SBO/Tougeki 2010 Discussion Thread

The day of the event is now only 2 weeks away. This is a thread to gather together all the news, videos and related talk. The word is that MOV and Kuroda are pushing Inoue to come back to the scene, and Ino could make an appearance at the event. All the teams are comfirmed except for the Korea team and Last Chance qualifiers.

In commenmoration, here is a little known video of the Kuroda’s team vs Aruka’s team in the 08 tournament:

??08 Street Fighter?? 3rd???JAPAN?VS???3rd???(9)

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That would be sick if Inoue came back, easily my favorite ken player, even though he mains Makoto, lol.

You should add all the SBO qualifier videos in the OP.

do we know the exact date and time the 3rd strike portion is happening, and also, will it be streamed?

The event will be held during the Tokyo Game Show on the weekend of September 18-19. STREET FIGHTER III 3rd STRIKE will be played last, on Sunday the 19th of September, Toyko time.
The word is that there WILL be some form of live streaming.

Anybody ready to place any bets??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m betting Team Inoue JAPAN FTW

I have some Demonoid invites, what you got?

team inoue will take it!! nitto YOSH!!!

I am gonna fuck up my sleeping schedule to watch this if it is streamed.

SBO has never been streamed though has it?Aren’t they hesitant to do it because they get most of their money from DVD sales?

I want any character to take it as long as it’s not Chun.God I hate that bitch.With Kurodas playing Ken though,it’s a good chance we’ll see a godlike Ken in grand finals.

Have any Alex players qualified?Whats the character representation like overall?

Taken from GhibliCat’s post on the SBO Qualified teams thread :-

*** "Character Count
7 Chun-li: Nuki, MOV, Tokido, Rikimaru, Umezono, Koushun, Marko
7 Yun: Ochibi, Nitto, Momochi, Yakkun, Pyrolee, Billy Kane, Takajo
4 Makoto: Boss, Haitani, Ken I., kuzu
4 Ken: Kuroda, Yaoichi, Matsuken, 5 Star
3 Dudley: Kokujin, Aiku, Nikola
3 Urien: RX, Nihiro, Choppa
3 Yang: KO, Roshihikari, Furo
2 Gouki: Yuki Otoko, Uraken
1 Ibuki: Nakashii
1 Oro: Hirochan
1 Ryu: Vanao "

Even though Inoue Japan is the safest bet, who knows when there are teams like Rikimaru/Momochi/Boss, KO/Tokido/OTB and the one I would bet on Kokujin/Haitani/Nuki. Single Elimination baby, everything can happen (and usually does!). Can’t wait :rock:

A ‘carnival style’ set up is planned for this year’s tournament, with the main matches plus side ‘free play’ events going on at the same time. So streaming will probably not feature the full set of main matches.

The most famous live streaming was back in 2007, when I showed everyone the color of Yang.

Thanks for the info Roshi and arcadestiq


This year is gonna be eeeeeeexploooooosiiiiiiiiiiive!

The schedule for the ‘Secondary Chance Qualifiers’ are released. For SFIII: 3rd Strike they will take place on the second day of the event, August 19th. Two places are reserved for foreign teams.

7AM: Registration
8AM: Draw
8:15AM-9:45AM - Qualifiers

It’d be pretty crazy if Momochi/Boss/Rikimaru won 2 years in a row.

Very very very heated pre-SBO danisen matches:


Without considering Kuroda, TM is without question the single best Q player in the world at the moment. Roku tries to Kuroda style SA2 Ken TM, but TM Kuroda style trolls him plus a few tricks up his sleeve. Who will come out on top?

Features Vanao ?RY?, Roku?KE?, TM?Q?, Tokura?YA?, AFM?CH?, Yakkun ?NE?

If you don’t have a niconico account, use this url and and put the video number at the end, e.g.

Yakkun/Uraken/Vanao are my picks for this year Q(’.'Q)

Pulling for Kuroda/MOV/Nitto because I like to watch all three players. ;(

Awesome matches, cheers for the links.

Roku is a scrub ken player. He always was a scrub ken player, and always will be a scrub ken player.