Sbo updates since it starts tomorrow---


D-2 Block - Naiki (RU) / Kigunasu (SG) vs
Stunfest Block - Justin Wong (BA) / Marn (RU)

Winner plays basically B-4 Block - Mago (SG) / Nemo (CH) in 2nd round because they’re playing a shitty team or something.

Denjin Block - CaliPower (RY) / Combofiend (VI) vs
B-7 Block - Mizoteru (BL) / Ichi (SG)

D-4 Block - Shounen (TE) / Woshige (MI) / N-O (VE) vs
Europe Block - Marn (ED) / FlashMetroid (JA) / Steve Harrison (KY)



Do you know what block Daigo is playing in?
No only joking.

Good luck usa and thanks for taking Europes spot… "



take the 1st round win then ELIMINATE MAGO/NEMO (once you do that its smooth sailing)

this is america’s time to shine on that big stage. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO U.S.A!!!


good luck


D-4 Block - Shounen (TE) / Woshige (MI) / N-O (VE) vs
Europe Block - Marn (ED) / FlashMetroid (JA) / Steve Harrison (KY)

LOL good luck =]


lol good shit marn. Starting an SBO updates thread and then saying “idk shit except these 3 matches” Seriously tho gl at SBO, represent.


is there a live stream or something im trying to watch these matches


oshat Mizoteru ain’t no joke. Gl to everyone


It’s going to be awesome. Not as awesome as it would have been if I’d had a real EU team to cheer for, but stilll…

I assume that the final word is there won’t be any stream?


Yeah, no stream. Says there might not be any DVDs either!

It’s the third question.


How did you find out who you play against already?


Wtf are they serious? They seem to have very little consideration for their supporters who can’t afford to go…unless they just plan on releasing the footage online since the DVD’s don’t sell well enough.


Fucking rediculous.


lets fucking go steve!


I think they meant they might not release individual DVDs but tag them together with Tougeki damashii. After all their DVDs are not selling alot really, most people pirate them anyways.

If they do it through Tougeki Damashii chances are you only see the matches for the last few.


Good luck to you guys. Look forward to seeing great matches.


Well they had a good run with DVDs.

hugs SBO KOF98 DVD :smiley:


Well, let’s hope kilvear is right… Because I want to see those matches one way or another :xeye:


nah bruv, don’t you see this is AWESOME.

SBO = the last international bastion of ARCADE ONLY.

Arcade = face to face irl or no thanks, keep your internetz to yourself.

HAVING TO GO to have anything to do with it in terms of even watching/wanking over idol means attendance will only grow each year.

This will lead to Arcadia’s ultimate goal of filling the Tokyo Dome. imo.

analogy for the slow:

like how you have to go to Evo if you want to see Bang the Machine and pretend that you know even though YJDK.

Anything that encourages live attendance/interaction with anything fighting game related is good imo.

That’s why I want to see no match videos, no DVDs, no fucking ‘shots’ of GloveGoblin crouching under Nuki’s elbow with his knob poking out.

I just want to hear that it was hyper mega awesome and have Chunkis and Zakuta and whoever else is going talking on bad about how tick it was.

Then I will be forced to save up and go, instead of smoking in my pants watching it on daz interwebz


You’re completey missing the damn point. I’d be in Japan now if I had the money, and you’re acting like I don’t know or agree to the arcade interaction debate. This is not a matter of going to your local arcade; this is a trip to another damn country and it’s VERY expensive. It’s not a matter of not enough people going to SBO (trust me, enough do), it’s a matter of being able to go. I’d like to think everyone in the fighting game community would have SBO as their goal…if they’re not then they’re either wasting their time or are just casual players that simply like to play for fun.

Supporters who would love to go but can’t, are being left in the dark. There is nothing f*cking awesome about it.