goin to try to wear a suit and maybe a mask for saturday of the tourney. if you see a suit shout out JSPOT