SBO Team USA Super Turbo/MWC Official Results June 24-26


I will post a full list of tourney results on AE and MVC3 tomorrow…

Wanted to say special thanks to the crew helping with things at MWC:
Richard, Chris, and Duckie, who somehow became more involved than he wanted to be, LOL!

Great showing by lots of players, many special thanks to the invaluable Super Turbo heads who made it out and helped donate to the SBO players fund. Kieth, Coth-X, Fudd, and everyone else…without you guys and the support we would not even have MWC/SBO…

Good seeing the Arkansas, Memphis, Kentucky, Alabama, and handful of Atlanta players…great to see some of you first timers at the arcade!

Small results for now:
Super Turbo Team USA

  1. Damdai
  2. Immortalbmw
  3. Rizz

SSF4AE-53 players

  1. Mike Weng (Arkansas) Sagat
  2. Jacob Ford (Nashville) Yun
  3. Vicious Shogun (Kentucky) Vega
  4. Derrick Legend (Cincy) Juri/Rose
    5 (tie) krazykorean (Nashville) Ryu/Honda

MVC3-51 players

  1. Raekwon187 (Alabama)
  2. Mike Weng (Arkansas)
  3. Orpheus (Alabama)
  4. Astaroth (Tennessee)
  5. (tie) Azn Mike (Tennessee)

Astaroth was raping, Jacob was raping, Chris B and Eddie made top 10 in AE…overall good stuff for Nashville…= )

Tekken 6
2nd-Derrick Legend
4th-Derick from Memphis

The Bama Thread - Divided Yet United!



Well, apparently my computer didn’t save the whole results, so that’s not happening, good thing we knew the top 5, LOL


Awesome, Jason. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!


Had a great time. Good shit!


Great to finally meet you in person Jason, had a great time and I’m sure you’ll see me down there again


Was nice getting to meet and play some of you guys, hope I can make it out for next year too.


Shoutouts to everyone that me, Mike, and Panda met and hung out with. Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi have some great competition.
Also, shoutouts to IHOP and fitting 30 people in 2 hotel rooms for casuals Saturday night.
Hope to see you guys soon!
Add me on Facebook to keep in touch!


I was wondering what the results for MK were? These are the Blazblue results off the top of my head (18 entrants)

  1. Eshi (GA) Tsubaki
  2. Astaroth (TN) Tager
  3. LastStarSavior (TN) Noel
  4. Midnight (TN) Rachel/Lambda
  5. Naimat (TN) Bang
  6. BearsAreScary (GA) Arakune


Big Congrats to Damdai, Immortal, and my great friend Rizone for qualifing for the USA team for SBO. Best of luck to all of you. Also special thanks to mr jason for running the tourney and fudd for recording the matches. Take care.


RizfuckingOne! Good stuff man, respect.


play more arcana heart


I won but here are the full results

MK9 Tourney Results:
1st-Jacob Ford (Raiden)
2nd-Damdai (Raiden)
3rd-Chris Brown (Liu Kang)
4th-Andrew from Bowling Green (Kitana/Ermac)
5th tie-Richard (Storyteller) (Raiden)
5th tie-Brandon (GoldenOreos) (Shang Tsung)


ooohh congrats team america