SBO 2010 3s Qualifiers / Return of World Championships of 3s - June 26/27

From the team that put together Sunroute Cup (with MOV) comes a double feature 3s weekend!!

First, the sought after North American 3s qualifier spot for Super Battle Opera 2010! This year the SBO bracket will only have 16 teams, making this years qualifier spot more important than ever. The rules for this event are as follows…

[]Saturday June 26th
]3 Man teams
[]No repeat characters on teams (eg. Chun/Ken/Ken is forbidden)
]Best of 3 sets
[]Double Elimination
]Judgment in play
[]$75 per team to enter ($25 per player)
]Tournament starts at 3 PM

This qualifier is completely player run and there is a commitment to at least 20% of the players airfare to be covered. If the winning team is not able to attend, the second place team will be sent as representatives in their place. The winning team cannot substitute players after qualifying.

Then, a throwback tournament to the most intense days of 3s, the Return of World Championships of 3s! For those who are not familiar…

The rules for this event are as follows…

[]Sunday June 27th
[]No character change allowed
]Best of 3 sets
[]Double Elimination
]Judgment in play
[]$10 entrance fee
]Tournament starts at 3 PM

Registration for both tournaments will be handled on site the day off the tournaments.


For more info on Tougeki (Super Battle Opera 2010), check out

To support the fund raising effort for these qualifiers, check out the Denjin Arcade 3s Ranbats
Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

World Championships of 3rd Strike!!

Wow, I remember this week as the greatest week I ever had playing 3rd Strike in the US. So many players from every all over the US came. I remember we were outside and a Canadian player asked Vic Vance if he played any other character besides Dudley and he responded by saying “I’m Vic Vance”, I can never forget that.

This tournament was also the first time we got to see Justin vs Pyro, there was so much hype because it was the first time the best players from the WC and the EC played each other and at the time there was a lot of beef between which coast was better.


I also got to meet so many 3rd Strike players for the first time from Texas (Hsien, Mopreme, Mike Lai), New York (Justin, Kofiend), Nebraska (Simon Yoo), Canada (Croyd, Adam B, Anuersym X), and countless more players. It was just a great weekend for 3rd Strike.

Hopefully players from past and present will be there this year! I would love to see new generation of players playing against some of the old generations.

Maybe if there is time we can have a new generation vs old generation 5 on 5. Or maybe if Texas shows up, FFA vs Texas Part 3?? EC vs WC 5on5?

I likes it.

Yay! :smiley: :smiley:

too sick

Wish I could go…

Maybe next year…

<3 pherai

I will definitely try to come support this shiz. The best 3S players in Texas are new blood now but I’ll see who I can round up. And Mopreme is married now but I bet I can talk him into it =P

Post up as soon as you decide the dates/schedules for each tournament . . . since we all work, a lot of us might have to leave on Sunday. Sounds hype though, so I’ll try to take a 3-day weekend if I can!

good shit

It’s actually supposed to be C-Royd that’s why it says C-Royd in the original post. The reason why My name is currently C Royd is another can of worms. But C-Royd was my original account

BTW Adam B has the best ken in Canada hands down!

btw Pherai has the most love for 3s than anyone else. I dont think i’ll be able to make this one with my EVO plans.

Can i get a word if Vic Vance is going to be attending this tournament and also if someone can PM me his schedule and wardrobe during that weekend that’d be great

^^ I beat you that tournament.

Please you must come to this!!

too nice. A week after my birthday, its going to be a good month for me.

til every Third of me Strikes…


Also Valle will you be there???

Looks like I will be calling in sick that weekend. I remember the first World Championships was the first tournament I witnessed live and is what initially pulled me in to the game itself. Good shit bringing this back.

Will this be streamed by chance? :smiley:

i might plan another trip to cali =)

hopefully i can get transport from the airport and place to stay though

I hope Nhlang comes.

I want to say from my first WC of 3s experience, that whole week was the best week of 3s I played in America. So Sunroute Association will try to mimic the first WC of 3s experience.

If outsiders decide to come, we would like to make this more than just 3 day weekend, starting with tournaments on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when players get into town. I believe that 3 days of 3rd Strike or 2 days of 3rd Strike is just not enough.

Croyd told me he will be coming.

Tentative example schedule :

Wednesday : Team tourney
Thursday : Character theme tourney
Friday : 5 on 5?

Saturday : SBO Quals
Sunday : WC of 3s

I hope this will be incentive for players to come.

i hope you know, you are on fire with ideas for 3s right now lol this sounds tooo good!!

trying to get my scrub ass out here
and drag neiman and an old monster back from the grave