SBO 2007 through the eyes of a monkee77!

This was my first SBO and might I say, it was mighty damn awesome! I was able to watch the Semi-Finals and Finals for Tekken DR and Soul Calibur 3 Arcade Edition. Both tournaments were extremely entertaining, exciting, and educational. (I didnt get a chance to watch the Virtual Fighter 5 Finals because we were getting interviewed and I was hungry as hell! Sorry… Geesh!)

During the SC3AE, we witnessed a very fierce Setsuka player literally slice through opponents left and right! Setsukas launcher to 3 hit air combo is something that every aspiring Setsuka player should master. Along with her deadly poke mix-up game that seems to always lead to her lunging at her opponents throats! Prior I thought Setsuka to be a wild and deceivingly reserved looking character, but today I learned that Setsuka is a killer! But end the end, Setsuka rage was dusted by a very brutal Astaroth, player whos ground game was literally like, Oh you fell down?! Well. GET YO ASS BACK UP SO I CAN RAPE YOU! TWICE!!! I play Astaroth. So this was a very valuable learning experience. I learn quite a lot by watching this dood. His set-ups where mean and he punished you badly for minor mistakes. BELIEVE IN THE GROUND GRAB! This Astaroth also when on to defeat the Setsuka in the Finals in a full count match! So, I gotta scoop the DVD when it comes out just to see it again!

The TEKKEN DR Team Tournament Semi-Finals consisted of 2 Japanese teams vs. 2 Playstation 3 sponsored Korean Teams. (Which I thought was kinda weird too, how is Sony gonna sponsor a Korean Team and not a Japanese Team. What happened to the Love for the home team?. there has to more this.) Japan won the first match (Devil Jin vs. Heihachi) and afterwards when the Green Korean Team switch players to continue the tournament. The machine geeked out something real hard. Which resulted in the tournament taking an unplanned intermission 15 minutes. This glitch also occurred several more times due to the Korean Teams Character Cards (maybe. Says my source.) Surprisingly, both Sponsored Korean Teams were defeated by the Japan Teams. But even more interesting, the Second Korean Team got swept under the table and in a very dark hole 3-0 by a korean player on the Japanese Team! He fought with a very patient Devil Jin that utilized DJs laser command grabs with the greatest of easy and O.t.G. (Off the Ground) combos very effectively. Like on that POKEMAN, It was Super Effective level! I dont know if this player and the glitch will be a cause for any controversy later. Only time will tell. Either way in the Tekken DR Finals yet again it was GANRYU vs. GANRYU and Japan wins! BONZAI!!!

I posted some of pictures from yesterdays event on I took these with my crappy ass cell phone on the way to, at and around the SBO venue. Because somebody named Criminal T. took her digital camera to Las Vegas today! (Just playing with you T. Do yo thang!)

P.S. I’ll be there today rockin’ the official NEGRO INSTALL T-Shirt on my back. I’ll put it on during interviews and for pictures. But I gotta roll with the wife beater and #34 Charles Barkley SUN’s Jersey. Cause it’s DAMN HOT in Tokyo right now!

So you were the negro install guy!

Who was the other guy?

Can you watch all the semi finals and finals for all the games in a day or two

Thanks for posting this up, I always enjoy reading about your adventures.

Yeah that was me! SCOTT POPULAR the NEGRO INSTALL Model!
The other guy is RED6… he hosts DFPRADIO with me.

Man, I wish but the daily commute down there was hell! Sorry

Good shot! I’m glad to know that someone actually reads my banter and finds some joy in it. God knows we all need a little bit of it sometimes.

I was and I still may write up SBO5 but Redsix wants to do a radio show about it… (If you give us 3 days it will be up… Prolly by August 17). I just got back from somewhat snorkeling in IZU!

Sorry I’m late July has been hell and August is going to be worst with TGS 2007.

Here is the SBO impression radio show we did a couple of weeks back! It’s the show on the top!

DLing now!
also, props on that episode about Tokyo Tribes, good shit :smiley:

EDIT: listening now, WOW this is good stuff, LOL at Isabella Neo wearing metal shoulder pads like Hideo XD
what was the first beat used?

Thanx, Yeah I though TT2 was kinda slow after the first :confused:Shocking episode! But it picked up again after Kai started looking for the other gangs!

As for the show, The very first track was “TREEHOUSE” My homeboy made it for dfp a long time ago, then the second was off a soul calibur disc. But I gotta ask redsix, he made the final mixdown for that show.