SBO Results: Which year did a Double Hawk team almost won the tourney?


Sorry to post this here, i wasn’t quite sure where to do it.
But if I can remember it right, there was a year where a team with 2 hawks (Toutanki (O.Hawk) & K (T.Hawk), I BELIEVE IT WAS THIS ONE), almost won or actually won the SBO.
I can’t find the exact info, I just found those players name’s but not their results.
Can anyone refresh my memory on how well the double hawk team did on that tourney?



I thought it was an X-mania tournament? At least from what I remember. I believe they don’t let two players enter SBO 2 vs 2 with the same character in a team. Unless it was an earlier SBO where the rules were different maybe.


There was a 2man T-hawk team in X-mania 7 unsure if that is the one you are thinking of though.


It was an X-Mania tournament, as usual it was 3v3 but they were missing someone and entered as a 2man team, Old and New chars are considered diferent chars so they haven’t any problems playing that way, my bad they both entered as O.Hawk! maybe because they were only 2?? idk

edit: It was X-Mania 7 where they entered as a double O.Hawk team


O.Hawk? Damn is O.Hawk good or something O.O?!



this guy has a lot of the vids

follow this:白夜

sorted by their team name: ??

vs Daigo’s team: [media=youtube]mU__XqflTLw[/media]


O.Hawk is better than N.Hawk for various reasons but he is still terrible in ST.

The only Hawk I can remember in SBO was Toutanki who lost his [media=youtube]ILEsc-FoZ0Q&#t=2m45s"]only match for his team to Kurahashi. If there was another Hawk at SBO and someone remembers do share. All of the matches of the team of two O.Hawk’s (Toutanki and K) getting 3rd place at X-Mania 7 can found [URL=“”[/media].


Man, Muteki just laughs his ass off about everything, even when his team mate loses. :rofl:



That’s the only tier where O.Hawk has been A…