SBO 09 Vids, Taking you where cameras have never gone before!

Alright guys, so I’m at SBO 09 this year mainly to brush up on my BB skills. Comp is insane but more importantly the people are insane. So far with the vids I have I take you through a walkthrough of SBO 09 and some other stuff. I also have vids from the after party that happened last night. That shit was INSANE. Hopefully I can get some interviews with players and more match vids. Here’s the link:

Just click on playlists and the SBO 09 one. See all the footage there.


I’ll be giving a coverage as the days pass by. I’ll be hitting up the top arcades and showing you just where to go if you do decide to come to Japan for gaming.

-Tha Hindu

Do you kinda sort of look like a girl? Perhaps we can donate some money toward your efforts if so.

Thank you, basically.

:rofl: No, I’m full on 100% man. I don’t want donations since I’m already here. I just heard that there was no live feed so I’m bummed for you guys cause you seriously missed out. If I can fund a way to get an awesome live feed going with interviews and stuff next year I will definitely do it.

-Tha Hindu

i still can’t believe ppl paid that skank a free vacation. desperate much?

No need to say anything so harsh.

However, I’m not gonna lie, she had no reason to be at SBO seeing as here work is ‘decent’ at best. There are WAY better people we could have sent and they are decent/great at fighting games, so they know what kind of pictures to capture and know what’s up.
I can go on about how bad of a mistake it was, but yeah… this is going a bit off topic, lol.

Otherwise, thanks for the video link, Freefromabove.

damn some guy shoving chop sticks up his arse…only at sbo.

Yes, getting off topic, I’m posting here so people can enjoy.

Don’t know what the last comment was about though.

-Tha Hindu

Thanks for the vids! Man, what an event SBO was.

I’m currently uploading the pics that I have so far. I’ll post when I can. Don’t expect anything professional, I just did it with a digital camera.

-Tha Hindu

cool footage.

Care to explain?

Thx for the vids, op.

awesome vids man, reminds me of the B5 DVD 30 minute behind the scene type section. For some reason I find the scene behind the matches almost as interesting as the games. Great stuff:tup:

Did Kara actually post any pictures or vids of SBO yet?

who cares. try to stay on topic for once, srk. christ. checkin vids now. good shit!

LOL! who the hell created a game about cracking chopsticks between your butt cheeks. ha ha. good shit. whatsup with dude in the bunny suit!? welcome to japan

If I shove chopsticks up my ass will I play as good as the Japanese in FGs?

only 1 way to find out

make someone you know do it

Haha, pretty hilarious. Thanks for the videos man, I’ve always wondering what the experience would look like. Cool to see some background footage.

Wait wait wait, people are allowed to upload and link SBO footage this year??

Sorry to divert from topic again but had to fix that up for ya mate

Hell, Thanks for the vids :tup: