SBO seemed to be a let down?


well, ST wasnt all stacked up. no choi, nelson, (just to name a few). no alpha3 tourney. lack of sense of urgency to win?? i mean come on now. this is for a trip to japan folks?? WTF?? where is the excitement. people from out of town not showing up, specially people who arent that far away ahem TEXAS ahem. sup with that?? big ross, javi, hsien?? where are you fools? anyways. i feel as if the SF scene is really dead. there were only about 36 tourney entries and this is ridiculous. whats wrong with you people?? anyways. just putting in my two cents. bye



man surfer boy wanted to go. but just wasnt sure of how he was gonna get hotels and everything once he got there and well he sorta screwed him self over. :[


I think the entry fee may have turned people off, what was it $20 or something?


it’s in the middle of january. what do you expect?


Why the hell is Texas being singled out? If the qualifiers were held maybe 2-3 weeks ago before most people’s Spring sessions had started there would have been a lot more Texas people along with Jesse showing up.

When the whole thing about foreign qualifiers for SBO first came up I assumed that it’d be happening sometime in December or early January since it’d be perfect for a good amount of people to travel since it’d be during winter break. Then it was announced that it was gonna be in late January when everybody had already started school. Pretty much at that point it became obvious that it was going to be a small turnout. I don’t understand where all this surprise over the small size of the turnout is coming from.


I would have entered but no money and ride to get there that early… I also thought camelot sucked… tournaments went fine imo… but I hate that arcade so much >_<!!!


From my point of view, as well as many others from out-of-state, felt like the SBO Qualifiers was a double edged sword. If we don’t qualify, we eat the cost of a trip to California. If we do qualify, then the prize winnings are just enough to maybe cancel out the trip to cali, then go to Japan in 2 months flat. It’s a hard pill for anyone to swallow for that matter. Money says a lot.

So you have those people who don’t travel often, and can’t make the trip to Cali because of school, work, or money; then you have those people who like to go to SF tournaments, but can’t make a tip to Japan because it is significantly more than a trip to California. Or school or work.

There is no easy way to have a Qualifier’s Tournament in early January when the big tournament is exactly two months away. Simple as that.

Now, if there were trips to Japan to be fully paid for, then you would see a lot of people showing up for that chance.


I knew this was gonna happen. SPeaking for myself, i just dont have 500+ dollars to burn. If the street community actually helped sponsor the trip i would have gone. The big problem is motivation. No prizes=no fun…Japn came here in b5 or whatever, and we had to pay 2 dollars or something to pay for the japanese players expenses. We goto japan and only get a free room? Food is hella expensive, tix, trip to LA and everything else added up is like 750+ dollars. Neway. this is just my opinion. no prizes just sucks unless im misinformed!:lame:


I want to wish good luck to the players that are going tho, watson painter and the other old schoolers going for st. I know u guys will do your best. Buk and choi betta rep for svgl fools!!:slight_smile: ahhhh


Rip shit up Buk…:cool:



dont get me wrong fools. i know it cost some money to get out to this stuff and all. im just a little pissed that the players who actually go to other out of town tourneys dont show up to this. SBO is supposed to be the biggest battle ever for what i think will be the last faceoff between usa and japan. kind of sad to see this all actually coming to an end. anyways, nelson, no real excuse man, your boy cole lives here and im sure you couldve done something to get here bro. weak fool. haha. javi, im not singling out texas, im just stating that there are some good fools that couldve come down and played. in fact, i can think of a few other fools who couldve come down. but fuck it. they wanna stay home and claim to be all that and no show. fine… join the rest of the internet scrub community. peace!!!


I think a goal would be to have regional qualifiers that help fund the trip to cali, and then the SBO would count more toward the japan trip. From that perspective, $20 for a regional fee (with maybe a portion for the final SBO fund), $20 for SBO entry doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe it was relatively short notice for all the regions to hold something, but either way gl to everyone and hopefully in the meantime people will have some ideas and the next one will have great turnout


If they have another SBO next year, I’m sure things will be ran differently over here. and hopefully not on such short notice. But It seems like all the teams we have are very solid and stand a good chance overseas. So from that perspective, I’d have to say it was a success.


I’m pretty sure there will be more SBO’s seeing as this one is titled “the first annual”. Next time the qualifiers will be advertised much sooner and be more organized. Hopefully it will be at a time when more people can come out and get a decent airfare or whatever.



Eh? The money collected at B5 went to the Gameroom, not Japan.


'scuse me, but not everyone in this area has money to burn (yes, I know it’s been said before). I personally don’t have the money to make a $650 trip to Cali (which I paid when I went to B5), then $1000+ to go to Japan. Now where I could see that Japan is a great stage to play on, it’s not by far the greatest stage in the world. B5, ECC, even the locals like Penn State and the Break are all great places to play. My view: Single-elim for $2000, hellz no!

Pay for the trip to Japan, I’d consider it.



I know that money was an issue with Nebraska not showing. either that, or we’re all talk…but we’re going to do something about that. every local tournament we run here, will have money set aside for a travel fund, so that when a big national does come up, they have the money to make it out there.

I would encourage everyone to do something like this in their own local community. Because these things don’t pay for themselves and we can’t rely on any real sponsers to promote the scene, so the responsibilty falls on our shoulders.

What other option is there? have the Cannon’s pay for the trip out of their own pocket and risk another “ricky ortiz” happening? :lol:


that’s actually a pretty solid idea. i think most of the east coast players that are moanin’ and bitchin’ about not bein’ able to make it strickly on money should take up that idea.


Its hard to win a touney when you got ricky running around here taking everyones money. Hes everywhere!! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:


What we’re doing in Nebraska is raise the entry fee on the local’s to $10. Half of that goes into a travel fund, that only the top 3 ranked players can tap into whenever there is a national outside our state.

I figure the main ones to save up for are any future SBO’s, Evolution’s, & Texas Showdown’s.