SBO TEKKEN 5 result!

US national winner: Insanelee was knock out in the early rounds.




Deboru(bryan) vs Tsuji(raven)
NIN(steve) vs Shomoken(nina)


Deboru(byran) vs NIN(steve)

NIN wins SBO.

I wanted to see a Marduk player win. Suprised to see only one Steve player made it to finals. Are there any vids of finals?

Yeah… where are all the Steve players?
I could’ve sworn he was a bit more popular than that.

Huh, Nina player placed in top 4 is pretty impressive, because it’s almost impossible to reach top 4 with Nina(excl. White Smire) in Korean tourney.

well done NIN :tup:

So the only Korean player in the whole thing wins, haha.

nina doesnt do well in korean tourneys cuz they play the game on +2 health, while japanese and US play on normal. it shifts the tiering a little bit, and nina definitely gets shafted on +2 cuz now her oki shit dont really hurt anymore

Steve is a gay

Wow look at Marduk.

Wow, as a marduk player that’s exciting to see that many in the top 8… but sad to see none make it to the top 4 : /

Damn, atleast Bronsnan rep’… :tup: :clap:

Steve :rolleyes: 1,2 whore…anyways, mad props to Nin…stop schooling man.

he is, according to the latest arcadia (and my not quite 100% memory) 17% of entrants used steve, 13% nina, 10% bryan and maybe 7% iirc used a group of the three next most popular characters.

Wow! I really wanted NiN to win, and he did, awesome!

shrug I was hoping the guy that qualed for Okinawa (DQN, although his actual ringname is longer than that) actually made it somewhere… ;_; Oh well.

so i heard this korean guy used 1 move to win the game?

is this true?

actually its not so much that nina doesnt do well in korean tournaments because the +2 damage. koreans just find her really boring and she is rarely used for that reason. try looking for a korean nina match vid. not easy. NIN didnt win with one move. does daigo win with sagat using one move (c. fierce)? NIN’s steve is far from the norm. Ive seen him use multi characters including nina. he is nice as fawk with them all. technical as damn. but thats just the korean way in tekken.

Nin got that Tekken shit on lock

White Sumire/Nina is insane!

SBO qualify match between White Sumire/Nina vs Forever@@/Devil Jin was too good.

NIN=Best Steve player in the world.

From the report mopreme wrote, it sounded like the Japanese couldn’t beat NiN’s Albatross mixup, so he kept using it quite a bit.

lol mopreme also wrote this ‘I know nothing about this game.’ :rolleyes: