SBO Travel Package

Destination Japan ( and community member Earl “render” Gertwagen has done an amazing job of putting together a SBO travel package that competitors and spectators can all take advantage of.

The package includes:

  • Transfer from Narita Airport to Hotel, and Hotel to Airport
  • 5 nights at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel (easy access to SBO venue)
  • Reserved seats for each day of SBO
  • Entry to SBO Farewell party

The package comes with full instructions so this is a great way for someone with little or no Japan experience to be able to go and experience SBO first hand. The company can also assist with securing individual plane tickets.

Full details can be found on their site:

Much thanks to render for putting this together!

good shit

Nice job on putting this together Render. For some people this might be a really great idea to take advantage of. However, keep in mind it doesn’t cover the cost of airfare. If there are people out there who can afford airfare but just only a slight bit more, you can honestly stay out here for 5 days for as low as about 100 dollars if you are willing to go the route I usually take. Bare with me now, im being serious.

ElvenShadow’s ghetto but totally doable package…

lodging: you can stay at a number of various Manga Kissa’s in Japan for as little as around $10 for 6 hours. A manga kissa is basically an internet and comic cafe. They vary in what they offer and their cost, but the one I usually stay in is $10 for 6 hours. You can legally sleep there. Sometimes you can get ones that offer private booths with a cushioned floor or recliner chair and those may cost a tad more. The one I stay at often is just reclining chairs in an open booth with a desk. You may be thinking that this is unsafe, but I have been literally sleep at these places every single weekend since October and ive NEVER had a problem. Just keep your belongings close to you and if someone tries to take them you will wake up. Ive never had anyone try to even steal from me. Japan really is one of the safest countries. Sometimes these places even have showers. The waiting lists can be long at times so if you strategically plan when to use them its doable, or if you find one in a less busy area. There are also public bath houses around that can be entered for as little as a few hundred yen. Lodging will cost you as little as $50-75 for 5 nights as long as you can function on about 6 hours of sleep. You can pay extra if you want a little more but the price goes up the longer you stay.

As far as food goes… just like in the US, you can easily find cheap food in Japan. Fast food places have 100 yen menus (basically the dollar menu) and you can easily live off that for a weekend if you have to. Even some places like Matsuya or Yoshinoya have decent meals of like big Curry and Rice plates for as little as like 4 dollars.

Train fare is really not going to cost you that much. For most places within the main Tokyo area, you will pay less than like 200 yen to get from one place to the other. From Narita it will probably cost you like maybe 500 yen from central Tokyo on regular JR trains or the skyliner.

please use this website to check exact train routes, times, and prices.
(the station closest to SBO is Ariake and Narita is the station for the Airport)

If you don’t travel a hell of a lot, mostly stick around like one good arcade or the SBO area and then maybe find somewhere cool to chill at night, you wont need much travel money.

Admission to SBO itself wasn’t very expensive, I think it was only like 10 dollars or something, but I could be wrong. Either way its not expensive.

If you save on the other areas of your trip, you can splurge on drinking, partying, and gaming, as honestly… thats where most of your money is going to go, seeing as how a drink at a bar or club will cost an average of $7 in Tokyo and games will either cost you 50-100 yen depending on where you play.

So to sum it up… basically Render’s package seems very nice and is great for someone who can afford it. If it seems too pricey for you and you still wanna come to Japan and you gotta do what you gotta do, just keep in mind that there are much cheaper and doable options.

If anyone has any questions specifically please just ask as I know my way around Tokyo extremely well.

I will be around during SBO weekend so I can help people out and shit.

If you want to know a bit more, go ahead and check out my blog too.

I hope this post was somewhat helpful

Nice! It’s really cool of Earl to set that up, especially for people who have never traveled abroad. :tup:!!

This is retardedly affordable–good shit. I hope this isn’t a one time thing.


Thanks for the tips though. That is some straight broke-american ingenuity right there.

Thanks, super useful post!! I have a question about food. About how much does good ramen and sushi cost? I love ramen and sushi and would basically like to OD on it when I’m over there. :razzy:

Wow, wait so $879 for a trip to Japan for SBO week?

looks like a deal!?!?

good shit :wink:

EDIT: NVM thanks for the clarification render :wink:

Sounds really good though…

Hey everyone! Glad to see a positive response. My company is a travel agency that specializes in Japan, so you guys can feel free to ask us to make arrangements for you.

