finished SBO Day 3 GG/MB MADNESS! and final thoughts

Ok I woke up tired as fuck, so I didnt make it to any of the NGBC prelims. And by the time I got to MBAC prelims it was half way done. I only got a little bit of info on one match with a guy using Kishinara VS an Akiha. The Akiha player had gotten some combos in and used her superior aerial manuvering to run forever like Storm and ran out the clock for the win.

Ok onto GG. the first match was Team Yeti wa hokubei (sorry they were last chance qualys so I dont have info on who they are) VS Satsui no Hadou ni mezameta Sachiko (KaQn, Isa, Koichi) First up was Team yeti’s Jam VS Isa’s Sol. Jam starts off with an air combo but Isa uses his burst. Jam meets up with Sol in the air and greets him with her backhands for some air combos for the win. Isa wasnt able to do much here. Next comes Kaqn who uses Holy order Sol now. As usual Jam is jumping all over the place and threatning with all sorts of attacks. Kaqn is able to SRK some of the attempts at rushing but is not enough as HO Sol gets ousted. In comes Koichi (I-no) who does good but misses a few combo enders. However Koichi tracks down Jam in a close match. That brings out Team yeti’s Dizzy. Dizzy was doing her usual array of projectile setups but a few times Koichi was able to throw Dizzy out before they hit. In the final round Dizzy is in the eating a combo when she tries to burst but Koichi blocks it and takes care of Dizzy. Last was Team Yeti’s slayer who at the very beginning of RD1 gets hit by a Yellow burst, and eats a fat combo soon after. He fights back some what but is not able to finish. In the final round Koichi rushes Slayer down in the corner for a perfect and team sachiko advances.

Next match was MAXtoki (pachi, matsushin, Yuujin) VS OmitoOosojisen (Omito, Susumu, Dei) First up was Matsushin (Johnny) VS Dei (testament) In RD1 Johnny was able to get Testament to eat a corner coin+QCF+P combo for about 16 hits. But sadly it doesnt do alot of damage and Testament takes RD1. In RD2 Johnny was able to manuveur around well enough to not get hit by Test’s traps and is able to take back RD2. RD3 was a seasaw as both characters were executing their combos well and playing an overall game. Near the end where both characters have practically no life, Johnny knocks down Test dashes up and on Test wake up does Midair qcf+s to try and kill Test but he blocks the attempt and is able to get in before Johnny recovers for the win. Next up was Yuujin (bridget) who played a pretty good game. However in the first round Test was doing well with the combos and Bridget was not able to do much. The 2nd round went similair but Bridget was blocking very well. But Test was keeping that midget on lockdown and it was pretty much all Test for win #2. Lastly Pachi (faust) was called. At the very beginning of the round Test trips Faust who does wakeup Dust and Test gets hit. However when going up and doing the combo test bursts out of it. Faust afterwards would try wakeup dust about 3 more times, all of them missing. Test is able to rush down faust for the OCV victory.

Next match was team Washimi (Koto, Matsuda, Jyouken) VS Ogany-show2006 (J.T, Kogawa, T.S) First up was T.S (dizzy) VS Jyouken (sol) 1st RD Dzzy does her usual rushing down Sol with her numerous projectiles for rd1. Pretty much the same thing happened in RD2 but near the end when Sol only had about an inch of life left, he for somereason activated Instant Death mode only to get lanced about twice before dying. Next is Matsuda (ky). Dizzy throws her little pets out like confetti and doesnt give Ky the chance to set up his attacks much. RD1 is an easy win for Dizzy. RD2 Kai is able to do a little bit more but still Dizzy keeps Ky from moving around too much and uses her QCB+S + magma rising super thing for the win. Next comes Koto (baiken). In the first RD1 it is a pretty even match and both characters have little life left. Baiken though has practically nothing and dizzy is very capable of chipping to death so Baiken tries to escape but fails and dies. Rd 2 Baiken is more on the offensive is able to put together a couple of big combos for the win. Final round Baiken and Dizzy are trading hits, but Baiken is blocking really well. Dizzy almost has no life left so she does a last barrage rush on Baiken. Baiken cooly blocks all and throw Dizzy for the win. Last comes J.T (Anji). Anji is doing ok but Baiken is doing better. Near the end Anji dashes in for a throw but is stuffed to lose round 1. In RD2 Anji succeeds in getting a Yellow burst to hit. With full meter Anji is able to hit with a huge combo to even it up. In RD3 both players are going at it with their bread and butters trading. At the very end of a VERY close game Anji comes out on top for team Ogany-show2006 to advance.

