SBO DVD Access

Would SRK’ers like us to get access to sell SBO dvds so you guys can get them easier?

Please vote in the poll, then post a response to see if this is worth look into.


Pool or Poll?

And yes, that sounds like a great idea.

i think its a great idea. i would love to get a hold of the sbo dvds…



VERY good idea. I’ve been looking to get my hands on thoughs for awhile

Dumb Question But, Will they Have Region Blocks of any kind? if its region free, ill be up for that, and side note, any general idea when evo dvd will be released? i got money sided for that as well.

Answer is yes for older SBO’s, no for this year’s.

Would it be a problem if you did? I see no reason why not, besides added bandwith, which I don’t see being much of a problem.

I’d buy them, and you hell with region blocks my computer doesn’t recognize them so i can burn them region free :tup:

Yer Kiddin Right

evo dvd we look to have it done and available for buying in about a month, the dvd preparer takes like 3 weeks to duplicate.

the sbo3 dvds which i have are region 2, and im assuming all before this one is region 2 also.

Is there a trailer for either the EVO2K5 set of the SBO2K5 set?

As for SBO3, is there a decent discount to the buyer if they buy through SRK? I mean if SRK is going to up the price because of their initial import or distribution costs then the average consumer should just as well buy straight from the source.

Any insight on either subject would be greatly appreciated.

Could they be made region 1?

I’d happily buy the region 2 DVDs through SRK on some kind of affiliate program, but I wouldn’t pay extra unless there was value added. I’d consider being able to play the DVDs more conveniently value added.

Same as Onikage, I’d be more interested in older ones than newer ones. I didn’t really care for any of the games in this year’s SBO…but that didn’t stop me from attending…:confused:


great idea

Hell yea i would buy them, as long as i can play them on my dvd player, or DVD rom.

Also, like someone said, i really don’t care for games like CFE, so the 2k5 set i might have to consider, but if older ones were made availible for a reasonable price that have games like cvs2, 3s, ggxx#R then yea i would definitely buy them.

Yes, I would buy them, given that I can get them at a reasonable price compared to the Japanese retail price (120% or less).

As of region locking, I don’t think that should be much of an issue. There are several DVD players that are “unlockable” and there are software DVD players that bypass region locking as well (I hope I am not saying too much).

Fuck yeah i would

anyone with a dvd-rom can play any region dvd, even if your drive isn’t region free you can always rip the dvd files with a program like dvd decryptor (freeware) and play back the files using whatever program

Another question… would it be subtitled, or is it just in Japanese (the interviewing stuff… I don’t really need subtitles for commentary during the fighting).