Sbo 2011 arcade edition finals

Hey guys, I didn’t saw one video with the finals, and I recorded it in SBO and uploaded in Youtube.

Hope you like this… sorry for the quality (I was far away from the screen, had to zoom) and any english mistake :stuck_out_tongue:


don’t worry, your English is perfect!

Not it’s not, but it’s good enough that there’s no misunderstadning. It’s certainly much better than my Japanese; or any other language for that matter.

Thanks for posting the video.

your welcome, I had to post it.

Yes !! I am from Japan and I am trying to learn english :smiley:

I am the only one who uploaded one video of the finals ??

i thought posting sbo vids = instant ban?

not anymore?

so are we allow to post evo and sbo vids now?

It’s “bannable”?
I didn’t knew…

leave him alone guys, he didn’t knew.