SBO5 Updates and Results + LIVE FEED


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Day 1: 3D Day (SC3/T5:DR/VF5)

Virtua Fighter 5

1st. Chibita/Yanaga/Akape
2nd. Suguru/Makoto/Nesu
3rd (tie). Kumicho/Kjiji/Chinobrad
3rd (tie). Nagarekawa/Pochi/YoroshikoJ

Tekken 5: DR (from Tekken Zaibatasu)

1st. Team Qin Ja Rou Su (MSRyu2/Taizo/Matador)
2nd. Team Soyon-Sama (Soyondori/RAUM/Takeyama)
3rd (tie). Team KOREA (NIN/200won/Qudans)
3rd (tie). Team EARTH Representatives

Soul Calibur III

1st. Sarusube (Astaroth)
2nd. Kita Senri (Setsuka)
3rd (tie). 2K (Zass)
3rd (tie). Dekka Cho (Mitsu)

Day 2: Retro Day (SF3:3S, SF:AE, KOF98)

**Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ** (thanks Jack/psychochronic/chunkis)

1st. Uzemono/Shiro Itachi/Matsuda
2nd. RX/Sugiyama/Roshihikari
3rd (tie). Momochi/Hirai/Yuki Otoko
3rd (tie). Take/Rikimaru/Yakkun

All foreign teams eliminated in first round
Saru/Haitaini/Chinta was the last chance qualifier, beating Namijin’s team in the finals

**Street Fighter: Anniversary Edition ** (thanks psychochronic/nohoho)

1st. Kurahashi/Ohnuki
2nd. Taira/Shiro
3rd (tie). Sako/Nekohashi
3rd (tie). Noguchi/Hakase

Wolfes get tied 5th. Congratulations!

**King of Fighters '98 **

1st. Xiaohai (CH)
2nd. Ching Lung (CH)
3rd (tie). Dakou (CH)
3rd (tie). Kyokugendo (JP)

Day 3: Fanboy Day (AH, MBAC, GGXX AC)

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core

**1st. Ogawa (ED)/Niga (SL)/Niku-Q (TE)
2nd. Arisaka (SL)/Mike (JA)/Satoshi (PO)
3rd (tie). BLEED(JO)/012(SO)/Machaboo (KY)
3rd (tie). N-O(VE)/P.C(SO)/RF(FA)

Melty Blood: AC

1st. Denpa and Yuu


Awesome sir!
Good weekend material

you’re my new temporary hero for posting this. thank you

Some nice VF play going on! :lovin:

Edit: Hey I think that live feed is shared between all the 3D fighters, cause it just interviewed a korean tekken team.

God send.


damn my pos isp :@:@:@ i get audio but video stutters :frowning:

OH GOD…Australia MUST pull a miracle out of there ass to get through that team…Ill pray for them to win…at the MOST to get past at least one of them lol but nah if Australia can beat that team…then they will be known as HEROS throughout the nation LOL…sniff* sniff* for some reason i smell an OCV

May the Ume Be with Australia!!!

OH MY GOD live SBO feed is the best thing ever!
I absolutely need to know which time (Japan time) is the 3s starting on Sunday

That’s bad luck
but if Australia can beat team Last Boss, they’re making history.

Team Australia is good but it’s only by the grace of god will they beat that team. Like the above poster said…they will be making history if they win. Like J.Wong vs. Daigo big. I’m pretty sure SBO is single elim so GGPO Aussies. I love the Aussie players but does somebody up above want to put them through the damn gauntlet or what?. :lol:

Great feed…hopefully some international team can take down one japanese team in ANY game :frowning:

Damnit, who was the Goh player (yellow pants with crossbow) that just finished playing (10:57 PM Central US time)? I like

DUDE! That goh player OCV’d the same team that beat SHU (famous Shun players) team.

He’s was damn solid.

Vf5 so far is good, …too bad no SC3 because i think it was first?..DR should be fun to watch whent that starts up

GO MR. NAPS aka emphy!

keep walking…

Cant wait for the Tekken matches.

BTW I like how I didn’t realize that this topic had direct video of the tournament. :lol:

I can’t read the names of the final 4 VF5 teams but I know one side of the bracket.


Yanagi (pai) Crazy Goh dude (goh) Chibita (Lion)

Sorry for being a noob, but how do I get the live feed working? It won’t play for me in Winamp or Windows Media Player.

Also, I think the Goh player you guys are talking about might be Dekopacchi (spelling?). Saw some vids of him in Ogikage’s channel, and he was rocking the yellow along with beating some asses.