SBO4 - all Japanese team revealed for TEKKEN 5:DR!

Tekken 5:DR(All Qualified team)



1. Leedy(Kazuya)/ 200won(Anna)/ qudans(Devil Jin)
Leedy=One of the top player in Korea and known for his godly Kazuya with excellent excecution skills.
200won=Well known top player with Anna.
qudans=Very famous tag player in Korea. Skipping Tekken 4 gave him trouble during 5.0 days. So he was inexperienced against poking characters like Steve and others. After the 5.1 patch, he reached his status as a top player with Devil Jin.

  1. Nin(Steve)/ Holeman(Devil Jin)/ Knee(Bryan)

  2. Narac Hof(Paul)/ Lee Mario(Roger Jr.)/ freesia(Hwoarang)


A-1 Ouminchu(Steve)/ Giru(Lee)/ Ikegami(Dragunov)
A-2 Souten(Yoshimitsu)/ Aoshi(Hwoarang)/ KEN(Julia)

B-1 Mishimaster(Kazuya)/ Hameko(Lili)/ Tarechichi=Kenbou(Jack-5)
Mishimaster=Best Kaz user in Japan
Hameko famous Bryan user, but changed to Lili
Kenbou wanted to enter SBO with Wang, but later decided to enter with Jack

B-2 Masrao(Eddy)/ Kosuke(Nina)/ Saru(Marduk)
B-3 sdz(Bryan)/ Chiharu(Xiaoyu)/ Kazuya(Kazuya)
B-4 Deborou(Bryan)/ Kumari(Nina)/ Asano(Lei)
Deborou was last year finalist
Kumari is one of the famous Nina user in Japan
Asano expert Xiaoyu player, but entering tourney with Lei

B-5 Zekusu(Devil Jin)/ Chi(Lei)/ Nobu(Heihachi)
Zekusu=famous mishima player since the tag days
Chi was a mainly a Steve player, but entering with Lei
Nobu=a very famous Heihachi user since tag

B-6 Kousuke(Heihachi)/ Hide(Raven)/ Naracsuki(Devil Jin)

C-1 Shige(Julia)/ Ax(Nina)/ Oyakata(Heihachi)
C-2 Ohsu Akira(Eddy)/ miya(Baek)/ RyuK(Nina)
C-3 HASE(Anna)/ STR(Paul)/ Pika(Eddy)
C-4 Yoshihiro(Paul)/ Kiru(Xiaoyu)/ Pioka(Eddy)

D-1 Hamaha(Lee)/ Daipan(King)/ Gekitez(Ganryu)
D-2 Yadamang(Heihachi)/ Takeyama(Feng)/ Hiro(Anna)
D-3 POOH(Kazuya)/ Debibru(Bruce)/ Kaeru(Devil Jin)
D-4 Yuu(Feng)/ Sho(Devil Jin)/ Giro(Steve)
Yuu is one of the best Feng user and learned a lot from experience in Korea
Sho=one of the expert DJ user in Japan
Giro is competing with KO as the best Steve user in Japan

E-1 Mist(Lee)/ Saibag(Eddy)/ Oratsou(Steve)
E-2 Pokotanginshitao(Jack-5)/ Tengoku(Nina)/ Yamashin(Xiaoyu)
E-3 Mainstreet Ryu(Heihachi)/ Matadouru(Ganryu)/ Taizo(Feng)

***Most feared team in Japan

Mainstreet Ryu=Very famous underground player and his first appearance in major tournament, possibly best Tekken player in Japan(according to top players)
Matadoru has Best Ganryu in Japan(better than Kenbou Ganryu)
Taizo=best Feng in Japan and won the mirror battle against Yuu Feng. Also he managed to get the first Tekken Lord rank in DR. ***

E-4 Darko(Anna)/ Ruporaita(Baek)/ Uraken(Yoshimitsu)
E-5 Kamenshorida(Law)/ Shuramuz(Heihachi)/ Oda(Devil Jin)

F-1 Nitji(Jin)/ Cammy(Asuka)/ CRY(Christie)
F-2 Mushimasta(King)/ Shamo(Nina)/ Titshumon(Marduk)

G-1 Chakra(Jack-5)/ SmairuX(Marduk)/ NESS(Raven)
G-2 Matari(Jack-5)/ HIZAMASTA(Law)/ Brumasta(Asuka)
G-3 Seri(Julia)/ Debinoremasta(Heihachi)/ DragonQuestoNto(Devil Jin)

28 teams+1(picked in SBO prim)

korea will take it, but if they don’t, there will probably be a riot in korea… if there was US team, i think they’d beat japan’s best too

wow! awesome shit korea vs japan it will be interesting

my sources tell me korea is going to hold a tournament this sunday to decide which team it will send. many players are eagerly awaiting the suprises team balance (leedy / qudans / 200won) the same as well can be said about team freestyle (nin/holeman/knee)

can’t wait!

Oh this is going to be too good!

does anybody know the korean teams…i know they had 2 spots


Isn’t there a US SBO DR team? I mean wasn’t there stuff about that at TZ? :xeye:


Mishimaster? More like MishiNOOBIE!

Oh boy a single elimination tournament. We’re gonna find out who was the best for 30 seconds.

It’s a shame no vids will be released of it, the best is hearing them go “WAAAHHHH” and “OOOOHHHHH” whenever somebody does a d1 or whatever they find exciting. For real, single elimination is more intense to watch and DEFINATELY to play in. I wouldn’t want to do that

Go Knee! This is gonna be awesom!

:sad: :sad: :sad:

Taijo should be Taizo… he was the T4 Lee/Violet user. He’s considered to be the best in Japan. But him and MSRyu are at the same level supposedly.

thx for correction:smile:

thanks for all the hype iori666! i really appreciate all that back story behind the japanese players, makes it more exciting

No problem:cool:

SBO4 qualify tournament

**1st Leedy(Kazuya)/ 200won(Anna)/ qudans(Devil Jin)

2nd Choksae(Devil Jin)/ Misty(Christie)/ Binchang(Steve)**

Wow…a lot of people are actually using Anna. Does that mean she’s somewhat half-decent in DR? (yeah, I haven’t really been paying attention to DR)

anyone know where i could find more korean vids…

all out…

stever/marduk preferably…


This shit looks TOO GOOD!!!