Next match was team euro aka ESF team’ alpha turbo reloaded for the final future (Kei Kerrigen, Joe Higashi, Evil PE) VS team DQNsushi@yokohama freedbu (DIEchan, kamichan, yume) First up was Evil Pie’s slayer VS DIEchan’s ABA. Now I dont know how many of you have seen a good ABA player but HOLY SHIT its fuckin scary. Her corner lockdown is sooo beastly. All 3 players from EU didnt do much at all but get hit by that huge key. Even when they were attacking, the euro players didnt seem to know much. Hopefully they will improve for a better showing next year.

Next match was team Sharonsama to oyobi! (Machabo-, satoshi, sanryu) VS team Omito (Dei, Susumu, Omito) First up was Satoshi (potemkin) vs Dei (testament) In the first round Potemkin is victim to many traps by Test and is not able to do much for the loss. In the 2nd round however, Potemkin is able to grab Test for 2 Buster’s out of nowhere for a RD2 win. In the 3rd round however Test is able to play his usual game and does some big combos for the win. In comes Sanryu (baiken). Test and Baiken battle it out pretty evenly but Baiken gets the edge in RD1. In RD2 Baiken is leading and Test has almost no life left. He rushes like mad to try and get to Baiken but it was not enough and Baiken takes the win. Then comes Omito’s Johnny. First round Johnny is not able to do much and Baiken takes it. In the 2nd round Johnny finally gets in some hits. And near the end Johnny does that new dash atk thing that gets blocked and then blue bursts the attack trying to catch him recovering. Johnny dashes up to Baiken and finishes her off for RD2. RD3 was pretty similair to RD1 with Baiken working it well on Johnny for the win. Last was Susumu’s Chipp. Chipp was all over the place and doing pretty damn well. Near the end Baiken has pretty much no life left. Chipp dashes up to Baiken in the corner to finish but Baiken gets a throw in and proceeds to do her bread and butter Youzansen wall combo that goes for 12 hits, taking away about 40% of Chipp’s health and wins RD1. RD 2 was pretty similair where Chipp rushing out of nowhere to get Baiken down to pretty much no health. But Baiken gets a combo in and Chipp on wakeup gets hit by tatami for the loss and team Sharon advances.

Next was Team Uragirimono (Nemo, FAB, 012) VS Tsubunikumin (tsubu, nikukyu, mint) First up was Nemo (faust) VS Mint (testament) In the first round Faust is able to get in a couple of combos in and finishes up Test with a flying mini faust for RD1. Test start off good and has Faust down to very little. Faust fights back with a Dust combo, plus Test gets hit by Meteors but with very little life left for both, Test is able to take RD2. RD3 is pretty much Test doing his usual for the round 3 win. In comes 012 (Sol). 012 pretty much does not do well and even gets perfected in RD2 for an easy win for Test. In comes FAB (potemkin) who is known as Insta Block master. Potemkin carefully attacks and wins pretty safely for RD1. Potemkin trades very evenly against Test and when both have little life, Potemkin guard cancels Test into wall, and finishes him off with a far punch for RD2 and win. In comes Nikukyu’s Chipp. Chipp was all over the place trying to get in on Potemkin but dies after attacking and getting hit by butt drop for RD1. In RD2 Chipp goes into full rushdown mode and teleports and crossups galore for RD2 win. In RD3 Chipp is trying to combo but Potemkin is Insta Blocking like crazy. You can see his body flash white like a slot machine going off. In the end Chipp has almost full life, but gets hit by a combo into Super Shield which dizzies him. Potemkin jumps in for Buster combo and finishes off Chipp for the win. In comes Tsubu (ABA). This was pretty much no contest as ABA straight rushed Potemkin down like crazy. Potemkin was pretty much in the corner for the whole 2 rounds and ABA’s attack kept him out of reach when he bursts and shot him down if he jumped. Team Uragiri-mono advances.

