SBO 2011 3S?

Sorry if this is somewhere and I didn’t find it, but on I don’t think they have 3S listed as a game for SBO. Does this mean no SBO 2011 3S? :frowning:

there was talk of second tougeki event but im not sure what more has surfaced about that. which 3s would be in.

only because it was so close to mikado and i was there for x-mania XII…
i went to the 2nd location test of street fighter AE 2012
so,before unveiling this new incredible sf IV revision,
they had this tournament called summer camp for tougeki or something like that
and,big surprise,the tougeki announcer was there
so i went up to him and said “i’m a huge fan of tougeki since 2003” and all that soft stuff
well,it’s true
and then,of course,i asked him about a “winter tougeki” and third strike
he then produced a 40 seconds long reply,completely in japanese
so…i have no idea . but let’s keep our collective fingers crossed

i have heard from multiple super reliable sources that there will be a winter tougeki. i also heard that its 100% confirmed. but im still waiting for the official announcement too.

Hey, I have a question and this is the only barely SBO related thread right now (There is no 3sGD):

Is this from Gootecks’ old podcast? I can’t remember hearing it there, but it seems so.

This was from the old Denjin Video Podcasts during the summer of 2008, back when Gootecks was trying to have people donate money to send the East and West Coast SBO teams to Japan. This predated his Street Fighter Podcast series, which he started after SBO 2008 ended.

And no, I don’t think Justin could beat Kuroda’s Q even after leveling up in 2008. No fanboy talk, it just wasn’t happenin’ :V

people who actually have a chance need to organize 3s qualifiers than for US if there’s going to be something. that’d be a great event.

someone talented and reliable will host the qual (im lookin at you ryan harvey!!)