SBO History


Hey guys. Do any of you know where I can look up a list of every 3s SBO bracket of all times? I am mainly interested in seeing which characters have gotten past quals and into the main tournament, and who has been to grand finals. If we could go even further and see brackets for SBO quals every year, that would be sicker, but that seems like a little much.

If such a list doesn’t exist already, let’s make it! All I know so far is that Wikipedia has a list of SBO winners here:

Winners: Kiyomatsu KE, Ueno YU, Izu MA

Winners: Spellmaster J KE, Raoh CH, Mester YU

Winners: Nuki CH, Daigo KE

Winners: MOV CH, Spellmaster J KE, DD Nitto YU

Winners: Umezono CH, Matsuda YU, Shiro Itachi MA

Winners: Kuroda GO, Ino MA, MOV CH

Winners: Rikimaru CH, Boss YU, Momochi MA

Winners: Kuroda KE, Nitto YU, MOV CH


Interesting fact many may not realize; the only characters to have won SBO are Chun, Yun, Ken, Makoto, and Gouki. Gouki has only won once, but the others have many repeated victories.

However, I know that grand finalists include Q, Hugo, Necro, Yang, Dudley, and Urien. There are probably others, but if I knew who they were, I wouldn’t have needed to make this thread!


So wait, if Makoto consistently get’s the top 3 spot for SBO then why is she below Dudley in Tiers and… oh fuck it.


OH just GO AWAY! Nobody cares you want her ToD banned.


I read on the Fighting Game General boards that he can’t see us if we don’t move.


What a stupid remark.

Even so let’s assume what you say. Matchups. That’s your answer.

Really though shit just isn’t so clearly defined. A single position shift below Chun and Yun just doesn’t mean a whole lot. Everyone below them either has a general advantage or generally a bit weaker. That’s all. Anything more detailed is just for the anal retentive wannabe know-it-alls who can’t play for shit. It’s basically the stronger characters, the strong characters, the normal characters and the weak characters (really just twelve and sean). The difference in overall power between Remy and Ibuki is basically nothing, it’s just up to how well someone can make shit work.

I’d also be really curious to dig up this info wanggggggggg-g. Would be neat to see the teams and how far they made it. I know there have been pretty impressive teams of freaks, Like RX, Sugiyama and…Roshihikari I think? They made it to finals didn’t they? I forget which year, maybe that was 09…?


dude… not again with this guy… let’s not resurrect this bullshit.


I forget which year that was, but Roshi, Sugi, and Arex was the team of freaks in GF.

The year I win, my team is gonna be Oro, Elena, and Necro, or possibly Sean.


Honestly. I was just explaining why that isn’t the case.

What the heck wanghead Oro Elena and Necro? You need to be either Oro or Elena so that leaves two slots. The other can be mwelsh as Necro or Q and I’ll use Sean.


She’s not.


This is the thread you’re looking for: 3rd Strike at Super Battle Opera: history and stats
Lots of info on the subject!