Thank you, ChoiBoy, for starting this thread to help spread the word.

and Thanks ElvenShadow for the helpful post! Please contribute more travel advice in this thread if you have the time.

We’ve been talking directly to the folks at Arcadia, and they’ve held seats at SBO for us, as well as offered to let those who get the package to go to the farewell party the day after SBO. They’ve been extremely nice in dealing with us and we’re hoping to put something even more extensive next year.

I’ll be checking this thread as often as I can to answer any questions you guys have about the package, about getting to Japan, and about travel arrangements. However, if you guys want to submit an inquiry for an airfare quote or other arrangements, please keep it to PMs, or use the SBO Package inquiry form for the SBO Package.

To clear up some potential confusion, I want to reiterite that this package DOES NOT INCLUDE AIRFARE. Please submit an inquiry to us ASAP so we can get you a quote on the cheapest fare currently available. While we of course do US domestic flights and other countries, our specialty is in travel to Japan, so getting a ticket through us is likely going to save you some money.

If anyone wants to contact us about the package, please feel free to send an e-mail to us at

how much would that package cost for 2 or 3 people together? Would it be reduced because of hotel?

The rate for the package is based on double occupancy, meaning that it’s already reduced to account for two people in one room.

However, we CAN arrange for a triple room in a different hotel right next to the one included in the package - BUT since we don’t have any triple rooms reserved at the moment, it’s based on availability, which means you should contact us ASAP to see if we can hold the triple room for you. The per person cost will be the same, but it’s definitely better than getting 1 twin and 1 single.

Please make sure to indicate in the comments section when you submit an inquiry that you’d like us to try to hold you a triple room.

I know some people are in groups of three (obviously, since there are 3-man teams going out there to compete)… If some of you are thinking of people more than the standard number of people in a twin room, you should proooobably PM me, and I’ll give you my advice about doing that.

the airfares need to be updated:crybaby:

it really depends on the quality and varies from place to place. On average, Ramen will cost anywhere from like 400-900 yen. The good stuff is ussually about 700 yen. Sushi also varies. If you go to those places that have the revolving plates on the conveyer belt, you can just grab whatever you like. The color of the plate indicates the price. Almost all of them will have some plates for only like 100 yen and will have some thar go all the way up to sometimes 500 yen. Theres ussually like 2 pieces per plate.

also, on my first post I noticed a typo on the name of the station near SBO, but its fixed now

Which? where? on the site? Submit a quick inquiry here or give us a call and we’ll find you the cheapest airfare available ASAP.

While I’d like to keep this thread as on-topic as possible, I can’t pass up the opportunity to help people out on ramen suggestions.

It JUST SO HAPPENS that right across the street from the hotel we’ve set up for the package (the Shinagawa Prince) is a row of about 10 different ramen joints, all varying in price and flavor. The spot is called “Shina-testu” and it’s like a two minute walk from the hotel. You can view the website here (Japanese only, unfortunately). The place called “Keisuke” with the “black miso” flavor is the best, IMHO.

Also, you’ll want to check out “Kyushu Jangara Ramen” in Harajuku (and other areas). That place is BOMB. Also, Ikebukuro is an excellent place for ramen… There’s a place right next to the Ikebukuro GIGO (Club Sega) that is GOD TIER RAMEN FOREVER, but I can’t remember the name.

I’m sure ElvenShadow has some suggestions of his own.

Can’t help you out on sushi.

Who’s Render? :rofl:

I’m render! :looney:

P.S. Good shit with the SBO package, render!

Wow, this looks awesome! Good stuff Render, I wish I had some vacation time saved up so I could go. But if your company is doing this again next year I am in for sure.

Wow this is one great deal Render. Any possibility that this deal will happen again next year?

There’s a pretty good chance, yeah. We’re already in talks with the Arcadia folks about future possibilities. We’d like to put together a full-on tour. Maybe in a couple months I can start a thread and get input on what people would like to see included next year.