Next match was Mezurashiku hayaku kimashita (Yuu, Roi, Tau) VS DQNsushi (DIEchan, Kamichan, Yume) First up was Roi (Sol) VS Kamichan (Slayer) Sol was owning up Slayer with command throws. There must have been like 8 of them at least. Sol takes both rounds. Next comes Yume with Bridget. Bridget guards well against Sol’s rush and attacks very well when not blocking. Bridget takes both rounds. In comes Yuu’s venom. Venom runs around and continuosly shoots balls at Bridget and Bridget gets hit by tons of them. Eventually she/he takes too many hits and loses RD1. Next round Bridget rushes well and gets a bunch of combos in the corner to take RD2. In RD3 Bridget was taking an early lead, but Bridget gets thrown in the corner which leads to a huge combo by venom that includes about 3 reverseSRK+S. After that combo Venom does a ball super and does a high low mix up for the win. Next was DIEchan (ABA) Who straight up owns Venom with her corner rushdown. Its really impossible to see if ABA is attacking high or low. Last was Tau with Ky. ABA’s weakness is projectiles it seems and Ky takes full advantage by shooting fireballs over and over. In the second round when ABA is in the corner and KY is about one character length away, Ky just kept throwing fireballs and ABA just cowered in the corner and did nothing. Ky wins and team Mezurashiku advances to top 4.

So this was the first time I watched NeoGeoColleseum, and frankly this game wasnt that great. Near the end it was just a Kim, Hotaru fest with everybody doing the same thing over and over again. Kim is one cheap bastard I must say. The selection of characters is cool but, just too repetitive.

Okay Top 4 for MB. First match was Mahoushyoujyo VS Hanabira. First up for Hanabira was Kubo (Sion) VS Mahoushyoujyo’s Matsuri (satsuki) In RD1 Satsuki jumps out to a lead with a combo but Sion get ahold of Satsuki in the corner and keeps rushing her down. In the end she does her dragon kick super for the win. In the 2nd round Satsuki is able to control the air and space, and does her usual command grab/super grab combos for the win. In the 3rd round both characters are doing good. Near the end Sion has about an inch of life left. This is when she gets combod by Satsuki on the ground. Satsuki does about 6 super grabs in a huge ass combo that goes up to 33 hits. You can clearly see that from about the 20th hit, Sion has no visible life left in her bar, but she doesnt die. It would have been funny to see Sion make a comeback victory from there but sadly she ends up dying. Next up Satoken (Akiha) comes in to save the day! RD1 was a pretty even match with both characters jumping all over the place not trying to get comboed. Akiha gets Satsuki a few times and gets the victory for RD1. In RD2 there was more run away by both parties in the first half of the fight. But Akiha catches Satsuki for one combo. After everycombo Akiha would cross up or fake cross up and catch Satsuki again and again with combos for the win. Next comes in Kneko (Red) Both characters are playing good and near the end Akiha gets a combo to put Red in the corner. Akiha dashes up to attack but Red on wake up does her uppercut looking super(?) that does huge damage and kills for RD1. In RD2 Akiha and Red go at it again, but this time Akiha keeps her cool and utilizes her moves effectively to even it up. RD3 was no contest as Akiha catches Red into the corner and rushes her down. In the end Akiha gets a perfect Arc-drive finish. Team Hanabira advances to finals.

