SBO 08 day 2 log


getting more lazy everyday. this log is very poor. only doing finals. i warned yah.

So i went to SBO at around 11:30 cuz the schedule said 3s would start at 12:05. but they were hella behind schedule and it didnt start for like a good 2 more hours i think. I could of watched KOF but i dont really understand that game so i didnt really do any watchin. Chatted it up with some folks.

Some crazy ass shit happened durin the 3s prelims, like when Yamazaki’s team lost or Inoue makoto pulled some clutch shit but theres too much to talk about in them so buy the dvds for those. unless i REALLY feel like writing a whole bunch of shit again.

anyways on to the finals. first up was Hokuto.

The final 8 for hokuto was similar to the previous sbo. there was 2 hearts, 1 raoh, 1 rei, 1 juda, and rest tokis. and let me get this out of the way first but i REALLY HATE overpowerd characters so i was always rootin against toki.

My fav to win was Rei so thank god K.I was murdering fools with his Rei. I dont know much about the new stuff they found for him after the last SBO but its obviously made him better(like that bound infinite and SRK glitch or wateva). Counter hitting Toki’s guard cancel and random SRKs out of nowhere looked like really clutch plays on his part.

The heart players were also exciting to watch, but there were several times when they missed combos or their attacks didnt reach far enough. All he wanted was a hug!

Juda was a disappointment considering how well he did against Toki last time at SBO. but then again its hard to counter against a Toki rushdown once it gets started.

The finals was K.I vs Kurenai no Buta who was tryin to hype everybody up. He kinda reminds me of Kokujin. K.I was mos def on top of his game and he barely let Toki get a chance to do his cheap ass rushdown or combos. When Toki did get a few combos in he either messed up or K.I was able to defend the Okizemi from him. He was consistent as hell all throughout the finals. I was hella hyped just by the fact that Toki didnt win. Although i have this feeling Rei almost as bad as Toki now. but wateva this is prolly the last year for hokuto.

ok onto KOF. This game i know even less about. However it was easy to see that Krauser was top tier because almost EVERYmofo had him as the anchor. Cant really blame them because dude does ridiculous damage(esp those throws) plus so many moves are safe. The taiwanese guy in the top 8 had a real nice Heavy D. Other than the guy in the finals he rushed them down with the quickness. Lookin stylish at the same time as well.

I dont know the guys name but whoever had the Brian, Eiji, Krauser team was cool too. His Brian usually went first, and at the beginning of the match he would get slapped around alot. However once his lifebar started blinking and he got those infinite supers, he just blew away the opponent with the shoulder combo. His Eiji was a good turtle character as well.

Finals was ho hum. Featured all around solid play from both players but it was pretty even and the last round was full health Krauser vs Krauser. They need to take that guy out:arazz:

All right so the last event is 3S. As most of you prolly know all foreign teams were gone, plus team RXgundan with KO, nuki, and RX got peaced out by Uragiri no hoshi. Apparently Chinta’s Ken OCVs the whole team. So i was rootin for InoueJapan. And as many of you may know MOV’s right hand was broken the day before the tourny(i believe). Half of his hand was in a cast. I dont know if theres any pictures but clench your right hand into a fist. now uncurl your thumb, index, and middle finger while keeping your ring and pinky still clenched. Thats how much he could move his fingers/hand. of course not to mention the cast that covers his whole hand. Luckily Kuroda is a beast when on a groove and Ino pulled some clutch shit so MOV didnt play at all.

The first game was InoueJapan vs Champion road. Now Rikimaru had been on a tear throughout the whole tourny so i had my fingers crossed for MOV. First match was Kuroda vs Ochibi and damn Ochibi got raped. Kuroda’s Gouki is very different from almost all the other Gouki’s. If he got a combo in he would almost always do a crouching jab reset. Sometimes he would do it three times in a row. I guess to not give the opponent much time to think.

Now i forget if Boss was next or Rikimaru. But Boss vs Inoue was CLOSE. On the last round Inoue has a full meter SA1 with only a little life left. Boss as well has almost no life left without a super(or possibly any meter). Boss gets a command throw in and does a fierce, dash punch combo. but Inoue has practically less than pixel of life left and does a super retaliate to beat Boss. Its really hard to describe in words how hype this match was. Gotta get the DVD yall.

Next match wasnt as exciting but great play nonetheless. Uragiri no hoshi who’s only player i know was Chinta were considered big underdogs to Ryuboku with Umezono, Matsuda, and Yukiotoko. But Chinta beat RXgundan already plus almost all other competitors so I guess everybody shouldnt have slept on him. Genereally he was just playing a real solid fundamentalist Ken which isnt terribly exciting but still beautiful to watch.

The finals is InoueJapan vs Uragiri. First match was Kuroda vs K

This match was very back and forth round wise. One was always dominating the other. However on the final round Kuroda gets a combo or something in and knocks Chun into the corner. Now at this point Kuroda has 2 full meters. Almost everybody thought hed throw a fireball and superfireball for the chip win, but some reason, he dashes up to Chun. Then he crouches rapidly about 5 times and then does a UO on Chun’s wakeup. K wasnt fooled by this and parried the UO and threw Kuroda for the win. Afterwards Kuroda was on his knees shaking his head for the rest of the day. Dude looked real sad.

So next is Ino and pretty much everything is up to him and hes been money so far. Its amazing to see how well he does against Chunners. This time was no different and he beats Chun. Next was Chinta ken. I dont remember much from this match but Makoto has a tough time against Ken and this was the case here as both players were in their groove but Chinta came out with the win.

So that only left MOV on the team and for a few seconds it looked like he might not even try to play and concede. Luckily he sat down and started playing. Good thing he plays Chun which doesnt require a ton of complex button presses. So in the back of my mind i was just hoping MOV would play decent enough that it wouldnt be a total blowout. But damn was i wrong. These last few moments of SBO was just insane! I mean i hate Chun but MOV was just unstoppable. That cast must have been enchanted with +20 points for all stats.

Apparently to do some of the more advanced Chun techniques, which Ino explained after they won it all, the cast had a little bit near the pinky that protruded more(i think) and he would roll his wrist around and press the buttons near the middle and right side and quickly snap his wrist back and use his fingers. i dont know if the dude had practiced that earlier or he just thought it up on the spot, but big props to him. honestly the match itself wasnt anything that special but under those circumstances it was EPIC(imo).

And damn Ino and MOV looked so happy when they won. Their faces looked like they just survived surgery or something. Kuroda still looked sad though:rofl:

It would be truly sad to see 3s go away from SBO, which there is a high chance of. We await your return warrior…

annnddd im off peace!

PS i didnt go the other 2 days.

big ups to all the SRK peeps there.

Great read, thanks. Kuroda and MOV are beasts, can’t wait for the DVD.

Very entertaining read. :tup:

full of win

Kuroda’s always like that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that dude smile.

hmmm i guess i forgot to mention that Kuroda was smiling like an evil clown maniac during the character select screens.

sup matt, thanks for the blog!

3s isnt going anywhere with stuff like this for the finals…players breaking there hands and STILL beasting…you know damn well the SBO staff has to keep this game :tup:

I’m thinking about breaking my own hand in celebration and am seriously wondering if doing so will make me a better 3s player

Counterpoint: 3s is such a dumb game that you can break your hand and still beast with Chun :rofl:

Silly jokes aside, that must have been amazing to watch.

no, that was the games’ grand finale at SBO. now is the best time to move on to SF4.

lol qft