SBO 2007 Predictions anyone?

Just for fun thread… After seeing that crazy clutch performance by MOV against not just Kokujin, and not just Nuki… BUT KO too! It has become quite unpredictable… but… i think…

DeshikenKFG will be top 4 again… and hope he wins! Cuz his ken is super stylishly great!

Will KO finally win this year?

Me with pink Sean. Is it not team based this year?

yes it’s team based and qualifiers are next month, good luck to e1 :tup:

Anyone knows if Europe have SBO Qualifiers too ?? O__o. I’m looking on the net and i don’t saw anything about Qualifiers on Europe. T_T

Yes they do however they have not released public details just yet on when it will take place.

The team with the best Yun should win :sad:

Team America (Amir, Yi, Vic) Will make it farther than their predecessors this year. No OCVs here, oh hells no.

Thx for the info. :slight_smile:

too early to tell, we don’t even know most of the teams yet

Spellmaster J’s team usually ends up doing pretty well…

Hayao will take this by himself.

I want to see videos of RX’s team. What the hell happened to them last time anyways?

Thanatos wins

Didn’t he retire?

what’s pyro’s team?

Who doesn’t retire and eventually come back?

Pyro, Ricky, Jwong

Retire? He still plays in the a cho events. He was on a recorded tournament like a couple months ago.

So, why did they change the date to August instead of May like it always was? Normally we’d already know the teams by now.

That’s funny i asked the same thing it being so late sucks.