SBO4 - all Japanese team revealed for TEKKEN 5:DR!

oh shit mainstreet ryu?.. haha havent heard that name since the tag days

I just found out why the G-3 area results looked familiar and yet wrong to me, the original team (Leader was Incognito, a Filipino kid that beasts out here in Oki, and 2 peeps he practically carried) decided to drop out since one of the other 2 couldn’t go(nice timing, fucker), and Incognito in turn gave it to the 2nd place team. DQN made it to last year’s SBO, but didn’t get anywhere on his own, but his team is solid. Not saying Oki WILL take it, but I’ll be watching G-3 just for the Oki <3.


knee/holeman/nin lost?

Wouldn’t be surprised if they beast through the Last Chance Quals.

Choksae/DalGuBul member(from Deagu) beasted through all top players from Seoul.

He was the most impressive player in the tourney with ultra fast cd+4 and many new pattern.

cool thanks for the info

Asano hold that shit with Lei!!

hey iori hit me up man. we need to talk again. check pm.

needs more Dragunov players:rock:


korea has tons of underground players that could care less about getting their names known that would mop the floor with top players from both japan and the US.

Sad as it is, this is the fucking truth. =x More often than not the rest of the world is saved come tourney time when they have to do their 2 years of military time. =(

Interesting blog from Knee about SBO 4 and default life setting(100%)…

**Currently I’m practicing for SBO4 on default life setting.

Playing on +2 in Korea, than changing to default setting gave me lots of thoughts…

First thing is that matches are over in no time(sometimes round finish in 10 sec…:sad: )

That’s why we see an uncommon play on Japanese match vids, but now I understand why they play like that…

Also non-mainstream characters are strong(Julia, Baek, Heihachi, Wang, Lei etc. characters that our country doesn’t use a lot).

Any characters can juggle and damage half of your life and hit by wall combos leaves you on 1/3 of life.:lol:

Getting hit by 2x EWGF combos(specific combo) from DJ means end of round.

Strongest combo(sky rocket ending with a wall) is from Hworang. You are almost finished getting hit by that…:sad: Finish off with 2 low pokes. very strong:lol:

Also strong characters in our country are set.

Characters that are good currently are Devil Jin, Anna, Marduk, Steve, Bryan, Kazuya, Nina etc…

The reason why Mishimas are strong in +2 is because you won’t get high damage after blocked Hellsweep, ws+2 etc.

When Hellsweep gets blocked on default setting, than you have to realize losing half of your life. So determined play will be a little bit difficult.

So Japanese mishima users using hellsweep rarely is because of that. 2 blocked hellsweep is end of round.:sad: Same things can be said about Marduk and Anna…

Characters like Feng and Jin, both who have good restraint capability are very hard match up for Devil Jin(especially Feng :sad: )

If you look at different way. Balance on default life is not bad at all. All characters are strong enough to compete.

Also come back on +2 setting is hard to do, but coming back with low life on default setting is always possible.

Maybe when we(Korea) play on default setting, than it could have changed our playing style.

D-4, just leaving my thought during practicing.**