SBO2 finals analysis

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Unfortunately, I didn’t download that big ass file and instead have several separate smaller files so I can’t describe events by timestamp. Oh well.

Kichinii (A-Geese/Rock/Rolento2) vs Togawa (N-Iori/Ken/Sagat2)

Togawa’s Iori gets in once, quickly does 75% damage with basic Iori mix ups. Geese gets cornered, and Iori eventually does the basic strategy of throwing a jab fireball and running after it. Kichinii jumps straight up and stupidly throws an air fireball. Togawa rolls through the Geese air fireball for the win, but hesitated for some reason before attacking. Geese recovers in time to block the ground combo. Togawa pays for that mistake by losing 50% more of Iori’s life before killing off Geese. Kichinii tries to do a trip-guard anti-air CC, but Togawa doesn’t fall for it. Kichinii recognizes this and does a kick throw and proceeds to chip after. Togawa wisely alpha counters to regain momentum. Geese dies soon after.

Togawa attempts to power up Iori and land a level 3 on Kichinii’s Rock. Togawa lands a counter hit jab, doesn’t convert. Rock gets pushed to the corner, tries to RC rage run out, instead gets an accidental dunk. Luckily for Kichinii, at that exact moment Togawa was going for an empty low jump mix up (which would have countered the RC rage run attempt) and gets caught by the dunk. Togawa’s power up time runs out. Kichinii then lands a quick teleport -> grab as Iori is getting up to put Iori into the corner. Iori holds his ground in the corner for a while, then Kichinii does an INCREDIBLY RANDOM (and risky) RC rage run which Togawa tries to low strong by reflex. Rock teleports through and grabs Iori to kill.

Ken builds a quick lead on Rock with solid footsies, landing several f+roundhouses. Rock gets pushed to the corner. Ken powers up, and Rock does an INCREDIBLY RANDOM and EXTREMELY RISKY RC strong elbow, which luckily hits Ken and gets Rock out of the corner. Rock then tries to catch Ken with dash -> CC, but Togawa doesn’t bite. In an interesting decision, Togawa opts to AC Rock out of his CC immediately and fight while powered up but with no meter. I don’t know how tricky Rock’s CC options are so I can’t comment. Togawa goes for the crazy hard to block Ken cross up after the AC, which Kichinii successfully blocks. Kichinii tries yet another random RC rage run, and again accidentally gets a dunk. Togawa hits him out of it. Almost immediately afterwards, Kichinii does yet ANOTHER RC rage run, which successfully goes through Ken’s roundhouse and gives Rock the free grab. Ken is cornered after the grab. After a short exchange of hits, Kichinii catches Ken with Rock’s quick dash into a punch throw. Togawa apparently forgets you can’t tech roll in that situation and gets caught for free by Rock’s fierce elbow. He tech rolls immediately again, and Kichinii does super jump activate CC. However, he activates way too high. Togawa apparently tries to get his free DP there but messes up somehow and eats Rock’s j.RH. Kichinii then resets with the teleport -> grab (which was likely his intention all along, Togawa just happened to get hit by the j.RH) and combos Ken for the kill.

Togawa’s Sagat comes in. Rock hits Sagat with a very high jump in roundhouse. This is a very common set up for a teleport -> grab, so Togawa waits for it so he can counter it. However, the mix up to that is to just immediately grab right away without the teleport, which Togawa gets hit by. It actually looked like Kichinii just planned to block after the j.RH, then reflexively went for the throw when nothing was going on. Togawa gets thrown into the corner and Rock hangs out at around half screen distance, whiffing several mid counters. Rock has by far the fastest recovering counter in the game, so whiffing them at that range is fairly low risk as long as Sagat has no meter. Togawa eventually eats a counter. Kichinii then tries to do a mix up after a cross up dash, which Togawa is advanced/fast enough to uppercut. Kichinii whiffs a few more counters, then Togawa finally punishes him for it to get rid of Rock.

Rolento comes in and quickly gets knocked down in the corner. Sagat powers up and goes for a low jump throw, which is a bad decision considering a cornered Rolento will wake up with RC pogo jump 90% of the time. This indeed does happen, and Kichinii gets a full jump in combo for free on Sagat. Togawa successfully blocks the Rolento Super Cross Up after the combo, and eventually does an empty low jump to bait Kichinii into trying a trip guard CC. Kichinii then goes for his pogo jump cross up. Togawa has apparently seen this before, so he does the advanced thing and blocks the other way. However, Kichinii does the MORE advanced thing by doing a d+forward after the pogo jump, which you have to block normally. Togawa gets caught and loses the match.

