SBO/EVO QUALIFIERS / Midwest Championships (Northbrook, IL) June 20-22, 2008

woo… had a great time last year, will definitely be coming again.

It falls on a weekend when I’ll be off work. As such, I’ll assemble a GTASF team to try and take down 3S.

All I know is that lots of people have been having lots of trouble with the new 360s because of unproperly lined of diodes and the actuator being messed up or something.

I dono what your thinking but the small cabs are the ones moving around with big guys like me trying to squeeze into them lol.

Nagata: Hope you guys can make it down.

Know if only we had japanese head to head cabinets lol (i can dream lol).

Chicago has abandoned NC for the most part cause noone likes to travel there as much anymore :frowning:

Now if NC gets SF4, ill be there everyday lol.

ill be there in full effect as usual, helping out with the madness, watching justin taking everyones money as usual. i think last year i just put justins name in the finals bracket for every game before the tourneys started and just told him to play random people… =)

08 Were on our way! The year has just begun!

For the record, i had no problem with any sticks last year EXCEPT the obviously crooked one on the big screen 3s (which cost me only two matches in the team tourny for 3s). I guess I just adapt well.

Not what I heard, Chicago OGs got tired of Amar and his Kanye West ego. Plus since evo world is on console no need to practice on arcade (way different feel than console).

Yeah, I kinda agree. Is everyone sick of Amar or something now?

Although I love arcade tournys it is kinda dumb having a qualifier being arcade when EVO is console.

And I know before anyone says that MWC has always been an arcade tourny, no denying that and NO reason to change that.

Looking forward to another interesting evo north.

i didnt really have issues with sticks. the main 3s cab, only problem was the sticks arent centered. that was the only cab i had any issue with, that annoyed me.

as for Amar, didnt really know that. he seems cool to me

Kanye West ego?

Yeah, I’d prefer console, but no where else to really play marvel…

maybe someone can score some ps2>jamma adapters somewhere, and that way, people can have a happy medium and everyone wins

That sounds like an impossible dream, sabre.

I thought you liked Kanye West Marc?

I got no beef with Amar, I was just tired of using $15-20 worth of gas to drive there every weekend to play 2 people.

That being said… Woot Evo North!

you know there’s about 8-15 ppl there that play marvel every friday right? I understand the gas part though…

keits: its possbile, very possible. actually working on that now (no guarantee)

wow thats exciting. how does button config work though on that?

i guess i need to learn to play with my stick in my
lap in a chair. im normally a floor warrior.

To answer some more stuff:

It’s already been said why this particular tourney is arcade. Some people specialize on arcade, and yes, we know that console is the FINALS for EVO World, but this tournament is for those that STILL support and want to play and specialize in arcade, so please stop beating a dead horse about it, we all know what everyone’s thoughts are on this, including mine.

Everyone wonders why arcades have screeched to a halt even in Japan, and this is the problem, if it’s coming out on console, and we have to use console, no one wants to support the arcade scene. 10 years from now, everyone will look back and realize, but of course, not at this time.

Humbag wrote: I dono what your thinking but the small cabs are the ones moving around with big guys like me trying to squeeze into them lol.

No, the big cabinets were the ones not screwed in properly. I’ve never heard anyone say the blue cabinets “move” too much. You have to be pretty wild in gameplay to be able to violently whip around 600 pound machines. At this rate, how can you even PLAY console? The stick would fly out of your hand with that logic! LOL

The tournament is still hybrid arcade/console, and I hate to say it, but as much as everyone wants to talk/think/look like Japanese players, THEY PLAY ARCADE FOR THIS TYPE OF JUDGMENT. SBO IS ARCADE, the top players play on arcade. I just don’t like seeing/hearing this whole console thing anymore when it is already documented why we do this tournament the way we do.

About Amar and Nickel City, if you don’t support the place, why would he get Street Fighter IV? Why would he take the time out to spend the money? If there are problems with him, post them here so we can get them out in the open and figure out why no one is going as much.

I’ll be there if at all possible.

My fingers are crossed for Smash being there :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see the game announcements.

Wait so Amar is getting SF4?

AWESOME if thats true :slight_smile:

Dream: I took the moving around part literally, yeah I know it was the sticks that were moving around/not centered on the big cabs.

My problem with the small cabs is that most of us now a days arnt the smallest of people and when someone of my size has to squeeze in and play at an angle it really ruins my time thats all Im saying.

Once again, SF4??? Woot?