SBO EC Qualifier - Mar 4-5 @ TGA in RI

Tougeki Super Battle Opera / Street Fighter III 3rd Strike National Qualification tournament: East Coast Team qualifiers


Tokyo Game Action
257 Main Street
Woonsocket, RI 02895

**When: **

Saturday, March 4th, 2006 and Sunday, March 5th, 2006





On site registrations will be allowed ALL DAY Thursday and Friday from 2PM to Midnight. To do this, PRINT OUT a copy of the waiver form (TGA’s copies won’t be available until Saturday) and present a government issued ID to the staff member on duty. They will process the application and give you an entry ticket on the spot. The entry fee for Saturday and Sunday is $40, it includes your three tournament registrations and unlimited games at TGA for the weekend.

Registrations will resume on Saturday between 10am and 11:45. After that, they close.

If you wish to come early to TGA to practice, our usual regular flat rate is $20 for unlimited games all day (music and fighting). And $10 for fighting games only between 6pm and Midnight.

For Tougeki practice, I will extend the $10 all day flat rate for fighters only on both
Thursday and Friday. So you can pay only $10 per day on Friday and Saturday and play fighting games all day, each day. We have three sets of Third Strike versus cabs set up in a separate room in the back. I suggest that people come early to practice if they are unfarmiliar with Japanese hardware.

The other fighting game room will have versus sets of:

Saturday March 4th, 2006

On site registrations will be between 10 AM and 11:45

The first Match will start at 12:00 Noon sharp.

We will run the entire first tourney and make it at least halfway if not complete the entire second tourney by the end of Saturday.

Sunday March 5th, 2006

We will complete the remaining brackets and the third tournament starting at 10:00 AM . The store will remain open until midnight for customers to use the games for private matches or other side tournaments.


The Tougeki waiver form is now available for download below.


All participants in the tournament are required to complete this form and mail it to the TGA office along with payment. Instructions on how to do so are contained in the form.

All applications must be accompanied by payment and must be received by Wednesday, March 1st, 2006.

All applications received after that date, will default to on site registration procedures, which are charged at the rate of $40 and are limited to specific registration times.

Save 10 dollars and the risk of being excluded from tournament cycles by registering in advance.

With your entry fee for Tougeki, all the games at TGA will BE FREE, this includes all casual games and any side tournaments that people wish to run on both Fighting and Music games.

The store will only be open to people entering the tournament.

All updated information can be found at our website below:

**Super Battle Opera US Qualification format. **

FFA and TGA have both been chosen to run respective tournaments, to produce two teams for the United States.

FFA having done previous qualifiers has elected to retain their current team qualification format which they will post about in their respective thread. TGA will be
using it’s own format wich will be explained below.

-The entry fee for both locations will vary. TGA’s entry fees are outlined below.

-Canadian citizens are allowed to enter at both locations.

-Dual Entries (entrant loses at TGA, then plays again at FFA) are permissible.

-No backup players allowed. In the event that an entrant loses eligibility, the team will lose that respective member.

-Players must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

-Entrants must possess the ability to obtain a vaild US Passport prior to May 2006.

-Entrants must be under no legal or civil restrictions which would prevent them from traveling to Japan, including but not limited to: Criminal Convictions in the United States of America and / or Japan.

-Each winner will receive 1 round trip ticket and free entry into the SBO Finals in Tokyo Japan.

-Entrants are responsible for food, lodging and ground transportation and other expenses.

TGA Specific entry guidelines:


-TGA’s job it to produce the top three players impartially, and form a team
comprised of those players. Thus, TGA’s format will be as follows:

TGA will be holding 3 consecutive tournaments, within a two day period, to establish three people comprising one team, to represent the East Coast against Japan.

All three tournaments will be best 2 out of 3, single elimination. All characters will be allowed.

Each entrant will pick one character to compete with for the entire length of the first tournament. The winner of the first tournament will retain their chosen character.

The second tournament will follow the same format. Each entrant, minus the first winner, will enter using 1 character which must be different from the character that the first winner used.

The third tournament will follow the same format.


Player A wins the first tournament using Chun Li

All players except player A, may enter again, for the second tournament, but cannot use Chun Li.

Player B wins the second tournament using Ken.

All players with the exception of players A and B can enter the final tournament, and can use any character except Chun Li and Ken.

Player C wins the thrid tournament with Ryu copmleting the final team of players A, B and C with Chun Li, Ken and Ryu.

