SBO5 day 2 log


Allright im gonna finish this day and tommorow i finish yesterday… if nobody minds… because i wrote too much shit down for yesterday. it looks like a mountain of notes on my desk…

anyways day 2 games: KOF98, HSF, 3S

So i was walking to Differ Ariake (the place where the event is) and i see Pyrolee out front talking to Tokido. I say watsup to pyro. Tokido is trying to explain something to pyro so i translate for him. Apparently KSK was supposed to bring Sextarou (aka Ken. I aka sexual beast aka the orange sweater) but he forgot. They were gonna call Gvision and to see if he was still there. Regardless he would have to come to SBO on his own somehow.

so since alot of you watched the live feed im gonna focus on stuff that you couldnt see (i think)

Muteguile tries to rape his wife after winning. Announcer tells them to stop and do that kind of stuff after the tourny. Muteguile’s wife is too damn cute! Id rape her too! :tup:

Speaking of bitches once again like last year, day 2 had virtually no bitches. A few but they were of low low quality. Apparently all the pimps are day 1 and day 3 players. Dont play KOF, or Street Fighter if you want a girlfriend! They only like 3d and anime themed fighters!

Another thing, SBO was fuckin packed this year! i swear there was about twice as many people as last year. You could not find a place to watch the matches during the prelims. I really hope they move the event to a bigger arena next year. I cant imagine how big the crowds gonna be tommorow.

So during the middle of the HSF prelims, the 3S players get ready for their fights. Pyro’s team asked to rock, paper, scissor the other team for choosing sides. It was Pyro VS Tackle Maeda… i think either that or Ikego.
RREEEEAADDYY FIGHTTTTT~~~ (:rock:=scissor, :clap:=paper, :p:=rock)
RD 1: (drums beating)dun dun**dun dun HAH!!! Pyro: :rock: Enemy: :rock:
ohhhhhh~~ Enemy laughs…
RD 2: dun dun**dun dun HAH!!! Pyro::clap: Enemy: :clap: more laughter… is he trying to play games??? huh? NYYYUUKAAAH!? splittles
RD 3: dun dun**dun dun HAH!!! Pyro::clap: Enemy::clap: oh shit son! crazy mind games going on! will Pyro change to scissors!? or maybe that’s what the opponent is gonna do so rock!? possibly bait that rock and stick with paper??? …
RD 4: dun dun**dun dun HAH!!! Pyro::p: Enemy::clap: OooHHHHHHhhhHh!!! Dizamm! USA cant even beat japan in rock paper scissors! OMFG! RABBLE RABBLE, time to slit your wrist and choke on your own dick!! stick a plunger into yo mom’s face cuz she sucks at sucking!!! Smoke a bowl and then go scuba diving! RAAAHHHHH!!
… so they pick 1 player side. allrighty :tup:

Just as about we (team USA west) are about to go in to the arena, the SBO staff is calling for PinoAB7 who is pretty much right in front of him. PinoAB7 snaps his finger in the air a couple times and gives “The Rock” look. The staff guy gets embarrassed. Was hilarious at the time. Pino is such a character.

So for those of you who are wondering what happened to team East cost I’ll tell yah as best I can. First up was KOFiend VS Nitto. KOFiend starts off very nicely by controlling the ground and not letting Nitto move much. KOFiend gets in a couple slashes and is able to take RD1. RD2 is pretty even. KOFiend is pushing his game onto Nitto and Nitto is not able to play his usual game. Near the end KOFiend is leading with Nitto only having about 3 jabs worth of life. KOFiend gets his by a shoulder into Geneijin combo and loses RD2. The momentum has shifted and Nitto is on the offensive. KOFiend cannot get his rhythm back and is taken out. Ryan’s chun is up next. During RD1 Ryan was thoroughly dominated. In RD2 Ryan is able to gain some meter and able to get Nitto with SA2 FTW. Then in RD3 things are pretty even, that is when Nitto has about half life left, he gains meter and jumps back. Ryan tries to super him after he lands to try to nail him on activation but Nitto wasnt having any of that and he combos Ryan, and combos him again FTW. Next up was Mark’s ken. Now Mark was doing pretty well. He was spacing well and he was poking well. good stuff. But for some odd reason he kept jumping in and getting MK juggled constantly! Like I dont think there was a time when he didnt jump in and get hit by MK. In the last round, Nitto activates Geneijin near Mark’s face. Mark jumps back and does a super on land to try and catch Nitto but once again, Nitto uses his pshychic powers and blocks. Finishing Mark off with a combo.

Sextaro barely made it in time for the signups. Good thing he made it. He had a pretty ok match, considering he didnt have much time to practice that day.
Apparently the live feed cut off Pyro’s match. Pyro’s match was similar to Ricky’s match. There were a couple of times i see him do a shoulder into geneijin and it wouldnt activate (i was pretty much right next to him) some of the shoulders connected and could have led to big damage. The last round, pyro gets hit by one of the sickest geneijin combos in a real match. Make sure you buy the DVD to watch that shit!

PinoAB7’s team “LeRowDiu*Milfiu” first match was against team “KitakyushuuWinningWave” Pino’s teammate Moutei(?) (makoto) goes first loses and Pino goes next and loses as well. Then Tanatos comes and OCVs the other team. I believe this was pretty similair to last year. Pino gets into cheering, hella intense. I love that guy.

Oh yeah before i forget i have some pictures and a few videos from casual play from Daigo and Pyro. I need to figure out how to get these videos off of my cell phone…


Good shit man.

Can you also comment on the KOF matches. Thanks.

I fell asleep when I was watching the whole thing :confused:

DAMN that’s some top-tier Jan-Ken-Pon.

good stuff! can’t wait for those vids.

They should play the one where it’s load the gun, shoot or body armor. That’d add much more INTENSITY!

Lol the RPS play-by-play was well done. Thanks for posting all these dood.