SBO 3 Third Strike Vids!

SBO 3 Vids!

Here are the semi/finals matches from Super Battle Opera 3! Thanks to sftchina for the hook up! :tup: And Thanks to me for encoding/upping them to CV :slight_smile:

3rd Strike:
Goemon (Yang) / Deshi Ken (Ken) vs Ohnuki (Chun-Li) / Daigo (Ken)
K.O. (Yun) / Kokujin (Dudley) vs Kuroda (Q) / Hayao (Hugo)
Grand Finals - Ohnuki (Chun-Li) / Daigo (Ken) vs Kokujin (Dudley) / K.O. (Yun)

Y.F. (Demitri/Karin) / Ayanami (Anakaris/Jedah) vs Daigo (Urien/Guile) / Dan (Ryu/Karin)
Tokido (Jedah/Urien) / Mago (Anakaris/Karin) vs Iyo (Anakaris/Chun-Li) / Shiro (Jedah/Urien)
Grand Finals - Mago (Karin/Anakaris) / Tokido (Jedah/Urien) vs Dan (Ryu/Karin) / Daigo (Urien/Guile)

Tekken 5:
Deboru (Bryan) vs Mutou (Marduk)
Begau (Marduk) vs Tsuji (Raven)
Gato (Marduk) vs Nin (Steve) - Vid gets cut early
Hide (Raven) vs Shomoken (Nina)
Deboru (Bryan) vs Tsuji (Raven)
Nin (Steve) vs Shomoken (Nina)
Grand Finals - Deboru (Byran) vs Nin (Steve)

Choi/Billy Kane/Geese vs Kim/Terry/Saisyu
Terry/Takuma/Saisyu vs King/Choi/Geese
Grand Finals - Robert/Takuma/Saisyu vs Terry/Kim/Saisyu

Kurusu (Bridget), BIG (Dizzy), Rena (Millia) vs Arisaka (Robo-Ky), Nemo (Faust), Imo (Zappa)
Kindebu (Eddie), Kubo (Slayer), R.F. (Faust) vs Pachi (Faust), Ogawa (Eddie), Kaqn (Jam)
Grand Finals - Pachi (Faust) / Kaqn (Jam) / Ogawa (Eddie) vs Arisaka (Robo-Ky) / Imo (Zappa) / Nemo (Faust) - Vid gets cut early, Ogawa’s Team won.

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good shit… d/ling now

anyone know what daigo and nuki saying?




anyone interested in neowave/cfj matches?

good stuff, thanks. I want to see the cfj matches.


Downloading right now!!

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Awesome matches, thanks. K.O. vs. Daigo and K.O. vs. Hayao were especially cool :wink:

yeah please post them both too. Thanks, this was needed. I can’t seem to be able to make an account on sftchina (I followed all the instructions step by step on GFB website, but something always goes wrong)

Hayao is… is…
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I’m very interested in Neowave matches.
Thanks a million for the 3s-matches as well :tup:

Yeah some Neowave matches would be great…links please!

Thanks a million, dude.

I would be very interested in Neowave matches.

Thanks a lot man - much appreciated.

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word neowave and jam match be hot hook it up

Sftchina, lol king of rips :slight_smile:

Now I still need to force myself to buy the DVD out of ethical considerations, but these advance vids are nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: lol at whoever said “oh my god” during K.O vs Kuroda

The Evo series continues K.O. vs. Daigo.

Heh thanks for vids!

CFJ! It might be our last chance to ever see it again!

Nice posting regardless!