SBO Day 2 HELLA info long read!

man… I guess everytime it seems like the rest of the world is getting close to japans level on 3s, they just prove us wrong again :frowning:


Its one thing to lose… but to get OCV’D??? :wasted:

The amount of Japanese competition is one reason why they are so much more experienced.

Hell I can’t find any 3s competition where I’m at…

Lol grats to Nitto’s team for winning another SBO.

hopefully we learned our mistake and not hold qualifer at RI next time =(

Very True!

Why would not holding a qual is RI help?

How are teams formed to go over there? If it’s just three guys who band together and win the qualifier to go, we may need to consider just taking our three best players and putting them on one team, rather than having them call up friends. I’m not saying the teams were bad, but heck we may need to shake it up a bit, and just take the best six players and put them on teams. (Determining the best six could be done in tournies I suppose.)

People will moan about team chemistry, but it’s not like that formula is working great for us now.

That is what they did at the RI qualifer. Justin, Mopreme, and KOfiend all qualified separately so that the best team (based on the players there) would be formed instead of making the teams beforehand.

Ah, okay, I didn’t know exactly how they went about it. Well then damn, haha.

Freaken’ hilarious… we can’t beat them in 3s but they can’t beat us in dressin either :rofl: (inside joke)

poor KO

Good shit again…
for the nwb wat does OCV means

OCV= One Cunt Victory lmao…

nah 1 character victory

And to all of those who f*cken complain about team USA gettin OCV… just stfu will ya? because I’m sure hella other Japanese teams got OCVed too! geezuz!!

Cause it’s fucking Rhode Island.

Nah all kidding aside, most of the top EC players traveled to RI anyway.

My question though: will the EC and WC matches at least make the DVD? And what is the usual turnaround for the SBO DVD’s?

And where is the pirated footage lol. U know it’s out there.

The US can compete with Japan… but we just can’t beat them (at least in single elimination format, which is terribly unforgiving). Anyways, nice try to all foreign teams. Just remember that it’s the experience that matters most, not actually winning.

Looking forward to MB and Slash results.

Great log.

It brings a tear to my eye.

nice report dude, I look forward to seein some vids eventually of kof, wow japan kicked ass, their on another level, just one character god that hurts.

Pyro sucks ass. Ricky sucks ass. Jwong sucks ass. We suck.


I try not to give opinions but perhaps if Ricky was teamed up with Justin, then perhaps the chemistry would have been better. (Only if they stated that the chemistry was not good to begin with.) However lets say that it was for sure the chemistry, would either team have been willing to make trades?