Sbo European 3s Results

Team UK wins

1st CIV(chun li)Harmonaz(akuma)Raju(urien)
2nd Kx(chun li) marco(yun) gold(Urien)
3rd Fabien(ken) Peacher(hugo) Marcel (chun li)

For more infomation go here

too bad mymoza, ryan heart and billy kane didn;t show up
GL to the winners in JP!!! :tup:

ah man my boy harmonaz! good stuff

Mymoza showed up, his team got ocved by the UK.

Also Mymoza is fabien.

Good shit Naz.

I knew Harmonaz would do it…good shit

CIV, Naz and Raju, strong team, good shit, congrats to the placers.

gj to the winning team

no offense, but it sucks that hart and kane couldn’t make it, they are like amoung the best in the uk, that’s like jwong not showing to east coast quals. nonetheless, i know you guys will do well to support your team, take it seriously and play your hearts out.

ohh should have known :sweat:, tnx for the info

Billy Kane is from the UK? Since when? :smiley:

Good shit to top placers and good luck at sbo!

Yeah Naz. Good luck.

It says in the link that Raju lost the first game.

CIV OCV’d the team after that.

hahaha sorry, oh yeah he’s from france, my bad, i guess i mean europe then

I’ve just finished the video, and here it is :china:

Grand Finals:

Be warned… the sound from this video is extremely loud :rofl:

Damn, Harmonaz’s comeback was incredible.

but jwong didn’t show, so is there a wong/kane/hart team in the works… one can only wonder! =P

Also, was this qual on console? or was there just a camera out to the tv?

It was ps2 unfortunatly.

Hopefully this will be the last sbo qualifiers on ps2, none of the UK players like playing on console, especially when we have arcades to play on, but in europe they don`t have a choice because thats all they have.

Next year if SBO is still going it will probably be in the UK.

:cybot: That’s our war buddy Harmonaz, always raping someone with that there demon of his. :tup: Way to represent and best of luck at SBO… dood.