SBO4 Day 1 impressions and some results

Well I have had the pleasure of being able to attend SBO as I have just recently moved to Japan. Didnt really know what Id expect from a Japanese “EVO” but DAMN is it a nice event. All the shit is sooo on point and professional.

As soon as you walk in there was about 6 console machines set up with some Alpha 3 and Puzzle Fighter on the left.

When I had come in, the prelims for Hokuto no Ken had already ended (it IS a fast game) so I wasnt able to see much but the top 8 looked like this: Sakuramaki (Mr Heart), Beni no Buta (Toki), G.X. (Raoh), Taji-kun (Juda), Hekisamechilen (Toki), Hayashi (Toki), Kieth (Mr Heart), D.K. (Kenshiro).

Next prelims was Virtua Fighter 4 FT. Now I havnt followed this game much after VF4 EVO, but it seems Kage, Lion, Lau are still popular. Especially Kage with his crazy ass juggles. Cant name all(okay pretty much none of them, I dont think anybody cares either) the teams but one of them was Virtua*Fusion which had Nuki playing as Aoi. He was pretty good, but obviously not as dominant in 2-D games. One interesting note was that VF4 seemed to be the only game where you can have more than one person with the same character, as evident in one team that had 3 Pais on their team. The first two Pai’s were played by 2 girls.

Which bring me to another point, there were tons of bitches. And when I say tons, I mean like 20(I cant honestly say but there were at least 200? people total), which I think is pretty good for a venue such as this. Most of them were pretty damn good too. Nothing spectacular but better than the gremlins at EVO last year. Of course though they were with their men.:arazz:

The next prelims was T5 DR and I must say, WOW. Definately the shocker of the evening. In the first round Korean Top team (Balance) gets OCVed by STR of team Momo no Toshigoro. Everybody was going nuts when that happened. And STR was shouting random shit on the stage. Then the second place Korean team gets peaced out by either Unagi Spirits or Tissue monbikihakobi(dont remember) Lots of good matches abound but damn Julia must have been beefed up cuz there were a couple of peeps going crazy with her.

After the T5 prelims was the best 8 for Hokuto. First match was Sakura Maki’s Mr Heart VS Beni no Buta’s Toki. Before the match they had a short interview that went something like this:

Announcer “So tell us what your thoughts on making it here”
Sakura Maki “Well I dont know if everybody knows this but, Hokuto no Ken is not supposed to work on Mr. Heart so… I should be able to win”

Toki rapes Heart in the first round, but Heart fights back to take the second round. There were a few good moments in the 3rd round but Toki ends up winning that one. Second match I believe was Hayashi Vs Hekisamential Toki mirror match. Both pick a color pallete that are very similair and you get mad confusion on whos who. In the end I believe Hekisamential gets the vicotry. Next match was G.X.'s Raoh vs Kieth’s Heart.

Announcer “So tell us what your thoughts on making it here”
Kieth “Frankly I dont think I have a chance at winning”
G.X. “Well we’ve played together before and honestly I havnt lost yet, but you can never underestimate somebody”

Well the first round starts and Heart RAPES Roah. Feeling the heat, in the 2nd round Raoh goes to turtle mode and rains down airfireballs like bukkake. However in the end the Heart pulls out the upset. The next match was D.K.'s Kenshiro VS Taji’s Juda.

Announcer “So tell us what your thoughts on making it here”
Taji “Well Id like to show everybody here the true form of the game”
Announcer “… and that would be?”
Taji “It makes you think “wow its already over?” yeah, I think thats what I want show”

In the first round Juda does this dash-through cross-up move and pounds Ken into the corner for a easy round one. In the 2nd round Ken fights back and manages to get a round while bringing down Juda’s star to 3. Both characters fight pretty evenly but in the end Juda gets a knockdown in the corner. At which point Juda does that finger super, which ridiculously OTGs, and goes into his ID move. BAM 2 of the most popular characters in the game gone.

In the semi-finals first match was Beni no Buta VS Kieth. Not much to say here other than Heart running out of luck and getting raped like a white girl dropped into the middle of Congo. The second match was Taji-kun VS Hekisamential. Now Juda I could say is the counter character to Toki since the mine laying move is a great anti-rush down tactic. It also helps that Toki messed up some combos and Juda comes out victorious. So here was the Finals. Toki VS Juda.

Announcer "so whos cheering for Beni no Buta?(the toki player)
About 10 people yell “well that should be more than enough yeah?” *goes over to Taji-kun
Announcer “so anything youd like to say?”
Taji-kun “we dont want Toki to win in this game right!?”
thunderous applause and cheer

Well the final round was a doozy. First round Juda attacks very carefully while being saved by the mine a couple of times. Juda gets about 2 corner combos to take round one. In the 2nd round Toki rushes like crazy but Juda defends pretty well. Both are down to about 3 stars with almost no life left for Juda. Juda gets a knockdown and rushes in but Toki does wake up shoryuken-like super and takes round 2. Final round, Juda gets in a few combos but messes up timing of elbow drop combo. Toki does several combos but is interuptted by mines. Both characters only have about 1/4 of their life left. Juda scores a knockdown in the corner and OTGs into finger super. Toki has no stars left but Juda doesnt have ID, so he back dashes, calls out little helper dude and starts to go forward. BUT Toki on wakeup does Sonic boom super and hits Juda taking away his last star. Juda’s thrown across the opposite screen of Toki but that dont matter, Toki activates ID and 1 hit kills Juda from across full screen, WHAT A FUCKING CHEATER!!!

Okay Im tired as fuck and I gotta wake up mad early for all the 3S goodness tommorow. So I will update later. Sorry.

Nice, that is some hot shit! The HnK finals sound crazy. BTW there are exact results in the tourney results section.


sounds crazy! cant wait for day 2 :shy:

Great recap, here’s hoping you can get Day 2 impressions as well. :smiley:

r.i.p hokuto no ken, 5/3/06

:rofl: Best shitalking ever.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, keep us updated please. :smiley:

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hey the rest of the world still anit got our hands on it yet, still some life left in it.

nice reporting dude, hope to hear more from the other games.

Good Shit on the report…hope you write the second day…

I’m with Kugler on this one. R.I.P., Toki no Toki.

Anyways, looking forward to MB, 3S, and Slash results. Keep this thread going! :smiley:

Everything sounds fun. Keep us informed on what happens in Day 2.

Do SBO let’s you take camera in a take footage? If so… up some vids! Thanks in advance! I wanna see the environment!

a Heart player making top 8 ha, still sounds like it was a pretty dope finals can’t wait for the videos if any. Thanks for all the info and keep us updated thanks.

And the award for “oh my god” and “lol, upset!” goes to…


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next one.


KOREA lost?!?!? WOW!

Great write up man I feel like I’ve been there.

Cannot wait for the 3s low down. :tup:

Come on SFTCHINA!!!


Yeah I better see some footage up right after 3s is done :rofl:.

Good shit on the blogs Matt, greatly anticipating more!

Not just 1, but 2 Heart players!

what are the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at SBO’s? Is it cash prizes like EVO?