SBO/TGS Spectator Tickets Info Here - Get them by 9/10

Bought mine today and I talked to Ahmed, the guy all non-Japanese should talk to about reserving SBO/TGS tickets. He asked me to pass this info on to SRK:

SBO and TGS are Sept. 18 and 19.
For the people who want to buy tickets for Tougeki SBO and the Tokyo Games Show:

Please go to Ahmed Al- Baroody FACE BOOK page,and send him a private message stating your name, country, mail address,telephone numberso he can be able to reserve your tickets, for the number of the people who want to come.


We are sorry…we are limited with tickets.
These tickets are only sold to Foreigners!
We will start selling the tickets on Sept. 4 and the deadline will be on Sept. 10.

4000 Yen (close to $40) per day.
If you buy a pass for both Sept. 18 and 19, the total price of the ticket will be 7000 Yen!
These tickets can let you enter TOUGEKI and TOKYO GAME SHOW 2010.

Ahmed will meet you in the Tougeki Entrance in makuhari mess to sell you the Tickets.

To reserve please go to his face book account and send him a message.
Ahmed Al- Baroody | Facebook

Sept. 18 – 21 seats available
Sept. 19 – 12 seats available

sept 18 9 seats LEFT!!!
sept 19 6 seats LEFT!!!

Also, Ahmed wanted me to remind international players that TAUNTING in match is BANNED at SBO, meaning touching that taunt button will get you in big trouble this year. So please don’t :wink:

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