SBK Trap Questions

hopefully gunter or gandido or somebody who really knows their stuff can help me out with this…

i have no problem initially starting the trap. the method i use most is cross up lk, cr lp, standing hp, any strength sbk. this method is unescapeable because of hp’s huge blockstun right?

my biggest problem comes with continuing the trap. i already read gandido’s old chun li FAQ (which is very good, i’ll post it at the bottom), so i know how to get out of people who mash on throw. but here’s some of my specific situational problems…

  1. against grapplers, ie raiden and gief, or anybody else with a 360 throw. whenever i go for an SBK trap, the opponent will just mash on the 360 motion and a punch/kick, and they’ll either get their special grab, or a super (ouch). should i not even worry about trapping on the grapplers?

  2. i haven’t really faced many of these, but couldn’t somebody just mash on a light or medium kick or punch to get out of the trap?

  3. what are all the different ways to continue the trap besides the obvious ones (cr lp, standing hp, sbk or cr lp, cr mp, sbk)?

-it just seems that without a meter/CC ready, the entire thing is a guessing game in the opponents favor to break the trap. and even if you do have meter, they can just mash, then stop at the end of the sbk, and bait you into wasting a super or CC.


SBK Response…

  • Against grapplers, I don’t even bother 'cause they have plenty of time to anticipate and spot Chunny’s sexy recovery frames. Heck, I don’t even bother doing it if the oppenent even wields Level 2+ meter unless I got a CC/Level 2+ Super ready for reversal. I use it in less risky situations such as they have no level, they possess no special grab or they’re about to be guard broken and I’m on the offensive, etc.

  • Gandido’s right when he said to use standing fierce often after the SBK due to it’s speed and priority. It can smack their shorts and jabs or trade with specials when timed just right.

  • I don’t know all of them but one of my favorite setups is to position them at exact close range for a normal jump cross-up (usually a blocked string: in-their-face-range - low jab x 2, low short). After the cross, do low jab > standing fierce xx short SBK. Then follow with another standing fierce into forward/roundhouse SBK.

After that I go for the throw or be ready to defend. If the oppenent’s characters ever-so-happens to be one of the 10 characters who has to block Chun’s advancing forward and have CC stored, I tend to attempt a guard breaking CC hoping for the break and not a counter attack. -_-


SBK Response…

hey thanks. do you know which 10 characters have to block her advancing mk? and what is the guard break CC you use?

The 10 characters that block Chunny’s advancing forward in the defensive crouching position are…

  • Benimaru :eek:
  • Chang
  • Eagle
  • Faget (Sagat)
  • Geese
  • G. Rugal
  • Raiden
  • Rugal
  • Yamazaki
  • Zangief

The CC I tend to use for the guard break is…

  • (After SBK, timed right on point and in their face) Activate CC, (close) standing roundhouse x 4 > low fierce x 3-4 > advancing forward > low jab x N > low fierce > advancing forward > low jab x N … and keep going until broke. Once broken (and have time left), bust they’re knees and chest with as many fierces possible then cancel into Hoyoukusen for some boot smackin’ goodness.

Sometimes you may have plenty of time to land some more hard blows after guard break so could use advancing forward to position closer and pound they’re knees/chest three more times to help obtain the 7-9 hard hits desired within a CC.

You don’t have to use just the advancing forward to advance 'cause it’s most likely the character(s) that block the advancing forward is also one of the 22 characters that have to block the SBK, so you could use SBK instead if you want. It’s just that the rapid jabs carry the chance of landing larger quantities of chips (which is what you desire; they’re meter drains rapidly).

If the opponent actually “unblocked” after the SBK in the trap and the first 7-8 hard hits land ([close] standing roundhouse x 4, low fierce 3-4) then I continue from the last low fierce with SBK and the combo turns into my favorite CC…

Starting from “In-Their-Face” position: Activate CC, (close) standing roundhouse x 4 > low fierce x 3 xx roundhouse SBK > low fierce x 3 xx roundhouse SBK > (close) standing strong (double slap) xx Level 1 Hoyoukusen > Various Endings (stomp, double fierce/roundhouse, etc.) Approx. 8100-8400 pts of damage depending on what you do.