SBO 2008 Visitors Thread. So Who Is Going This Year?

How many SRK members from this community is going to SBO this year?
We can meet together and organize things together on this thread. Hotels/inns, places to eat, and having games.

prob alot of cali players.

sage and rusheddown are going as well.

are you going??

and hey isnt that daemons AV…and dont you need permission before taking someone elses AV???

There seriously needs to be an IP ban put into effect for this guy. :lol:

I think Daemon is going to change his AV, to a picture with a pig figurine on a skateboard.

I think I am changing mine too.

I will be spectating. :party:

hopefully I’ll be there …(starts counting paychecks till sbo)

watching via the world wide web