SBO05 day 1 log

Day 1 games: Soul Calibur 3 Arcade Edition, Virtual Fighter 5, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

What up folks. Well apparently some of you guys have a live stream of SBO so this might not be as interesting, but for those of you who didnt get to watch here my recounting of today’s stuff.

First off as soon as i got to the place, I saw a guy with a beard and stash cosplayed as a maid. Dont know what he was up to. Was a VF player apparently i think. Then before the games started they had the usual speech, which is one or 2 people go up as representatives and say that we will compete in fairness and dignity and shit like that. Well the two guys that came out, came marching to the beat and WTF!? the 2nd guy was cosplayed as the moon or something. and whenever he talked he talked as if he was an alien, the first guy would translate for him. Should of taken a picture of that…

Anyways first up was SC3 and the first game was Dekachou (Mitsu) VS Reignhart (Asta, from Hong Kong)

Dekachou was SBO1’s Soul Calibur 2 champion and the crowd was behind him from the beginning. The first 2 rounds showed off his parrying ability and able to counter for big damage. 3rd round he showed patience and blocked well and retaliated accordingly FTW.

Next was Kitasenjou (Setsuka) VS DevilJim (Sophita, USA) Well this was a lopsided match up. DJ couldnt block much, which was basically 2 different dashing attacks. He would get knocked up into the air, juggled, lands and gets launched again. He got perfected the first 2 rounds and he only got 50% of Kitasenjou’s life down in the 3rd round before he was finished.

Next was Sarusube (Asta) VS GoldMumenkyou (Night) This was not a savage beat down but Sarusube was in control for much of the match with superior poking and better adjustments on blocks. Sarusube wins in straight sets i think.

Next was 2k (Zasa) VS Taiju (Tira) Zasa being a sorta Asta clone makes him pretty a pretty good character. 2k was able to poke Taiju relatively safely and easily especially the low poke with his pole. Tira showed some flashiness and got 2 round, but that was only because 2k was not being careful. In the end 2k wins not so hard.

Next was FukuyaShouta (Xian) VS Seii (Seig) Apparently because Shouta is from Saitama (near Tokyo) the crowd cheered for him. A couple of times Seii would knockdown Shouta and try to OTG but Shouta would get out by doing the little squirmy move on the ground. That aside Shouta is able to block most of Seii’s attack and doesnt let him attack much anyways due to good pressuring.

Then we cut into a match already in progress between Isabella Neo (Ivy) VS Iwashi (Seig) Neo is pounding Iwashi like a little bitch with his whip. Then on the last round Neo runs from about full screen then super command throws him and wins. Crowd goes nuts. Apparently this guy is popular too.

Last of the prelims was Osaka (Maxi) VS Malek (Ivy, from Europe) Maxi was pressuring well with attack strings. Ivy in the 3rd round was gaining momentum and getting some hits in. However Maxi does a sweep which Malek blocks but then gets hit by the flip kick after and is knocked over the guard rail for the loss. All foreign teams in SC3 ousted at this point.

Onto VF5… 1st match LittonIchimon VS Kemistry First up was TekkenDeYuumeiNaZex (Eileen) from Kemistry, and Renjii (Lau) from Litton. Well this was a pretty savage beat down by Renjii. Zex could barely block any of Lau’s attack’s and got knocked down and comboed for all 3 rounds. Next up was Magnum’s Jeffery. This was more even with both players getting their shots in. One thing I noticed was there was very little blocking going on. Alot of counter hits into combos however. Lau once again comes up on top by getting most out of his hits by comboing more and near walls. Then next was Koedo with Kage. Kage being the cheap bastard he is gets alot of hits in with his various pokes and combos. Near the end of the match he gets a counter launch into air combo. However after the first hit of the juggle he messes up, and Lau takes this chance to counter and does a combo of his own and takes Kage down. Next round Lau is more agressive and has a big lead over Kage. However Kage does his throw launcher thing, then upper cut, jab, jab, jab… and Lau flies over the guard rail for a ring out. However Koedo cannot capture the momentum with that win and Lau takes over with aggressive attack strings. He connects with a few for combos and Lau OCVs once of the top teams.

