SBO Donation Thread (Last day to donate 7-21-2008!)

The title says it all.

We all want to see the US well represented at SBO and there have been lots of discussion lately about qualifiers and funding. The financial hardships of the US SBO representatives has put us in a situation at the mercy of events with controversial policies.

There is already another thread to discuss how the community can empower themselves by rallying together for a better qualifier next year. It seems we already have plenty of morale support from the community. But aside from that, we need financial support to back up that good will. You can all participate and make a difference in this endeavor.

There are thousands of active users registered on this site. If each of you just donated a few dollars, we would have enough financial support to be able to send multiple US teams to Japan. Having such financial backing assists in securing more US SBO spots next time around.

The events you love to attend such as EVO and SBO are not done by 1 person but from multiple people all working together. I encourage you all to participate and keep these events going strong.

I’ll start off by donating $400 to the MWC SBO winners. So each gets $100. (Justin, NKI, Gootecks, kofiend)

To donate to the SBO team, please paypal to me at
Please put “SBO Donation” in the subject line. Whoever donates will get credited on this thread. If you want something other than the display name in PayPal, please indicate it on the donation.

Make a difference!

Here is a list of all the generous contributors. Thank you all!

Gold Donators $100+
Hsien Chang
Ari “floe” Weintraub
Jeff “Shin Akuma” Carlos
John “SweetJohnnyV” Versluis
Zach Robinson
Kieth Weinberger

Silver Donators $50 - $99
Leonardo Sevilla
Brent “purifyweirdsoul” Taylor
Marvin “Kyoku” Norton III
Javits Arias
Stephen Trencansky
Andrew Stevens
Bryan “!(_)!” Ford

Bronze Donators $1 - $49
Andrew Kirsch
Robert LaCas
John “pootnannies” Sousa
Nam Thai
Tahir Alaka
Jasper “chopa” Mangus
Javier Garcia
Austin LaMarche
Scott “SaBrE” Bender
Albert Carmona
Anthony Kiyoki (AUG) Leach
Mike “MiLky” Denton
Robert “HeartNana” Nagaro
Adam “Keits” Heart
Josh “RashReflection” Ballard
Patrick “4r5” Esara
Marc ‘two2tone’ Xiong
Richard “Ghostal” Perryman
Gerald “LeRaldo” Hefty
Sebastian Nguyen
Andrew “bbq sauce” Edhelstone
Mirza “drobizhek” Skapurevic
Jeff "RagingStormX’ Hill

just because i love you all no homo.

I’m in! Thanks for organizing this Choi! Good luck guys! :lovin:

Thank you Choi, for your generous donations! It’s super awesome of you and we really appreciate it!

I posted this in the other SBO thread for next year, but now that there is a thread specifically for donations, I thought I would post it again:

High fives and thank yous all around to Choi, Andy from TGA, DSP and Arlieth for doing their best to help us out with airfare, etc. It’s a huge honor to go and we all really appreciate the effort. :pray:

That said, I think due to the circumstances of the entire situation (which I honestly wasn’t even paying attention to until I decided to go to MWC), I think we the players need to be proactive in raising money and finding solutions. As awesome as it would be to have tickets paid for by arcades, SRK, sponsors, etc., at this point we can’t depend on anyone but ourselves and the community as a whole. Thus, I came up with a couple ideas that I think can help out at least the six 3s players that get to go. The ideas can surely apply to the ST teams, but I’m totally not qualified to execute the same ideas for ST as I can for 3s. So here’s what I got:

Idea #1
I want to put out hour long one on one interview-style high level 3s discussions with top players such as:

]Justin Wong
[]Ken I

I’ll basically be asking them questions such as which character matchups are toughest, how they get into the zone before an important match, their overall 3s philosophy, their mindset when playing in a tournament, etc.

Of the list above, I’ve confirmed everyone except for Justin and Ken I. The goal is to provide 3s players that live in other parts of the country with the types of discussions that those of us that have been playing at FFA have been having for years that they might not have had access to before.

The plan is to ask people to pay whatever they think these discussions are worth before/after they download them, similar to the Girl Talk/Radiohead/NIN model of releasing new albums, where a donation of any amount is enough to download the material. Whoever donates over $X (maybe $10 or $20) will get a physical CD shipped to them, shrink wrapped with professionally designed covers, etc., as well as an immediate download.

The goal is to give back and provide value to the community while simultaneously hopefully raising money for plane tickets, housing, etc. I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but so far all the players I’ve talked to have been willing to do it.

If we do it this way, the money will most likely be split 6 ways between the two teams, unless someone can suggest a better way to do it.

Assuming FFA covers 50% of three $1200 tickets, that’s $1800 leftover for players to come up with. Assuming that me, Justin and kofiend get $150 of three $1200 tickets covered, that’s $3150 that we have to come up with or $4350 altogether between the six of us.

$4350/$5 donation = 870 donations. Sounds like a huge number, but we have to try.

Idea #2
Record and release extended sets of matches between top players, maybe 10 matches each. Afterward, the matches would be analyzed by the players themselves kinda like they do during a football game or something. So then these would be released in a similar format to the discussions or possibly on DVDs.

This of course requires FAR more time and effort and that’s why it’s idea #2. I want to start with #1 to gauge interest and because it is more straightforward to execute.

So that’s what I have in mind. What does everybody think?

Shit, I’d buy idea one just to find out what really goes on inside Ken’s mind when he plays.

I’d buy it too, no doubt.
I say go for option #1.
Once I get my paycheck I’ll send some money anyways.
Gotta get dem boys to Tougeki.

We need T-shirts saying “I sent the US to SBO and all I got was a first round elimination”

Haven’t most of us given enough money to Justin in our lifetimes? :slight_smile:

Nah, really- this sounds like an excellent idea. Glad it’s being done. The one question I have is how would you get the money?

thank you for the donations.

SRK hoodie bake sale anyone?

I promise to chip in what I can…

I donated money from all my SNK tournaments at MWC to SBO…

thanks to everyone who has been donating!!!

I don’t got a lot money and with a mini vacation I got coming up funds are even tighter. But with my next paycheck on Thurs I can squeeze in a donation to this. It is for a good cause and I am always down to help the community. Any little bit helps.

EDIT: Also is there any way we can learn the SRK handles of those who have already donated so they get bombarded with positive rep from me and the other premiums.


definite big ups to people like dark geese, keits, heartnana, and others that came up to me and donated some of the pot from the side tourneys for the sbo winners. that is very generous of you guys. I think those guys should definitely be thanked as well.

i will send in my donation as well. not large, but im sure something is better than nothing, and ill definitely donate more than once!

rep us well!

As soon as my paycheck comes in I’ll send a little something.

Thanks to everyone who donates! :smile:



Head over to the trading outlet and buy my SSF2T cps2 board! 50% of the sale with be donated to the team!

The paypal transaction usually shows real name only. If you would like to be recognized via your handle, please indicate the exact display name you would like on the transaction.

For those that sent in donations already, you can send me a PM if you want to update your display name on recognition post.

Thanks everyone!