SBO '07 Subtitled Interviews

He’s done a bunch of them.

nifty. nice find

Funny RX says that, because he pretty much owned the entire team.

Links to the other interviews

SBO 4 - Masters vs Vision

SBO 4 - Monkey House vs Champion Road

SBO 5 - Kokujin-san vs Eternal Force Blizzard

SBO 5 - Eternal Force Blizzard vs 404 Error

and Chat with Spellmaster J

LOL i love how he called the ending perfectly…said how it would come down to either Shiroitachi or Roshihikari to determine the winner of the tournament lol

Haha. Good stuff. RX’s comments were funny, and quite honestly, he was the only one who backed up their words. Hahaha. :rofl:

I think he knew RX was mentally exhausted at that point and probably couldn’t pull off another OCV.

Cool stuff.

What did KokuJin mean when he said “that kind of game”? Maybe the type of game where you can’t just pick up after being gone for a while (like Daigo was when he got beaten)? I’m really curious to know this since the crowd really loved it.

And my favorite part was when Spellmaster J randomly says “What’s up” to the announcer. LOL he must have been either really excited or really nervous. Oh yeah, also when KokuJin randomly says he’s going to beat Sanaka, pretending like he doesn’t even know what’s going on, LOL.

I’m sure that’s some inside joke we’re all missing out on.
Rikimaru’s got some balls starting a sentence with “Because I’m the greatest Chun’ player of all time” though, lol.

Haha this is good shit…

Wonder if we’ll get to see the one with KO/Kokujin vs Nuki/Daigo being subbed…

Also the post game speeches some of these players made…

lol it was just soo funny hearing him say that LOL…guy comes outta no where and says “im kokujin…i wanna beat senaka” LMAO he says it with a straight face too

and HELL yeah Rikimaru DEFINATELY has got balls of steel to say that lol

look at what happened in a rematch between him vs MOV lol

rotfl at the last round in #2

what a comeback

Mentally exhausted… he probably had less than a dozen matches the entire night.

Thats like saying fuck Maurice Greene he only ran for 100 meters:rolleyes:

Dozen casual matches == Dozen SBO matches.

More or less. If you look at his face after all those matches, he was breathing a huge sigh of relief at the end of each of them.

I’m sure he had to put his complete focus on those dozen matches throughout that day. Complete focus is pretty tiring. You can’t do it forever.

I’m guessing you didn’t catch MOV vs. Nuki at SBO4.

So anybody besides Kyoukuji know any of this?