sbk soundfile?

ok,i googled 2 days (rly!) and searched here too.i hope i am allowed to ask this.god please dont let thaat be asked before.

i want the sound from chun saying “spinningbirdkick” without bgm or anything else…so pure as possible.

JAPAN version!

i tried it myself…but i cant do the job.

hadoken.wma is easy to find…but nothing good from chun :frowning:

background:i built a them for my handy…and for msg tone i want this :slight_smile:

i dont know if im right here,but i dont know where to post else where

The easiest way would probably be from the PC version where you should have access to sound files. I’m at work and can’t exactly check but that would be my guess.

i have pc version,via steam…but cant find soundfiles…would be great m8 :slight_smile:

Ask in Tech Talk. You’re more likely to get an answer there, I’m sure.