SBO 2009 Preparation Thread!

For those of you who havent checked the site

The tougeki staff has put up the date and place of where the biggest fighting game tournament in the world “Super Battle Opera” will take place

google translator helps a little for this page

Now the purpose of this thread is for those of us who are planning on going to japan prior and/or during SBO week to post up useful information such as:

-Good places to stay
-Arcades to go to
-Train maps
-Places to chill
-Useful airlines to take
-Currency exchange places
-Good Restaurants/Bars, etc to go to

and other misc stuff that anyone wants to bring up

For people like me, this should be helpful so im hoping fellow SRK members will assist me since this is my first time going to SBO as well as Japan

and perhaps we can set up things like places to meet up with each other so we can become familiar with the place together to have the best time possible while in japan

For starters, this is something i found in another thread

Also please support the US teams by sending donations for the winners of the qualifiers by checking this thread

Post away ppl and thanks you sooo much in advance!! :tup:


Arcades to go to… I got a wiki set up with most arcades in Tokyo that are worth going to. Page is here:

I know of a ton of good places to eat but it depends on your budget. If you can’t spend that much cash on food or would rather spend it on games you’re better off going to something like Yoshinoya or Matsuya because they’re cheap and filling. Bars/clubs… I used to go to Vanilla and Muse but I heard Vanilla closed down a long time ago but I dunno about Muse. I think most of SRK Japan will be able to help people coming to SBO out and/or hang out with them too. I’ll be coming in from Osaka so I’ll be down for chillin too.

I must fight Yamazaki.

ill do my best to update the first post with information Thx Reno :lovin:

EDIT: Reno i would appreciate it if you would just make a list of the places names and where theyre located so itll be easier for me to organize it on the first post thx :tup:

I know most of you hate Kotaku, but they have a good guide on places to visit in Japan, wish I could go but alas

what airport do ppl normally go to

i know theres 2 airports (NRT, TYO) but not sure which one to book a flight to

How about the local Tokyo SRK guys “adopt” the US and EU guys, show them around the place and where they hang out to play games etc…much better in Tokyo with locals around than not, easier to order things in restaurants too :stuck_out_tongue:

im gonna have to hold off till next year to go to sbo ;_;

For that link:

  1. If you like Akihabara, then yeah, go to it, but it’s not a must if you’re really not looking for anything there, or if you have no interest. Depending on the game, the shinjuku and shibuya arcades might be better anyways.
  2. Nintendo cultural retreat is in Kyoto, not near Tokyo/SBO at all. I haven’t been there so I can’t judge on whether it’s even worth visiting or not
  3. For internet cafe’s, they’re decent if you’re looking for a place to sleep for cheap, however, if SBO weekend is the same as comiket weekend again, you’re not gonna be able to find one that isn’t booked unless you go in hella early. Just get a capsule hotel. If you really need to use the internet for an hour or so, they’re helpful, free drinks. I like them, but I can usually entertain myself without them. It’s mostly on a “if-i-need-to-use-one” basis, rather than somewhere you SHOULD go.
  4. Arcades, duh. Depends on the game you wanna play. The main arcade for Guilty Gear is way diff than the main arcade for say, TvC, i’m sure. Hey is good, but not necessarily the absolute best. I remember I was in Akihabara and went to HEY to play Arcana, and I got a 24 win streak with a side character. As far as competition goes, that was pretty weak, I’d have to say. The good players were probably at Joybox.
  5. Nintendo house - it’s a friggin building and it’s nowhere near anything. See that picture? Wow, you saw it, you didn’t need to waste money going to see a building. Cool. Next.
  6. Super Potato - See Akiba, if youre into retro stuff, it’s cool, but if you have no interest in retro games, then don’t waste your time.
  7. Game Store Warehouse - If you’re looking for a game, just go to Akihabara if you’re there anyways. SE Tokyo is kinda near the SBO place, but prolly a decent detour for one store with high prices (as the article said).
  8. 8 bit cafe - That seems like it might be interesting. I’ve never been there, so I would ask the Tokyo people if they recommend it.
  9. Sony Showroom - That’s up to you, I don’t personally see the appeal.

Not that it’s a bad list, but you’re better off just asking the SRK Tokyo/Japan crew where the best places to go are depending on what you want to do.

If you are going I want to meet you. I don’t know any Norwegians and I want to go there sometime :tup:

just found somethin that may be useful

anyone that has been to japan book a hotel at the same time as they bought the ticket or did they get the tickets first and then got a hotel while over there?

Also what are some good sites to look at for good prices on the trip?