SBO Results Day 1

3rd Strike

1st: Umenuki
Daigo (Ken), Ohnuki (Chun Li)

2nd: Sugu Sore
K.O (Yun), Kokujin (Dudley)

Tied 4th: Futari wa Free Character MAX HEART
Kuroda (Q), Hayao (Hugo)

Tied 4th: Goemon Ikka
Deshi Ken (Ken), Goemon (Yang)

Team Empire (Justin/Ricky) won the last chance qualifier. They made it to the second round of the main tournament getting top 16. They lost to Kuroda’s Q.

Team Divine Rapier (Pyro/Frankie) lost to Issei’s team (Yun/Chun) in top 32.

Team Devil Knit just missed making top 4, losing to team Goemon.

Tekken 5

1st: Nin the 2005 Korean champ (Steave Fox)
2nd - 8: Japanese people

Floe qualified in the last chance qualifier. He and Justin had to face off, and Floe won and moved on. I think Floe made top 32.

VF4: No idea.

Like usual, Japanese tournamenst are extremely well organized and planned out in detail. If Evo ran half as wel as SBO did no one would have anything to complain about.

8 Japanese People~~~~

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can’t wait to see brackets and footage.
Team Empire placed above team Divine Rapier - that will bring even more shittalking, lol

How were the teams matched in the semifinals?
Who did RX/Roshihikari lose to?
What about Team Double Tapotage (the euro team, Billykane+Mymoza)?

to add more fuel to the fire

the team that beat pyro lost to justin/ricky in qualifiers… but one team was a no show and they both qualified.

How many teams participate in SBO anyways?

32 teams on the finals

3rd Strike tournament highlights:

In the last chance qualifier Ricky and Justin were just beasting on everyone. The final match between Justin’s Chun Li and Issei’s Yun was really good. Justin turtled and ran away so well that Issei only was able to hit Justin like once or twice during Genei Jin.

In the top 32, Frankie kicked the crap out of this Chun Li player. He landed full denjin like 3 times. But then his partner Issei was able to beat him and then the match between Pyro and Issei was really close. Could have gone either way. Who ever landed Genei Jin at the end was going to take it.

In the second round Kuroda’s Q took out both Ricky and Justin. Kuroda is such a smart player. He out turtled Justin and won by time out. Justin was literally mili seconds away from winning the round, having thrown Q, but the animation didn’t finish before the time ran out. Kuroda also out turtled everyone on the select screen.

In the top 8 Goemon’s team beat Devil Knit (Raoh Chun/Knit Yun). Goemon’s Yang was down on life to Raoh’s Chun, and then he just knocked Chun down once and just went off doing tricks and took off like 3/4 of his life for the win. Knit was playing almost perfect up to that point; many were suprised that they lost.

Top 4:
Semifinal K.O Kokujin vs Kuroda Hayao
First off, Kuroda cosplayed as Q, and Hayao, well, cosplayed as something that wasn’t very manly. Kuroda was almost invincible coming into the top 4, but K.O owned him hardcore. Q really can’t do anything to Yun. Then Hayao came in and played what was the best match of the tournament. Japanese players time and time again show that a character’s weakness can be offset by the player knowing the matchup and just being smart. Everyone went nuts when Hayao won. But then Kokujin came in and took the win in a very close match. Hayao did some crazy Red Parries into Gigas, his Hugo was so much fun to watch.

Semifinal Umenuki vs Goemon Ikka
Ohnuki played extremely well in all of his matches today. He took out both Yang and Ken. Goemon and Deshi put up a good fight, but today was Ohnuki’s day.

Finals Umenuki vs K.O Kokujin
Really really exciting. Really really close. Ohnuki beat Kokujin. K.O beat Ohnuki. Daigo beats K.O. I think every match went down to the last round.

3rd Strike was overall a great tournament. All the matches were great. Even though the American teams didn’t place that high, everyone had nothing but good things to say about the U.S. in terms of 3s ability. 3rd Strike was the most exciting tournament of the day.

Tekken 5 highlights:
I know nothing about this game. Nin killed everyone. He literally did the same move over and over and the Japanese got hit by it almost every time. It didn’t even look like he was mixing it up, he just kept spinning around and going low and the Japanese kept getting hit. Nin is like a robot. Him and Kuroda should team up for something.

be sure to post up #R results PLZ!