Next match was Ky+1 VS Tales of Ils. First up for Ky was Shounen (Warakira) VS Niga (Sion) for Team Ils. Now I dont know how many people know this but Sion has an infinite they call “eikyuu” or meaning. It is performed by Sion doing a corner combo into her dragon kick super, then after she dashes forward hits once and immediately cancels into her regular dragon kick(i think thats how it goes). Everytime the other character gets hit by the dragon kick they pop up and fall back down without being able to recover. During the middle of this match Warakira gets hit by Sion in the corner and she starts doing the infinite. Now by the time you get past 20 hits on a combo, you arnt doing much dmg, and by the time you get to 30 your bascially doing nothing. But its great to waste time so Niga decides to do it up to 58 hits. Everytime Sion pops them back up, it was accompanied by a loud “EY!” from the audience, good crowd pleaser. Now after 58 hits Niga decides to let Warakira down, but that ends up being a mistake as Warakira gets two corner combos and a couple of crossups to surprise comeback win in RD1. RD2 and RD3 however was all Sion as she kept the pressure on in the corner and Warakira was not able to block the crossups and mixup game for the loss. Next was Ky’s Akiha against Sion. Now in RD1 after about 10/20 seconds into the match, Sion succeeds in getting a corner combo into the infinite. This time Niga decides to go all out and continues the infinite up to 129 hits until he gets a time out victory. The momentum was all Sion in RD2 as she rushed down the usual mobile Akiha like mad and wins to advance team Ils to the finals.

Finals was Tales of Ils VS Hanabira. Both teams start their Sion players in the beginning. Kubo is able to take the edge in RD1 as he continuosly was able to combo Niga in the corner. In RD2 we saw some sloppy execution in part of both players missing some combos. But in the end Niga does a long ass air combo for the win. In RD3, Niga decides to change up his game and bust out reversals left and right. Without being able to sustain pressure due to the reversals, Niga gets the win. In comes deadly Satoken Akiha. Akiha and Sion trade combos and Akiha takes the lead. Sion gets in on Akiha and starts rushing a mixup game. Satoken with his supreme reflexes, blocks the overhead kick (kinda like Sak’s overhead kick, but faster) and combos for the RD1 win. In the 2nd round Sion is able to get in on Akiha once to get an infinite going in the corner. He stops at 58 hits to reset for another combo. Akiha escapes momentarily but eventually gets caught for another wall combo and dies at the 28th hit. RD3 was pretty even match with both characters doin there thang, but Sion catches Akiha for a wall combo, but messes up, and the momentum swings to Akiha who battles it out for the win. Last match brings in ILS’s Red. RD1 features Akiha trying to elude the grasp of Red who does alot of damge in her combos. Akiha though is on a roll still and after scoring a knockdown, jumps and lands crossing up Red, and insta blocking Red’s attempt to attack, combos for RD1 win. In RD2 it was more of the same with lots of jumping around. Both characters have very little life left near the end, and Akiha scroes a knockdown and rushes up to attack. But Red does her wakeup super again to take RD2. Final round was a pretty even match until about half way through. Red gets an air combo in and shoves Akiha into the corner. Akiha is not able to block the next combo setup and eats another big one to grant ILS and team Tales of Ils the champion. Highly entertaining matches throughout and really hard to describe in words. Hopefully people will get to watch.

Okay only the top 4 for GG left! Okay first match was team Yukinosedesu (yukinose, KA2, GNT) VS Dou mitemo chuunen desu (shyounen, roo, sanzai) First up was KA2 (jam) VS shyounen (testament) In RD1 Jam and Test go at it but near the end Jam misses a combo and Test punishes after for a huge lead. In the end Test dashes up and throws for RD1 win. RD2 Jam is able to get into Test more successfuly and is able to combo a couple of times. After knocking Test into the corner Jam runs up and hits Test with a dust. Test does a burst to try to get out, but it misses Jam completely and Jam finishes him off when he lands for RD2. In RD3 Test kept trying to jump in on Jam. But Jam would jump right at Test and spam P to either keep him away or hit to air combo. This tactic proves unbeatable as Jam safely takes RD3. In comes Roo’s Bridget. In RD1 Jam is able to elude Bridget’s yo-yo pretty effectively while choosing carefully when to attack. Bridget has about an inch & 1/2 of life left when Jam dashes up to her/him. Jam suddenly stops at about 2 character lengths away and immediately does her Kikoshou like super. Bridget must have tried to jump or attack becuase he gets hit and dies to lose RD1. In RD2 Bridget is able to get a single combo in. Afterwards he plays a mean cross-up game and Jam is not able to defend it all to even it out at the end of RD2. In RD3 Jam and Bridget caerfully eyeing each other. Both are playing their game well but Jam takes the lead near the end. Bridget tries to burst to stop the pressure from Jam but Jam is able to elude it again and punish for the victory. Last was Sanzai’s Ky. This match was not as close as the others as Ky was harrassed everywhere he went, and against a fast character such as Jam his fireball set ups are not as effective. Near the end Ky is able to get a combo going but he messes up the execution and pays for it with a loss in RD1. RD2 was much of the same. Ky fires a fireball but Jam slides underneath it and combos Kai for big damage. Ky tries to run away by jumping back and doing an air fireball. However Jam is already underneath him and kills Ky on his way down and team Yukinosedesu advances to the finals.

