Sbo2 3rdstrike macthes


not sure if any/everyone has them but here 13 different 3s macthes from sbo2 its great shit but i am sure you know that ;
streak if your reading this and want to host on KARA then go ahead :slight_smile:

Its a BitTorrent file and .rar so keep that in mind



Ahh greatness. More 3rd Strike.
thanks Funk.


Can you post up the torrents for the cvs2 matches as well?:smiley:


eI cant get the torrent file to work, I downloaded and extracted it, but nothing happened when I opened the file.


Why does this shit download so slow?


Funk; what is the 1st match on sbo2? Is it Dudley vs a red urien?


1 Seeder, 51 leechers.


Does anyone have the vids now that they can send me via AIM? I really would rather not go to direct connect since I just factory reset my comp (last night as a matter of fact) and I probably won’t be able to go in goforbroke seeing I probably won’t get past the 500mb sharing limit.


good shit funk wear is the cvs2 shit:D


I got these vids off SFTchina (took forever)
This is team 3rd strike

look at pic for filenames (mostly in jap text)


whos dling this? anyone?

I had it going then its stopped and is stuck at zero k/s:(


hopefully putting this in my direct connect shit will give me the minimum requirement(mb), so the BT file i m getting now is single or teams?


PyroLee’s (I think) Yun in 06 comeback against the Ibuki is nuts :eek:


pretty awsome man. (hey were did u get them?)


i am uploading at 40kb/s but many downloaders please help :slight_smile:
Sharing is Caring



thanks for the vids.

i’ll keep the torrent up after i’m finished w/ it to help get this shit distro’d.


my torrent is be up for a good 24-36 hours, starting this noon.


I keep seeing the tracker as being down. :frowning:


someone make these into wmv format so i can start giving a shit


here’s the matchlist translated as best i could.

first round matches

match 1. Jima (du), kurenai haru (ch), kokui (ry)
vs. ksk (al), chikyu (12), izu (ma)

match 2. some team vs. georgia (ry), fujiwara (du), kuroda (q)

match 3. sugiyama (ne), sawaguchi (yu), ysb (hu)
vs. raoh (ch), spellmaster j (ke), mester (yu)

match 4. shonen (ur), kta (ma), kyosenshi (q)
vs. inoue (or), disk (yu), nomoto (go)

match 5. messatsu yarou (ur), pino ab7 (ne), ibuki12 (ib)
vs. pyrolee (yu), frankie3s (ryu), arlieth (ma)

match 6. 178 (du), deshiken (ken), ushi (ur)
vs. afm (ch), match (go), pierre (ur)

second round matches

match 7. nuki (ch), boss (ya), ko (yu)
vs. inoue (or), disk (yu), nomoto (go)

match 8. jima (du), kurenai (chu), kokui (ry)
vs. happy (al), pierro (re), ruu (ry)

match 9. raoh (ch), spellmaster j (ke), mester (yu)
vs. onanism (ur)

match 10. afm (ch), match (go), pierre (ur)
vs. sekido (ya), hh (ma), oji (yu)

third round matches

match 11. pyrolee (yu), frankie3s (ry), arlieth (ma)
vs. j (ma), shao (ib), esse (yu)

semi finals 1

raoh (ch), spellmaster j(ke), mester (yu)
vs. hikone fight club (ch), matsuda (yu), washimi (ke)

semi finals 2

nuki (ch), boss (ya), ko (yu)
vs shao (ib), j (ma), esse (yu)


raoh (ch), spellmaster j (ke), mester (yu)
vs. shao (ib), j (ma), esse (yu)

i havent had a chance to watch it yet but going off that list that mj posted in this thread, these are the teams and players who should be featured in it…i just don’t know if the guy who tapped this got all the players matches recorded. looks like some might be missing. one thing is for sure, this bittorrent file will feature more 3s matches from this tournament than the official sbo2 dvd will.