…Daigo’s Team won? Wtf lol


ricky and justin beat isseis team to qual out of the last chance tourney. some other team did a no-show, so isseis team qualed also and played pyro first round.

in the actual tourney, justin and ricky beat an oro ibuki team, then a akuma ken team. lost to kuroda after that, tying for 8th.

nuki didnt lose a single match until the finals against ko. then daigo steps up and exacts revenge for all the money hes lost to ko at the last two evos and beats him. poor ko’s streak of getting top 4 and losing at sbo continues.

i hear conflicting reports, but floe and bronson got to at least the second round of the t5 tourney. i heard from one person that they both lost second round, but then i heard from another person that they tied for 16th (which would mean they won 2 matches).

and if anybody cares, i dunno who won vf4, but nuki/chibita/other guy lost first round

Yes well SBO also uses a different format than EVO which makes it a whole lot easier to run. They have qualifying tournaments in the 12 weeks prior to SBO which are run seperately by the individual arcades making registration a lot easier. They know the exact number of people that will be playing in each tournament so they have a better idea of time management. They’re best of 1, single elimination tournaments with an even number of people so no controversy about staff giving byes to their friends etc and less time is needed to run the tourneys. They’re on arcade cabinets so no incompatible controller issue. There’s no money involved for the winner so no complaints about staff taking out percentage of pot. These conditions just don’t work in the USA. The truth is, MORE complaining would actually result from this.

The format for SBO makes it a lot easier to organize and run compared to EVO. Can you imagine the uproar that people will have if EVO took on the SBO format. Single game, Single elimination, no money involved, only 64 players (32 if it’s a team) are able to qualify. How many of us who haven’t qualified are gonna fly across the nation to watch 64 other players duke it out? The only good thing would be that it’s run on arcade cabinets. But overall, the format just wouldn’t work in America. I actually think EVO is very well run for the format that it uses. The final day is a blast.

EdiT: Justin/Ricky tied for 8th. That’s pretty good. Note to others: Since it’s single elimination the placements go like this: 1st, 2nd, tie for 4th, tie for 8th, tie for 16th, tie for 32nd. Guess this means Justin/Ricky were 1 game away from the top 4. Good stuff.

What about SBO do you think can be applied to help US tournaments? I’m sure there are some elements that are the same, but SBO doesn’t have to account for a lot of things that US tournaments have, which i think makes it a lot more straightforward to run. The complaining IMO is less about evo itself and more just from the fustration we all have with the US fighting game scene.

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So I guess Spellmaster J’s team lost out in last chance qualifier(?)

Anyone know what happened to J’s/Sugiyama’s team? I would be interested to find out. I thought J was the most spectacular player to watch in last year’s SBO. He also seemed to be the only one that was significantly better than everyone else in that Shirube 8 person special tournament. Guess he just blew it this time around? :xeye:

1st grade math believes otherwise…

That’s one thing, but SBO is stupidly well run. All the staff members are jumping around at all times; if a cabinet is broken, it’s fixed within five minutes; and matches are switched on the fly if there’s an important one going on after a featured match.

That being said, most foreigner matches weren’t displayed on the big screen. I didn’t see Nin play until the finals, and Floe never appeared on the projector at all. Same with Europe team, but they lost to Sugiyama/J team.

SBO was very impressive in that it started terribly late, but ended on time. This was probably because it had 70000 staff members who all knew what they were doing.

Chibita’s team was knocked out by a random team from Osaka. Ohnuki destroyed the first two members of the team, and then the last player’s Vanessa took out Nuki, Jin and Chibita. It was pretty wacky.

Bronson won two rounds and Floe won two rounds after coming from the qualifiers. Bronson lost to Apollo (APoRo)'s Nina and Floe lost to Matador’s Ganryu. However, they both should have qualified. There were 3 Marduk’s in top 8 that all lost badly once they were there. Japan Tekken sucks. Nin has the stupidest Steve infinite setups ever. Setups like “someone’s doing a high move, time to do the infinite.” I hate him.

GGXX, KoF and CFJ are all tommorrow. Root for America! Urien is stupid good in CFJ. Kindevu’s Urien is retarded.

And in Random CvS2 “Justin Cup” tourney in random arcade, me and Ricky won a round, so we’re clearly equally good. Fact not opinion.

University level math believes different from you. LOL :clap: