SBO 2009 Donation Thread

Hello everyone,

Once again this donation thread is to help defray the costs for our US team to go to Japan and represent at SBO. The donations will be split evenly between Arcade UFO and Denjin Arcade.

I prefer paypal but can accept other forms with discussion. All donators will be recognized and given credit in a subsequent post which I will update daily.

To donate, please send paypal to
In the subject line, put “SBO Donation.” I will give credit to the name on the paypal donation. If you want to be recognized as someone else, then please state so on the body of the donation. For example, if I receive a donation from “Chris Brown,” I will put that name on the post unless it states "Please put the following name on SRK, “IbeatWomen.”

As an incentive to donate, I will do a random drawing once a week starting in June for a chance to win 1 of 5 prizes. Each winner will receive a 2008 EVO DVD set and 1 hour of playtime with one of the following top players: Alex Valle, Gootecks, Ed Ma, Mike Ross, or Justin Wong. The playtime will consist of SF4 online play through XBL/PSN. HDR may also be allowed. (please work out individually with the player).

Some rules:
SRK staff are banned from the drawing.
Only donations of $25 or over will make you eligible for the drawing. Each $25 donation enters you once, meaning if you donate $100, your name will be entered 4 times.
A person may win only once at most.
The first winner has the choice of which of the 5 players to play against. Then the subsequent winners will choose from the top players leftover and so on until none are left.

I will start off by donating $100 (I’m banned from the drawings). Last year we raised over $1600 for the US team. Let’s try to beat that this year! :lovin:

Thanks to SRK for donating EVO DVDs and the top players for volunteering their time to the cause!

Platinum - $100+ (Entered 4 times in drawing)
John “ChoiBoy” Choi
Nicholas “NKI” Inabnit
Sarp “Yugi Jyudai” Metin
Ari “Floe” Weintraub
Kiet “Kth” Huynh

Gold $75 - $99 (3 times in drawing)

Silver $50 - $74 (2 times in drawing)
Joshua Ballard

Bronze - $25 - $49 (1 time in drawing)
Robert “CaliSean” Ingrim
John “pootnannies” Sousa
Allen “|AD|” Hou
James “Red_venom” Dernak

Honorable mentions - $1 - $24 (not eligible in drawing)

good luck guys, i’ll probably toss in some cash soon

On behalf of the Denjin players, thank you so much for putting this together John.

For those in the socal area that want to support, the Denjin Arcade ranbats (starting 3/28) will be donating all entrance fees to tickets for the SBO winners at Denjin Arcade. All you need to do is enter a tournament to contribute to representing us in Japan. Of course I strongly encourage donating to John because the winners at Arcade UFO need the money just as much as the Denjin winners do.

Anything i can do to help shogo out during tournament. Call me. GL TO ALL players entering SBO.

1 quick question, for 2v2 sf4, will it be a team tourny, or the top 2 players of a single tourny for the 2v2? Either way I’m happy to see Denjin Rep usa in sbo. Thank you John and Shogo.

it will probably be a 2v2 tourney seeing as how if they hold a singles, there’s no way that 2 balrogs can team together if say gootecks and keno win…that forces one of them to switch characters like how it happened the first year for SBO

paul lee had to switch to chun li because both him and valle qualified with ken in 3rd strike

Thank god we’re using legit arcades this time. :3


While I don’t love this format, they could always do it like it was done at TGA, where it’s two singles tournaments and the winning character from the first is banned from the second. You could say there are pros and cons to each format.

Let’s go SRK - show your support. :tup:


a little $upport from OZ to big bro USA !!! REPRESENT !!! Because we dont have the scene to justify our own team, I thought I’d back USA in taking on the Japanese in what could be the best SBO yet. Good Luck peeps!


I’m going to cum!

Almost 2,000 views and less than 15 replies. A have a funny feeling this is how everyone on the SRK website shows their lack of support. Perhaps many consider it a bad investment.

It’s not an investment. It’s just a way to help our Tougeki representatives make it to Japan.

Wait until mid April and may you’ll see people donating. Have you checked last years thread their was a good amount of contribution.

When I know what players will be on the team I will decide… for “some” top 3s players (they know who they are), I’m hesitant to support because of their arrogance and arrogance I DO NOT support. :tup:

This is just my 2 cent.

I agree wholeheartedly with you, but my main reluctance in donating is the odds that a US team will actually accomplish anything. They have a chance but the US track record at SBO is less than spectacular. Not to say that they will get destroyed but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of another Kuroda vs. Justin & Ricky style defeat in some games.

No matter how well they do, the trip still costs a lot of money.

It’s about supporting the community, regardless of whether or not Japan is better than us.

donated 25 bones. i’ll be able to send more in a couple weeks.

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