SBO 07 Qualified Teams

Does anybody knows who are the qulified teams in HF for this year??

Taken from CurryAllergy (Nohoho):

4/8 Nagase UFO (Kansai)
ABC (CE Ryu) & Six (CE Dictator)

4/14 Sugamo Carrot (Kanto)
Tamashima (ST Boxer) & ShikiGuile (CE Guile)

4/21 Plabo Ageo (Kanto)
Kurahashi (CE Guile) & Nuki (ST Chun-Li)

4/22 GAME’S DRAGON (Kansai)
Kusumondo (ST E.Honda) & DanjiriDhalsim (ST Dhalsim)

4/28 Tsurumaki (Kanto)
DoM (ST Dictator?) & DoS (ST DeeJay?)

4/29 Kasugai 50 (Chubu)
Otochun (ST Chun-Li) & KomodaBlanka (ST Blanka)

4/30 GAME41 (Hokkaido)
ARG (ST Claw) & The SuperStar (ST Boxer)

5/6 Ikebukuro Playland Las Vegas (Kanto)
YuuVega (DeeJay/ST Dictator) & Tsuji (ST Boxer)

5/12 Amuseum Maebashi (Kanto)
Muteki (CE Guile) & Chamu (ST Chun-Li)

5/13 gamespot SPEED (Chugoku/Shikoku)
Nekohashi (CE Dictator) & sako (ST Ryu)

5/13 Hi-tech Sega Avion (Kansai)
Kimomaru (ST Dictator) & Suzuyan (ST Guile)

5/13 Messe 102 Yotsukaido (Kanto)
Yuubou (Fei-Long/O.Hawk) & Oonishi (WW Guile)

5/13 Family Fun Arcade (West Coast USA)
Alex Wolfe (ST Dhalsim) & Graham Wolfe (ST Boxer)

5/19 Shirone Chance (Chubu)
Kurusu (CE Dictator) & Ayanami Lilith (CE Sagat)

5/20 Amusement Ultimate (Kanto)
Noguchi (ST Claw) & Hakase (ST Dhalsim)

5/26 Plabo Mitsuyoshi (Kyushu)
KKY (ST Dhalsim) & Kikai (CE Guile)

5/27 Club Sega (Kanto)
Tokido (ST Claw) & Gian (ST Dhalsim)

5/27 New Mammoth (Kansai)
Gunze (ST Zangief) & Macky7 (ST Boxer)

6/1 Seisekisakura Central CLS (Kanto)
Shacho (ST Cammy) & Aomori (ST Claw)

6/2 Super Bingo Fukushima (Tohoku)
Pony (ST Zangief) & Mattsun (ST Ken)

6/3 Amipala Welcome (Chugoku/Shikoku)
Aniken (ST Ken) & ShootingD (ST Ryu)

6/3 Lupin 122 (Kanto)
Taira (ST Dictator) & Shiro (ST Ryu)

6/9 Media Park Leebros Takastuki (Kansai)
Kachu (ST Claw) & Seki (DeeJay)

6/10 Tokyo Game Action (East Coast USA)
Nestor (CE Dictator) & Mopreme (CE Ryu)

6/16 Kumagaya Namco Land (Kanto)
Toutanki (T.Hawk) & K (O.Hawk)

6/17 Club Sega Shinjuku West Gate (Kanto)
Tsunoppi (CE Guile) & Jenety (WW Chun-Li)

6/17 Saijou Plaza Game Corner (Chugoku/Shikoku)
Chukui (?) & Macho Banana (?)

6/23 Amusement Azpress (Chubu)
Nakanishi (WW Guile/CE Ryu) & Yoshio (CE Guile)

6/24 Neo Amusement Space a-cho (Kansai)
Futachan (ST Ryu) & Prince (ST Chun-Li)

7/1 Shinjuku Geisen Mikado (Kanto)
Daigo (CE Sagat) & yaya (CE Guile)

I don’t like all those CE teams but I suppose this isn’t ST. I’d really like to see komoda and otochun take it.

here’s nekohashi vs KKY

if anyone has any of the other matches, post up.

I actually hope team wolfe takes it. That would be too funny.

what’s so good about CE sagat and CE claw?

What Daigo Comin Out Of Nowhere With The Ce Sagat!!!..yo Graham Brothers Gotta Hold Dat Shit Down…lets Go Team Usa!!!

Wow, plenty of powerful teams there, obviously no one is suprised that ST characters are chosen by most players, with a few powerful CE characters mixed in. What does seem strange is the lack of HF characters. Blanka, Honda, Chun, Gief and Balrog are all good characters in HF and arguably thier best versions, or at least capable alternatives. Another thing i am not so susprised about, but more a little dissappointed about is the lack of WW characters. They have many properties which can really susprise your opponent. Obvuously theres Guile, but Chun, Blanka, Gief and Dhalsim can all be susprisingly effective in thier WW forms.

Most popular character choices:
CE Guile - 7
CE Dictator - 5
ST Boxer - 5
ST Dhalsim - 5
ST Claw 5
ST Chun 4
ST Ryu 4

No susprises there, all the usual suspects. Plenty top and high tier action.

CE Sagat is a top tier character in HSF2. Fast fastballs with good recovery and a high damage tiger uppercut. He about as close to O.Sagat as your gonna get. His Tiger Knee is different, less range, but i find it a better anti-air than O.Sagat’s. He can only buffer his standing LK and first hit of close standing LK however. Maybe crouching LK too. I can’t remember.

CE Vega used to be a top tier character back in the day of CE i hear, but people got used to his tactics. CE Vega is a very simple character to use to in theory, he doesn’t have too much variety in his normals, and his gameplan just devolves into a less complex version of what ST Vega does. Poke and trap your opponent with standing HP/HK, crouching LP/MP/MK/HK, and rolls. And punish mistakes with Throws, and anti-air at medium range with MK/MP, HK/HP at long range, and at close, you can try walking under and throw when your opponent lands. His rolls are improved from actual CE. He now rolls more depending on the strength just like in HF/SSF2/ST, which is useful cause it gives him a redizzy i think. Also his throw is extremely damaging. One of the most damaging normal throws in the game, and combined with his fast walk speed you get to use it alot.

thanks for the breakdown r3ko

I dunno, wouldn’t it make more sense for yaya to use CE Sagat, seeing as his main in ST is N.Sagat? I don’t want to second guess them or anything, but I’m pretty sure Daigo would use CE Guile over CE Sagat …

Daigo used CE Ryu also (his char @ hyper mania 5.) Bit of luck that there weren’t any dhalsims that day… four ST hondas, four blankas (1 HF, 3 ST) but no sim.

Mikado is going to post movies. Hopefully best bouts instead of just semis+finals – Daigo/yaya vs. Gotoh/Mi would be cool.

All these eams look interesting so I will make a breakdown of my opinion after T8 (or whenever a new post from Nohoho’s site gives a new updated list of teams).

6/16 Kumagaya Namco Land (Kanto)
Toutanki (T.Hawk) & K (O.Hawk)

i’ll cheer over these 2, X-Mania 7 was madness with them :rock:

WW are allowed? I thought they weren’t…

6/16 Kumagaya Namco Land (Kanto)
Toutanki (T.Hawk) & K (O.Hawk)

Agree sir_arthur. Would love to see an all Hawk team win. Can’t wait to see these two’s matches.