SBO '06 3rd Strike Qualifier Results

1st Tokyo 3rd Strike SBO qualifier was today in Ueno. A little small with only 17 teams.

First place team was Team Vision:
KO - Yun
Kokujin - Dudley
Ohnuki - Chun Li

Congrats for being the first team to lock their spot in this year’s SBO! Could the winning team already be decided?

I’ll try to keep this thread updated in English as the Tougeki site gets updated~

depends on what team daigo is on IMO.

what’s up ryan? hopefully all is well in the land of the rising sun and you still play cvs2 in addition to that chun of yours.

Any info on the other teams?

Nuki save the day man… it was amazing to c how they play… i was lucky cuz i was there to watching they play b4 i go back to Canada. Well all i can say is their skill is just like god. Team Vision was having a hard time to qualify cuz half of the last year SBO qualifier r there to play like RX, Dirty, Yamasaki, Y.S.B, etc. Anyway they r beast!!!

PS: This year only 5 qualify spots for Tokyo. That mean if those Tokyo players cant qualify, they have to travel to the other place in japan to qualify.

anything happen since the first post of this thread? can we keep this thread updated as teams qualify?

any vids either?

Damn no Ohnuki daigo team?

Fubar anyword if daigo will enter? Takayuki told me daigo quit and is a “working man” now :stuck_out_tongue:

So rx was in this one too. Is he really that good or is Urien just not good enough? He hasn’t won of these big tourneys yet.

These are just qualifiers.

Anyways, I think there are around 4 qualifiers happening in Japan over this weekend, so hopefully fubarduck can give us a little more info on teams by then.


Daigo shouldn’t quit before I have a chance to play him, dammit :sad:

Latest qualifier was yesterday in Sagami Ono, almost right next to where I live. It was my first time to the arcade, however.

14 teams entered, and the winning team was “Team Buya Supo” (Japanese abbreviation for “Shibuya Sportsland”, a famous arcade in Tokyo). Second place was Yamazaki’s team, I believe YSB and Zangoef were on the team with him.

Members were Issei with Yun plus a Ken and a Chun Li player I didn’t know. Issei OCV’d my team in the second round so I didn’t see much of the other two guys, lol.

However, the winner of this qualifier isn’t guaranteed a spot in SBO. Issei’s team now has to fight the winner of the Gamer’s Vision qualifier (which takes place next Sunday) to determine the spot. I thought this sounded really weird, but my friends all insist that it’s written in Tougeki Spirits magazine even though I didn’t see anything written about it on So, I’ll be back to update the thread next week to verify if this was true or not and of course with who wins the Vision qualifier. The Vision qualifier will definitely be the highest competition level qualifier so far, so it’ll be great fun to watch. There’s a new ranking battle the night before too!

Also to Ruin :

Word on the street is that Daigo is indeed seen practicing 3rd Strike at More now sometimes. I don’t go to More often so I don’t know, just telling what I heard through the grapevine. Whether he plans to enter Tougeki or not will not be known until later!

thanks for the info fubarduck! keep us updated!

Can anyone translate those teams? I recognize Pierre/Aruka/AFM and Issei’s team up top, but any word on the other ones?

I recognize teh last team is Yamazaki and YSB.

The fourth team i recognize makeinu and roshihikari

Isse - Yun
Misawa - Ken
Majunior - Chun

Korekichi - Alex
Nasu - Q
ND - Ken

AFM - Chun
Aruka - Ibuki
Pierre - Urien

Makeinu - Q
Roshihikari - Yang
Konitan - Necro

Junin - Akuma
Uni - Necro
Thanatos - Oro

Yamazaki - Twelve
Zangief - Alex
Y.S.B - Hugo

Bosi - Makoto
Arao - Dudley
Ichitsume - Ken

Nanaichi - Ken
C13 - Makoto
Shintaigu - Ryu

Dirty Music - Oro
Namijin - Ryu
Eda - Dudley

Y2J - Remy
Metsuken - Ken
GogoV - Chun

Hayamanga - Urien
Hosshii - Ibuki
HMV - Elena

Fuzake - Yun
ZoonASKkakaku - Gouki
Emishi - Chun

Tsugiyama - Necro
RX - Urien
Mokuchan - Yun

Senaka Kitsune - Urien
??? (don’t know first word :’() Kitsune - Dudley
Pierro Kitsune - Remy

Nama - Chun
Nitto - Yun
Keeper - Ken

Amaguri - Gouki
Aroha - Oro
Naoki - Yun

Kuroi - Ryu
Moge - Twelve
Mokuremi - Remy

Fubar’s team:
Ryan - Chun
Nishi - Dudley
Nata - Ken

Jiro - Gouki
kuharu(?) - Chun
Ruu - Ryu

Sei - Elena
K - Alex
Hama - Yang

wow, those are really buff teams, how did that Alex Q Ken team place 2nd? team roshi, team thanatos and team yama are really buff.

I think these are just teams attending the G-Vision qualifier that will play off against Issei’s team for the qualifying spot. Actually the link has more names now.

neone know if u can install japanese text addon thing without windows cd?

You have the best players in the world for their specific character…

is it just me or this team beyond broken??


Kokujin is my hero.

I updated the team list from G-vision as best I can. And Acer’s right. These are just the teams that are entering the qual there. NOT the winners of the tourney.