SBO 3s fund raiser tournament


The last tournament before everybody jets of to japan for sbo is over, the event was fun as always, thanks to everybody who showed up. I know it was very short notice, but it was nice to see people turning up and showing support for the UK team that will represent europe at SBO.
Thanks to everybody that turned up, and to waqs for helping me run the groups and giving me a lift home.

3s results 29/7/07

1st Prodigal son / Yun sa3
2nd Harmonaz / Akuma sa1
3rd Chunkis ken / sean sa2
4th CIV chun li / urien
5th Waqs / Ken
5th Raju / Urien
5th Hatim / ken / urien
5th Zak / Oro sa2/sa3
7th Elcarpeto / Oro sa2
7th Jink / Ibuki sa1
7th Pedram / Necro sa1
7th Richie / Ken
7th Private Ryan / Twelve
7th SI / ryu dejin

see you all in japan!


Hey, I love watching the UK players, good shit on placing third man.


How often did he use Sean instead of Ken? Any vids?