Next match was Terro Da- (Bleed, Domy-, Shoot) VS Mezurashiku hayaku kita (Yuu, Roi, Tau) First up was Bleed (johnny) VS Roi (sol) The first round was all Johnny as he was rushing Sol down with very good reaction, for RD1 win. RD2 was a sort of different paced match as Johnny took a more defensive style. This turned out to work as well, as Johnny repeadetly stopped Sol in his tracks by hitting him with QCF+p over and over. Without being able to exert any real pressure Sol is done for and Johnny takes RD2 for the win. Next was Yuu’s Venom. Venon keeps Johnny locked with tons of balls. Johnny is not able to do much and Venom takes RD1. RD2 was more of the same with Venom spacing real well and keeping Johnny off his game… Venom takes RD2 for the win. Next was Dommy- who has a pretty crazy Anji. Since Shoot plays Axel and Axel is a bad match up against Venom, it was up to Anji to take care of things. RD1 was a pretty even match but Venom had the edge and hits Anji with a ball for thie RD1 win. RD2 was a seesaw battle both ways. Near the end both had no life at all but Anji is able to take RD2 to even it up. RD3 was another great battle with Venom with a slight edge near the end. However Anji does a fake cross-up with his QCF+P hop attack and gets a combo that takes away all but a pixel of life left for Venom. Venom tries to jump away but Anji does an uppercut to catch him for the win. Last Tau brings out his Ky to try and get his team into the finals. First round it was pretty even but Anji was rushing well and takes RD1. RD2 in the beginning Ky was able to get about 3 air combos to take an early lead. However while trying to pressure, Ky gets hit by a yellow burst. Anji starts rushing and with a full bar, Ky is not able to read the block well enough and ends up losing and team Tero da- advances to the finals.

The finals was Tero da- VS Yukinose desu. First up for Yukinose was KA2 with his god like Jam. And first up for Tero da- was Domy- with his solid Anji. RD1 both characters were doing well. Jam gets a combo and knocks down Anji in the corner with almost no life left. Jam IADs to Anji and does a crazy sequence which i think went something like air H, SRK+K, RC into QCB+k or something like that, which hits and kills Anji for a RD1 win.
RD2 was alot of rushing and blocking on both parts in the beginning. About the half way mark though, Anji tries to do something, but gets hit by Jam’s Shinsou, Anji bounces off wall and gets hit by another Shinsou for big damage. Jam dashes up to Anji who tries to burst on wake up, but Jam is able to block and kill for another win. Next was Shoot’s Axl. First round Jam is getting in on Axl fairly well and gets a couple of combos in. Then Axl starts making a comeback and gets a combo to hit. Axl rushes in but Jam does her rising magma super on wakeup to take a RD1 lead. In the 2nd round Axl is able to take control of the pace better and in the end he hits Jam in the air into his bomber air combo to even it out at RD2. In the 3rd round both are doing good in the beginning. Axl does his teleport drop and hits Jam for a combo to take a lead. Jam is able to get back with a couple of hits of her own. Then Axl decides to spam his teleport drop like 4 times in a row, all of them missing. Jam walks around keeping out of harms way and throw Axl for the win. Last stop for the KA2 ownage train was Bleed’s Johnny. Johnny in the first round is careful not to overdo it and get hit, but Jam is pressuring very quickly and gets in a couple combos. Johnny makes his best effort and gets a few hits in, but in the end gets thrown for RD1 to Jam. Next round was less of a contest as Jam was all over Johnny like flys on shit. Jam completely rushes Johnny down to take care of things and grant team Yukinose the championship.

