Which USA 3S team do you think is stronger? EC team or WC team?

NOTICE This thread is just to show the SRK people’s opinions and not the ‘truth’

But then again… it would be nice to see these 2 teams fight each other best out of 3 and see who wins… and put that video up online… People would pay to watch that I’m sure… :wgrin:

i think its obvious that wc team is much stronger overall IMO

idk, im a scrub but i’ve seen enough footage to allow me to say this

jw > rickyO
KOfiend > frankie3s
Pyrolee > mopreme

edit: though it would have been logical to compare KOFiend to pyrolee

in which case i’d say

pyrolee > KOFiend (by a margin)

mopreme (on a good day) > Frankie3s (he uses dj ryu right??)

personally i wish ken I went instead of rickyO…or rickyO represented EC again and ken I took his wc spot

Exactly, and I think the WC team has a little bit more experience playing in Japan maybe excluding Mopreme.

The qualifier hasn’t taken place yet…how are Frankie/Ricky/Pyro a team already?

Is the qualifier going to be like EC’s was (3 sep tourneys), or is it a team thing?

And if it is team, who’s to say they will win?

I’m totally confused.

Actually from watching the qualifiers, Ricky O has really improved a lot with his ken. FFA SBO qualifiers, he was a freakin beast. I think with this team, they can either play pyrolee or ricky as anchor, switching around accordingly.

It happened last night, that’s the WC team.

the qualifiers where this weekend. it was a team tourney.


your post should have ended there.

i think team wc has a good chance to win sbo.

Actually it already has happened

what the fuck do you know? all you’ve done is watch vids. keep playing theory fighter, buddy.

It’s hard to say, the biggest problem the US teams have in Japan is matchup issues, how they will do against a random necro or Q(!) remains to be seen, it seems possible for either team to take the whole thing, or get swept early. As long as the teams don’t have to play each other until the finals we’ll have a decent shot.

Oh I see.

In a game like 3S (and in a single elim tourney like SBO) you need a decent amount of luck, and reaction speed and good guessing is always important which aren’t consistent all the time. So it’s not really fair to compare the teams now. It’d make more sense to see how well they’re performing in Japan before making any assumptions. It could go in either team’s favour.

I won’t vote because they’re both strong teams. Justin’s great, Mopreme has a lot of experience in Japan and KOfiend could be the wild card the team always needed. So let’s wait it out before putting one team ahead of the other.

I’ve edited my post… this is just to show what the ‘people’ of srk thinks… it’s not necessarily the truth… but vote anyways… the results might be surprising, you never know… :wgrin:

Vs each other, I believe that the WC team is stronger.

Vs Japan, I believe the EC team will get farther.

what else do i need to know? I personally think EC can play better as a team. I don’t want this to become a flame fest, but other than watching vids, what else should I do? get to know what they eat on a daily basis? jesus fuckin christ.

SoCal puts out videos every week, and has a way bigger 3s scene. EC is scattered. So, you don’t see a whole ton of EC footage. So how can you make a judgement based just off of videos??

I’m re-thinking my vote, because KoFiend’s Yang might be the X-Factor here. No doubt, Justin will take him into the hyperbolic time chamber before SBO and level this MoFo up to SSJ3 levels (Yeah, that’s right, I used a DBZ reference). Plus, Chun/Yang/Ryu just has a good ring to it.

I also love the fact both teams got a Denjin Ryu. That’s like, trademark USA right there

Did anyone else notice that kofiend voted WC?