Impressions: Togawa knows a lot about the game and is a very skillful player all around. If I were to single out a reason why he lost, it’s because he thinks too advanced for his own good. He’s very good at baiting/avoiding random activates though, but got caught twice by Kichinii’s resets. Kichinii apparently specializes in CC resets (think blocked Genei Jin mix ups) and just general unsafe randomness.

Next: Kichinii vs Nitto (most likely after Evo)

Nice analysis. I agree that Kichinii is pretty damn random and plays a risky style. I think his success is mainly thanks to his CC’s, and resets in particular. Nothing wrong with specializing :slight_smile:

I’d really like to hear what you have to say about Mago’s Honda, and more specificly what his opponents should have done differently. I can’t seem to come up with anything solid. Only C K and P have natural counters to headbutt abuse. Honda has crazy recovery on both cmd and super throws, leaving him safe and even at an advantage if they jump straight up. It seems like Honda cannot be pressured, Mago woke up with RC hand slaps a LOT and retook momentum each time. wat in dee heil? Sure as hell impressed me.

I hoped to see more about Tokido’s Blanka after you praised him so much in your japan log. Can you elaborate on that?

N Blanka is just really good. Lowjump and RC electricity is scary.

Kichinii (A-Rock/Geese/Rolento) vs Nitto (K-Geese/Cammy/Sagat)

Match starts off with Rock being pushed into the corner. After a few exchanges, Rock gets out of the corner with a rage run and scores an AA sweep for a knockdown. Kichinii then starts his tick -> rage teleport -> 360 mixups and fails twice, with the match getting reset as Geese throws him into the corner. Rock eats an AA air fireball and blocks another, getting pushed into the corner a 2nd time. A few seconds later, Rock lands a counter and attempts to mixup, sticking out a close s.LK to tick geese as he wakes up. Geese JD’s and ticks into RH throw. Rock gets dominated in the corner for a few seconds and the round ends with Geese landing an instant overhead small jump LK.

Next round, Geese vs Geese, Kichinii random activates a few seconds into the round (after Nitto eats far s.HK and an air fireball), burns 50% of Nitto’s guard bar and catches Nitto blocking high to finish his CC with 25% damage. Nitto eats another far s.HK, eventually gets pressure going again. Throws out a blocked c.LP, c.MK xx NDR. A few more exchanges, Kichinii attempts to zone with far s.HK, Nitto JD’s, Kichinii retaliates with RC qcf+HP. A few moments later Nitto times his rage and starts rushing down Kichinii into the corner, Kichinii pressures back. Kichinii random activates and chips Nitto to death.

Next round, a few exchanges occur. Geese gets Cammy into his happy range and starts fireballing away. Cammy JDs quite a bit them, eventually JDs a midscreen jab fireball and retaliates with super (???). Geese blocks, punishes with the standard jab, fierce xx jai-ken. Moments later Geese anti-airs with close s.MP then follows up with far s.HK. Cammy JD’s (rages again) and punishes with far s.HP xx arrow. Nitto missed the super opportunity, inevitably losing the round. Geese ends the match by anti-airing with j.LK and attempting a tripguard CC afterwards, which lands and gives Kichinii the round.

Geese plays runaway for around 15 seconds gaining meter vs Nitto’s Sagat. Nitto pushes Kichinii to the corner and Kichinii’s Geese dies when his wiffed counter is punished with a Sagat fierce.

Rolento earns a knockdown when he starts the match with sweep, but his followup jumpin is JDed by Sagat. It works out fine for him as Sagat wiffs a close s.HP and Rolento punishes with c.MK xx circles. Rolento runs away for a little bit and then attempts a pogo jump MP combo, but does the j.MP too early and gets thrown. Sagat pressures Rolento in the corner for a few seconds and then attempts an empty low jump -> tiger raid. Rolento anticipates and pogo jumps back and j.MPs, then attempts a throw (and fails). Rolento gets out of the corner and then both players jump around a little bit. Sagat ends the jumping when he denies Rolento’s crossup with a HP uppercut, then tiger crushes to corpse hop. Sagat jumps over Rolento on wakeup to crossup Rolento but Nitto wakes up with RC pogo jump back and his j.HK trades with Kichiniis j.LK. A few exchanges occur and Rolento random activates, works the guard bar a bit and then attempts a pogo -> crossup. Nitto gets caught blocking the wrong way and eats a combo. End match.

Nitto definitely seemed to be frustrated halfway through the match. Kichinii played his meter safe and his Rolento stole the show ;]

buk post your own if you think mine stinks, or elaborate…

i think someone should do an analysis on buktooth’s fuckin awesome performance at evo…

i’d do the analysis myself, but all i would write is:


RF got nothing on bukky"

I was like Dayum!!! Get em Buk! Kick his ass like his name was Obot64!