SBO Results


  1. Tokido (A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka)
  2. Daigo Umehara (C-Chun-Li/Guile/Sagat)
  3. Ino (K-Sagat/Blanka/Cammy)
  4. Morikawa (A-Blanka/Hibiki/Bison)


  1. Kurahashi(Guile)/Daigo Umehara(Ryu)/Yng.Bro.Chun(Chun Li)
  2. KKY(Dhalsim)/Akishima(Chun Li)/Yoshimi(Ken)
  3. Sawada(Cammy)/Kamiyu Slap(Ryu)/BAT(Dhalsim)
  4. Mute Guile/Toutanki/Ni-a


  1. Kiyomatsu(Ken)/Ueno(Yun)/Izu(Makoto)
  2. Spell Master J(Ken)/Onanism(Urien)/Meta(Chun Li)
  3. Boss(Yang)/Danna(Dudley)/K.O.(Yun)
  4. Umekado(Elena)/Naga(Ken)/Machiko(Urien)


  1. kaqn/Hokushin/Yukinose
  2. Himaru/Washimi/Mochida
  3. Arisakashinya/Umehara/Pachi
  4. T.S/Gorotan/NikuQ


from Endless Fight:

"march 22ed saturday and sunday 23rd these two days are the great fighting competition of Japan, no doubt fighter game fans
around the world focus on the top fighting game competition. the following is the information from the web about this fighting

<CVS2> Tokido (A-Groove : Sakura, Vega, Blanka) defeated Daigo Umehara (chun li, guile, sagat)

<KOF2002> (Billy,Clark, michalle??) defeated korean(name is korean) (?,vanessa,Billy)

<Soulcalibour2> champion (Mitsurugi)- second Alutina Knight ?? ( Nightmare)

the games today will be GGXX, Superfighting 2X??, VF4-EVO, fighting33??


:bows down to the great Umehara Daigo:

I’m not worthy… :sweat: *


i still have tokido’s rookie card!

Any word on how the American representatives have done?

cvs2; both teams eliminated first round
st; one team eliminated first round, second team - 2nd round
ggxx; first round
sc2; 4th place


damn thats harsh
the loop master is too strong

That’s crazy…
How many other events is he in? ST…?


wonders why he’s still awake at 5:30 in the morning

anyways, might as well finish up the results

Super Turbo

1st: Otochun Gundan (Umehara/Otochun/Kurahashi)
2nd: Shinsengumi (KKY/Akishima/Yoshimi)
Top 4: Jiro Kyuu Shineitai (Mute Guile/Toutanki/Ni-a)
Tera-Beppin (Sawada/Kami-yu Binta/BAT)

3rd Strike

1st: Hikone Fight Club (Kiyomatsu/Ueno/Izu)
2nd: Beat Tribe (Spellmaster J/Onanism/Meta)
Top 4: ABC (Baimon/Naga/Machiko)
Wakamatsugumi Unchineru Gumichou House (Bosu/Danna/KO)

1st: Babelfish-tan haha (kaqn/Hokushin/Yukinose)
2nd: WA SHI MI (Himaru/Washimi/Mochida)
Top 4: Ore to Omae to Daigorou (Arisakashinya/Umehara/Pachi
Chichan ni Omakase (T.S/Gorotan/NikuQ)

Random info, US 3S team lost to the team that ended up taking first.

let me guess, in the first round. :confused:

kaqn!!! :smiley:

Edit: Who was Yukinose using?

Second round.

How did team France do Billy? And did you Wael and Fabien play together or did Wael go with Nabil & Walid?

We lost in the first round to 178’s team which I think got through the qualifiers yesterday (Dudley/Ken/Yun). Wael played in the team, the others didn’t even enter the last chance qualifiers…

Team USA beat Janko (Elena)/Terry@ago (Chun Li)/Moto (12) in the first round and lost to Kiyomatsu (Ken)/Ueno (Yun)/Izu (Makoto) in the second round.

Izu raped everyone in the semi/finals.

And since I haven’t seen this link anywhere, here are the results of this week’s pre-SBO tournament at game-newton:

Boss is strong.

slowly lowers his head, mini US flag, and spirit :frowning: gaaaadamn why do we even try?

Minor Finding;

Tokido (CvS2 champ) ended up taking 8th in VFevo(loss vs. akira-ren team I love Misaki) , and lost in the first round in GGXX.

(On the side note, Heruru’s team ended up 2nd which was kind of surprising. Thought they’d take champ.)

GGXX: Washimi regains his Japan #1 Sol title? Mmm, can’t tell, but probably yes.

Anyways, Umehara didn’t get GGXX title…why are people bowing down? Bow to Washimi…three years in a row up within the top 4 place title.