SBO 2009 Finals vids ONLINE NOW

Courtesy of Arcadia themselves. The footage is Shiro vs Gosho and Kyabetsu vs Iyo. You’ll have to wait for the magazine release to see Shiro vs Kyabetsu for the deciding match. After that there’s 5R footage that no one cares about except for me and 5 other people. :frowning:


Edit: I should mention for those who will UNDOUBTABLY BITCH, do you really expect them to put the entire match online. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a preview clip, so deal with it :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have a dvd-drive in your computer ? Or any gaming console in the last 10 years ?



wow, when did Kyabetsu become so beast ? His GodsGarden showing was so lackluster. Then he pulls off a crazy clutch win vs the Dhalsim in the clip, and then a near perfect. GG!

Thanx Reno,

I’ve put my order in for Arcadia mag already!!

can wait to see these!



To avoid the bitching you should edit your thread title because it does not reflect the actual reality (the fact that these are Previews)

edit: thanks for the info btw , personally I wont watch them since Ive preordered already :slight_smile:

What are the legalities surrounding the circumvention of region-locked material?

Pretty sure there are dozens of video playback software that ignore region codes.

That and you can change your pc’s drive’s region up to like 5 times or so through Windows. Just change it once, rip the disc, and change it back =p

Didn’t know about that…sounds like a good option. Thanks for the info.

Wow, Kyabetsu’s ultra on Iyo… epic.

I know about all that. I want to know about the legalities though.

Is the region lock a mere inconvenience or can you be fined for circumventing it?

WTF is 5R? :sad:

Gonna watch now.

You do realise that you can’t judge a player’s skill off 2-3 vids, right?

Reno forgot to mention that unauthorized match videos won’t be tolerated here. Enjoy the preview!

Admittedly Gasshuku was doing a bit better in God’sGarden than Kyabetsu was but Kyabetsu is really solid either way and SBO is random. Maybe it’s that SNK mentality that Kyabetsu has. He pretends he’s playing KOF98 and Viper starts to make sense for him.

Is the Blanka guy that took out Mago team going to be on the DVD? [Or was that not SBO?]

The only way you can get the dvd is to buy the magazine? I really want to buy it. I’d prob upload it to lol

Nice damage on the rufus though lol. And Nice finish from Viper to damn, I want the sf4 only part though : I guess thats on Dvd 1, or split. Hopefully not

omfg that viper ultra was so clutch. dash forward fearlessly, tk sim out of instant teleport fadc ultra…nice!

No that was just annoying to me, he was dominating the whole round until that point, on ultra combo and he’s dead. Ultras should be toned down in dash.

Every match in the SBO bracket is included in the DVD’s.

yeah but the blanka (fax gimoto) who took out mago’s team was not sbo. thats the shiozawa cup. mago/nemo got peaced out by kyabetsu/gosho.

those are the vids i wanna see