Ok final words and thoughts:

In all KA2’s other 2 teammates, GNT played only two games, lost both, and Yukinose played 1 game which he won. At the interview after they won the champion ship KA2 said, “This was a team victory.” The previous winners of GG at SBO have had their team name, named after a team member.

In KOF-iend’s defense this was his first time in Japan, and im guessing hes been dry ever since he boarded the plane.

The bitches came out in force on Day 1, left on Day 2, and came back on Day 3. So if you want to be a P.I.M.P. dont play KOF XI, SS Tenka, or 3S.

Finally regarding all this commotion about single game tournys, skill levels blah blah etc. Team USA sucked at SBO. The players themselves will be the first ones to tell you the same. But that doesnt mean that the Japanese skill level has increased ten fold while US level was stagnant. Pyro told me that they went to numerous other tournys before SBO and they placed much better in those (one of those was the game newton tourny, and Arlieth said he got footage of that so look forward for it:bgrin:) Of course the Japanese level is much higher as a whole but whos to say theyre pulling away? If you look at footage of American play, we have come a long way since we really started playing 3S. US players are (IMO) closer than ever to top Japanese play.

They are still a step ahead, but we wont get any closer if all we do is moan and groan about the skill disparity. Do you think that the Japanese Tekken players just sat and hoped that lady luck would be on their side after getting raped last year? I doubt it. If you really want the state-side scene to get better, you must take action. Evolution didnt just pop out of nowhere. Mr. Kuni told me the in the first year of SBO they lost ALOT of money. How much money you say? Well I think im not allowed to say an exact amount or anything, but lets just say you could buy a really nice car with the amount. I havnt been writing these logs, which takes about 5+ hours per, the past few days just so I can get my jollys off. I was hoping you can get a sort of feel to what its like to be here and how great the community can get with some hard work. You guys can argue all you want about this and that, but without taking action, all is moot. When it comes down to it, will you put in your next credit? or let the timer run out? I hope that fighting game enthusiasts around the world will keep trying and keep this scene alive and strong. Thank you for reading and hopefully I see more of you here next year or possibly at EVO!



P.S. Can somebody get me Mr. Kuni’s email? Theres a few things I want to suggest to him. thanks in advance.


rawrawr^^… gg/ results a.s.a.p wooo

I’ll be waiting for the results, would be great to see the GG results too.

yAy MB :D!

NBC is maddness too! =(

& better balanced! :sweat:

lol 2 teamate at once glitch. Balanced my ass.

Good shit for the 3rd time…guilty gear sounded like it was crazy …as usual.look forward to the up date.

Good shit Yukinose!! :tup:

I think you mean “Good shit Kani for going 14/1 in the tournament and letting GNT take a phat nap!! :tup”

Thanks for the results can’t wait for the videos, thanks again.

man, that yukinose knows how to pick a team.

Question, what is meant by ‘Red’? Red Arcueid (also known as Warcueid) or Red Akiha (‘Akiha Vermillion’ in Act Cadenza, often called Aka Akiha)?

That “Akiha” is AkaAkiha/Vermillion Akiha/Red Akiha whatever you want to call her. That “Red” is Warc/Red Arcueid/Evil Arc etc.

Kubo’s Sion for the win. <3


Sacchin fanboy. >:o (though I can’t blame you for being one~ ^_^)

Thanks for the updates, but I’m kinda surprised about NBC. I honestly thought it would be Mr. Big/Marco on top. I guess Kim’s superior pokes, and SCing ability just make him too much. :sad:

Pachi OCV’d with his team in the prelims? wtf! That dude’s faust is fucking amazing. Also a shame for ogawa not being in the top 4. Pachi and Kogawa should’ve stayed as a team and do the same trick they did last year :smiley:

Shame Sanryuu is out as well, definitely the best baiken player ever.

But luckily Yukinose’s team did a great job. Not really surprising ofcourse.

I don’t really get it though. Why is there no report what happened in between the prelims and the top 4?

What happened between the prelims and final 4 is KA2 won a bunch of games, lost once, and Yukinose won the only game he had to play.

great log!