Next was DaiSeiJo VS DanDiIsm First is ChouTaRou (Jacky) from DaiseiJo VS HoshinoHikaru (Jacky) from DanDiIsm. Both players are playing aggressive with lots of throws included in with the mixups. I noticed that they didnt throw out a lot of low hits. Hoshino makes it out of this slugfest. Next was Erubee (El blaze) Erubee was moving around very quickly. Hoshino attacks which gets sidestepped and gets thrown from the back. After he gets up he immediately gets thrown again and gets perfected in the 1st round. Next round Hoshino gets in a few attacks and combos and is in control. However Erubee comes back with a furious rush and a nice mix up for RD2. Last round was close but Erubee comes through with the win. He was able to get a few jump over throws against Hoshino. Next was Mu Key-Hin (Akira) Akira tries to be aggressive but El Blaze brushes them aside like pimp brushes aside his hos. He backs Akira into the corner/wall and gets a huge air combo and a OTG hit for RD1 win. RD 2 was much of the same. In RD3 Akira is able to get a counter hit air combo for big damage of his own. With that he takes the momentum and gets a round. Next round Akira is mixing it up well, and is able to get a pretty good lead. However Erubee rushes down Akira with time running out and eeks out a close win in the end. Next is Koryu (Lau) I forgot what I wrote here for the first round… but in the 2nd round near the end both player has almost no life left. Erubee is turtling so Koryu tries to throw but Erubee escapes into up jump double kick juggle combo FTW. Lau gets a good rush for the next 2 RDs for some desperate wins, but ends up getting prefected in the 3rd rd.

Next was ShinjukuNo1 VS ThomasGundan First up was ThomasOkada (Shun) vs MaskedBitch (Jacky) Jacky gets the first 2rds easily but Shun starts drinking lots and ends up getting combos after combos onto Jacky. The sake counter went up to about 22 possibly more. Next was Gorgeous (Eileen) and ElI was trying to poke and turtle. Later in the round Gorgeous connects with a bicycle kick FTW. One thing i noticed was this Shun player does very litttle of that lunging elbow type attack.

Next was PopyNiigata VS OomiyaShibuKawaRenGou First off was Makoto (Kage) VS Kyasubaru (Vannessa) Kage lands a big air combo in the first round for win. 2nd RD Vannessa gets a perfect with good throw mixups. 3rd round Kage slowly pokes into victory. Next round both players are attempting alot of throws, but they are escaping from them. However after about the 4th throw Vannessa gets thrown up into the air into air combo and on OTG gets thrown again and Makoto wins. Next was Rinee (Wolf) this was pretty much the same deal but Wolf gets jabbed to death in the last round. Next was KiriAme (Pai) Kage would have done good but he misses a couple of air combos and gets punished for them. Pai blocks well in the next round to get the reach. Last RD both players are playing pretty even, both characters have almost no life left. Kage tries to do a middle kick but Pai is not in range and after the miss Pai runs up and throws for the win. Next was Nesu (LeiFei) This Lei user didnt use the stances much but he still attacked well and got a big wall combo for a RD1 win. Later RDs were much of the same, Lei got a couple of counter gut punches to connect and get a bounce combo FTW.

ARGG its hella late and I am sleepy as shit. I need to get some rest for tommorow’s stuff which I think most of you are waiting for. So im gonna have to postpone this till tmrw. way toooooo much to write about… stupid 3on3s… sorry guys.

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nice read…

I hope its going to be

oh man, sorry to hear about DevilJim!
Japan IS really strong in SC3AE now though
my money’s on Isabella Neo though, if you’ve seen him play then you know what’s up, i think it’s between him and Dekachou this year.

forgenjuro, your threads were fucking gold last year, thanks so much again for doing this

Damn, that’s actually making me wanna play my Raphael again. o.o Good read man, keep this stuff flowing.

Live stream of SBO? Anyone know where I can hook this up at?

Regardless, thanks a lot for the updates, forgenjuro. Good shit, we appreciate it. :tup:

check the SBO thread in the tourny results forum. First post will have the link, although it’s not up right now since theres nothing going on. They’re probably setting it up for today’s event.

what up dahte. cant wait to see your day 2 log… try to get pix of pino cuz hes sure to be cosplaying as some CRAZY shit this year! necro 2 years ago, gill last year… hmmm hopefully dudley this year.

Aye dood, if you see me… holler at me! I wanna try to meet as many of the people in the Japan Threads as possible. Oh yeah and good post!

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