These rules will changed to accomodate character conflicts and to offset any problems caused by random seeding. With this format each person will be given a MINIMUM of 6 matches to qualify before they are eliminated.

-TGA’s qualifiers will be run on the Japanese verion of Street Fighter III,
Third Strike. The games will be played in VS style / Head to Head Candy /
Astro City Cabintes, and will use Sanwa Sticks and Buttons.

-TGA will remain 100% impartial and use computer generated random seeding.
TGA will not adjust brackets or alter seeding, to prevent any accusations of
playing favorites or “padding” the entries.

-TGA staff members will accompany the winners to SBO and provide all
relative assistance.

  • All TGA entries will be required to bring a completed waiver form
    (available for download prior to the tournament) and government issued
    identification to the tournament in order to participate.


There is only 1 major airport in Rhode Island. The airport is T.F. Green. The airport is located in Providence Rhode Island. The official airport abbrevation is: PVD

The airport is approximately 30 minutes south of TGA.

As far as hotels go, The Woonsocket Motor Inn is approximately half the price of the Holiday Inn Express. The Woonsocket Motor Inn’s owner is aware of our event and has reserved 15 rooms, with 2 beds per room, for SBO bookings. Multiple people can share a room,cutting the cost per person.

Woonsocket Motor Inn (5 minute walk to current TGA)
333 Clinton St
Woonsocket, RI 02895
Reservations 1-401-762-1224
Cost $72.00/night + tax .

Holiday Inn Express Hotel (5 minutes to current TGA by car / 30-45 minute walk)
194 Fortin Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895

Hotel Reservations: 1-401-769-5000
Hotel Fax: 1-401-356-0880
Check-In Time: 3:00 PM
Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM

Good shit, I am definitely taking off for this.

See you guys there. :tup:

Hey i heard the japan SF games use seimetsu now, not sanwa, can you clear this up for me ?

In either case, if this is official, the next big question is going to be the format. I think that the best format was from a few years ago where there were a series of tournaments, where anyone whos already qualified can’t enter, and noone can use the character of someone that qualified. Though if it’s already decided then post up.

What airport is closest?

Also shinshay needs to have ken on his av cause his ryu is just his first round char.

As soon as Andy (President/owner of TGA) gets back from Japan, which is in a couple of weeks, he will announce the official rules and regulations. I’m not allowed to say anything right now, just please be patient until Andy gets back.

The nearest airport would be “TF Green Airport in Providence, RI”.
Heres the website:

Also, as mentioned on the TGA website, we are going to move to a “NEW” location. It is about 5 minutes away from the current TGA location (257 Main St., Woonsocket,RI).

Again, more info will be provided at a later date. I know time is short and people need to make plans but we’re doing things as fast as we can. We want this to become a GREAT gathering of THE BEST PLAYERS and THE MOST HARDCORE PLAYERS! We promise we will do our BEST to make everything FUN AND EXCITING! So just keep posted and check up for updates!

Thank you and please post up comments/questions you have towards this event or even about the store. We will be glad to be of service to you.:lovin:

TGA Staff

I would go if you had KOF XI qualifiers. Im 100% I’ll get a spot to have the honor to rep TEAM USA.

Actually … we would love to hold MORE qualifiers. But right now we’re 99% sure we’re ONLY doing SF:3s this year. Just keep checking this thread in case things change.

I will see what i can do about getting Philly, there.

haha, FMJ sup man, But I honestly don’t know what you are talking about :lol:

shit eric i wanna go with you haha

Can Canadians (more specifically Toronto) attempt to qualify for a US spot? I think if 2005 has proven anything, it’s that the Toronto 3S scene is on par if not exceeding the majority of US scenes. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

TGA- i ve heard 3s at sbo uses seimitsu sticks and sanwa buttons, if this is correct, will TGA change the sanwa sticks to match sbo equipment?

Nagata Lock II- i think its limited to players with american citizenship since it is for US spot. marvin got the dual citizenship so he s probably an OK.

you should get in contact with andy and have him ask on behalf of toronto, seeing how you guys have quite a 3s scene + japanese equipment. i have no doubt they ll let canada have at least 1 three man team, but got to ask around and get it done before may, i m assuming thats how andy did it up. see ya at t7 buddy

Good Shit, a EC SF3 qualifier for SBO. I can’t wait to see the sort of competition that comes out of the woodwork for this.

Damn this is far from Texas…but good to see nevertheless.

And just out of respect for everyone here, I am tyring hard to get the date changed to the weekend of the 18th and 19th. Please bare with me.

