SBO Qualifier Match between Kuroda's Oro and TM's Q


I didn’t know the footage was recorded but apparently someone recorded at least the ones involving Kuroda vs TM/YSB. I hope there’s more. This is from the Club Sega qualifiers if you didn’t know. Hype commentary makes this epic!


EDIT: That second match was way too close. If I had that much meter I would have went for the chip kill. I never thought of using EX fireballs like that!

We need to see more TM and Kuroda face off more often.

On a side note, apparently Boss wanted to qualify for SBO with Makoto. Everybody expected Kuroda to pick Q but then Kuroda picked ORO instead. That’s why Boss changed to Yun because they think his Yun is more solid than his Makoto. I would have liked to see Boss Makoto rather than his Yun. His Yun is not that exciting IMHO. What would be better is Kuroda cleans up so MOV and Boss won’t be needed. Oro beasting at SBO would be the shit!



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Kuroda really loves that fireball juggle.


Damn, I got frame-trapped !