This date was already decided due to the Feb vacation, to allow for travel on each end, 3 days before 3 days after.

I will do my best, the dates were already decided.

  1. The dates absolutely must be changed to a weekend for this to be a legit qualifier. No offense to Andy but this should have been brought to the players, ALL the players, not just those that usually go to TGA. Only high school kids get that week off in February and the majority of people in the USA work 9-5 jobs on weekdays…going to be kind of hard to take four weekdays off in a row (one for travel, two for tournies, another for travel) and not be poor. I don’t even have any paid time off accrued at my job yet…

  2. People need to learn to read and stop overracting. This is a SEPARATE East Coast SBO qualifyer and does not take the place of any previous West coast or Texas qualifier. Which leads into my third point…

  3. Andy/TGA does NOT need to go through SRK to get any sanctions on this tournament. If he went to Japan and took initiative to get this approved, that’s HIS initiative. No offense, but has NEVER been anything other than the authority on WEST COAST Street Fighter. YES SRK should control the West Coast SBO quals, but I’m GLAD somebody from the East Coast took matters into their own hands and finally got US a legit chance at going to Japan…without having to fly to Cali and spend a ridiculous amount of money out of our own pockets.

I hope to see all of you there!

good shit tga~!

I don’t know if you read that thread, but I think that if anyone should contact the guy responsible for SBO’s international affairs, maybe it should be you. I think it’s more than reasonable to get just one team for Canada. Just a suggestion.

On another note, am I making too big a deal of this?

I personaly vote for the dates to be changed to Sat. & Sun or Firday and Sat.

exept for that… :tup:

My only beef with the whole thing as i stated in the other thread, that it should be on a weekend so it allows travel. I only stated that SRK was not consulted in any of it.

Having a EC qualifier is fine.

I have submitted a formal registration notice to the SBO administration to request that the dates be changed to March 18th and 19th.

I’m going to go on record now to say, as of this moment I still have no idea (due to SBO regulations) where and WHEN the west coast qualifiers are being held. If the west coast qualifiers end up being on the same weekend, there is nothing we can do about it. If it happens, no problem. We can still work together at the same time, we are all capable adults.

Feb vacation was picked so people could come down spend a few days or a week, celebrate as a community and just have fun. The other reason Feb was picked is because the West Coast and everyone else traditionally has thier qualifiers in March. I did not want to interfere or steal the spotlight from the West
Coast Qualifiers so Feb was our final decision.

However, I appreciate and honor your concerns, so I am changing the date. As the president of TGA, at the end of the day, I am the one that looks bad for requesting the date change. I will do so, humble myself for everyone here. That’s my job. But keep in mind, this is the final date. AGAIN whatever the West Coast dates end up being, is beyond my control. I’m not going to listen to silly internet banter about conflicting dates, if the issue ever comes up, kindly refer them to this post.

So now that we got that out of the way let’s move on to something more productive.

I want to say that this is a golden opportunity for all of us as Americans. If there was ever a chance to end this silly East coast vs West coast beef, this is it.

We will be team America. Let’s please start supporting each other. Let’s get some strategy and practice sessions going. If we have any hopes of taking this and doing well we must work together. We all know that we have extremely talented players here. Let’s nourish each other’s talents and work together.

I will do everthing to support both qualifiers and of course SRK who continues to uphold the community. TGA is here for American players no matter where you live.

As for team Canada, I think it’s a great idea. Unfortunately, the registration dates have closed. I will see if Canadian residents can be allowed to enter. Please understand that I am as low on the SBO ladder as I can get. I was approached by SBO and asked to host the qualifiers. I have no say in any procedures they set forth. They are in charge, they are my bosses. This includes not consulting SRK. I was not allowed to consult anyone. Please keep that in mind. There is more going on behind the scenes than I have time or space to write. I will be more than happy to discuss the whole store behind this with you if you are really interested. The door at TGA is always open to everyone.

Of course when this is all said and done and God willing everything goes well for us. I will use whatever voice I have earned with the administration to suggest that Canada get involved if that’s what they would like. . Among my goals is to promote Japanese fighting games, and help build friendships and relationships between Japan and the American community or any other community that honors us with it’s visit.

I would be honored to help Canada get involved. But, if I do so, I would have to do so through the proper channels. I do not have the right to speak for Canada, I have not earned that right. If someone who does have that right, contacts me, I will be more than happy to do so. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Or give the appearance that I am doing so.

Thank you for your support. I value and cherish it.